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06 Feb 2021

I am searching in earnest for any records that will help identify the children of John and Mary Fenton who lived for a time in LaSalle, Illinois. Thank you in advance for any assistance or guidance you might be able to offer. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Ann Marie Liakos

17 Mar 2019

Hi, I write from Norway and take a chance to write to you to hear if you can help me. I need help finding out when Hans Iversen (Kongsli) born 1790 in Fron Norway and his wife died and where they is buried? Here in Norway we have a house at the local museum which he built before he went. I am also interested in censuses etc if there are traces of them in them. Hans Iversen and his wife Gunhild Pedersdatter emigrated from Norway in 1843 with the ship Haapet. They traveled with three children Ole, Julianne and Hans. They settled in the area LaSalle County, Illinois, USA, at least here I have found traces of one of their children Julianne (Julia) who married there with Ole Hanson Hisdal.

I also have a question, which church books should I read to find information from what area Hans lived in at the time he lived? Daughter Julianne married in LaSalle Feb 7, 1846 Are there any documents on this marriage? Is there a book about the Fox River Church before 1880?

The two other children of Hans and Gunhild I have not managed to find.

If anyone can help me find something about Hans and Gunhild, I will be very happy.

Hilde Fagernes

23 Mar 2018

I am trying to find a death record or obituary for my great-great-grandfather, Henry or Harry COOPER. He was born 1781 in New Hampshire. He married in 1806 to Melithia COFFEEN, daughter of Michael and Sarah (PRESTON) COFFEEN. Henry & Melithia lived in Lee County, Illinois, in 1840. According to the 1850 census record, he lived in Salisbury [name changed to Peru September 27, 1856], LaSalle County, Illinois, with his family and wife, Melithia. He died, I think, in 1858, while living in LaSalle County or while visiting his son, James D. COOPER, in Niagara County, New York.

My great-grandmother, Reform COOPER, was their daughter. Reform married Henry Harry GODDARD in 1838, and they moved after 1860 to Iowa. So they were in LaSalle County.

I need addresses of old cemeteries and newspapers in these towns, in those years, at least. I would appreciate any help.

Here is what I have so far COOPER - SWARTHOUT, and GODDARD – GILLETT, all of LaSalle County, Illinois, 1835 to 1870.

Georgene Brookman

25 Dec 2017

I am desp seeking a relative, grandchild or gr grandchild of Clarence Hinshaw born abt 1904/5 in Illinois son of John and May Belle (Livingston) Hinshaw. I can last find Clrence in Streator Illinois in 1925 Directory with first wife Elle (Ebert) they lived at 119 S Wason Streator IL and down the road in 1925 was Albert and first wife Rose (Scorby) Ribbons at 311 Wasson Streator Illinois.

Now in 1940 I find Clarence Hinshaw (I bel to be the correct one) alone as he was divorced, in 1930 in Wisconsin. I find an Albert Ribbons born abt 1903 in Illinois as a transcient in Oskaloosa Iowa which I bel might be the correct one. Not sure.

I have a picture that was given to someone and then down to my dad's cousin who gave it to me bef her death. She knew I did genealogy so she thought perhaps I could find a relative of one of the men to give it to.

Now the picture is of both men and it has written on it Clarence Hinshaw and Albert Ribbons Streator Ill. I do not know the yr it was taken but to me they look to be maybe in their early 20's?? They might be 18/19 and this picture was poss taken bef either of them married I don't know.

Clarence Hinshaw married Ella Ebert on Nov 24, 1923 in Livingston Co IL they were div bef 1930. Albert Ribbons mar Rose Scorby on Oct 7, 1923 in Livingston Co IL they div abt 1926/27 and he mar Ruth Lamb on Jan 26, 1935 in Livingston Co IL. If the Albert Ribbons I found in Iowa in 1940 (the transcient) is this Albert then Ruth and he divorced bef 1940 or she died.

I don't find wither man after that and don't know where they ended up. I would assume if one of them had children that they would have remained in La Salle Co Il with their mother.

I find that Albert Ribbons family came from England both of his parents were born there. His parents were John E Ribbands born abt 1881 in England and his first wife Elizabeth Armstrong 1882-1919. John mar 2nd to Margaret (Hodson) Bowman it seems then mar 3rd to Mary (Nugent) Persinger.

I would surely appreciate any help in finding a descendant, preferable a grandchild or gr grandchild that I can get this picture to.

If you come across someone who might be a relative to either one of them, please have them contact me at and be sure to put Hinshaw Family or Ribbons Family in subject box.

The only reason I can think the two men are in this picture together is they are some relation to one another. Who knows. And I don't know why my dad's cousin had it, who it was given to way back when. It could be connected to the following names: Hilligoss, Harless, Sears, Haygood, Martin or Cheshier.

Thank you, Nola

24 Feb 2017

My hr grandfather was born in 1851 in Peru/LaSalle. His father was married in 1851 in Xenia, Ohio. ( John Hannon- my gr Grandfathers death record,lists his mother as Bridget O'Rourke) I think the church at time was Rock church,but can't find anything about it, looking for old records for this church. My gr gr grandfather Bernard Hannon was married to Bridget O'Rourke in Peru/LaSalle around 1849, they were Irish Catholic, looking for a Catholic Church which might have records for this time period. thanks

Submitted by Peg Hannon

03 Nov 2016

John Marshall was born in 1884 in Buffalo NY. He arrived, age 3, in LaSalle, IL in 1887, no mention of other family members. He was reared by William and Mary Fitzpatrick. Also known as John Fitzpatrick and John Fitzpatrick Marshall. Fitzpatricks reared John in the Roman Catholic church. Their local parish was St. Patrick's, LaSalle.

Searching for information on the possibility that John was an orphan train rider.

Submitted by Mary Douglass

12 Aug 2016

I am researching my ancestor, Martha Jane Stringer Crawl. According to the 1920 census, she had outlived her husband, John Crawl who is buried in the LaSalle Cemetery. Her name appears on the tombstone, too. However, it only carries her birthdate. She may not be buried thee. She does not show up on the Illinois archive death records. Please assist or direct me in finding her death records. I would be happy to reimburse you for your costs.

Submitted by Judith Wood Hinton

22 Jul 2015

I have been doing some family research and seem to be stuck. I've only been able to find one possible match for Joel K. Seaman and he seems to drop off shortly after this. I think he may have been injured in the Civil War and then died. I have a letter from what I think to be his wife stating that she was ill. Shortly after this I see that my 2x great grandfather goes to live with a Jacob Seaman and his family. I know they are from the Sandwich / Somonauk area ... but I think Joel K Seaman was originally from Wenona in Marshall county. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Submitted by Angela Seaman

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