LaSalle County

John Fenton Family

John Fenton (or Finton)
Born in about 1810 in Ireland
Died 20 January 1883 in Polk County, Iowa

Mary Fenton (or Finton)
Born in about 1816 in Ireland (County Kerry)
Died 17 July 1896 in Polk County, Iowa

Children of John and Mary Fenton
* Simon Fenton (1839 or 1840-1908)
* Ellen Fenton who became Sister Mary of Saint Dominic (1840-1910)
* John Fenton (1842-1911)
* Bridget (Fenton) Lynch (1851-1917)
* Patrick Fenton (1855-1915)

The Missing Son and Brother
* There is one brother missing from the list above. We do not yet know his name, but hope it is included in the Census of 1865. At some point in his adult life, he is believed to have lived in Arizona (and would have been the only family member to relocate to the Southwest), but we do not have any additional information.

I am searching in earnest for any records that will help identify the children of John and Mary Fenton who lived for a time in LaSalle, Illinois. We have very little information about their lives, and among their children, we are missing one son's name from the sibling group. It appears that there "may" be an Illinois State Census Record for 1865 that references this household, although the document is very "light" (and even on enhancement, we do not see the names of the individual household members listed). The record number we're viewing at Family Search is #14181. I am happy to share with you any discoveries that will add to the historical record for LaSalle!

Here are the links to the Find-a-Grave memorials for which I am the manager.

Thank you in advance for any assistance or guidance you might be able to offer. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Ann Marie Liakos
Fenton/Finton Family Descendant
John and Mary Fenton (or Finton) are my Great x3 Grandparents

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