LaSalle County

Queries 2000 Jun-Dec

Submitter: Vickie Tallent ([email protected])
Date: 31 Dec 2000

Newspaper clipping found in family scrapbook dated Feb 1943: Kostello Silver Anniversary Tuesday Mr and Mrs Joseph Kostello, 120 North Columbia Ave, Oglesby, will celebrate their silver wedding anniversary Tuesday at their home. A special evening has been planned for Tuesday with just the immediate family being present. However, Wednesday night, which is Mr. Kostello's night off from work, a gathering of friends and relatives has been arranged at the residence. Mr. and Mrs Kostello were married in LaSalle 25 years ago and have since made their home in Ogelsby. Mrs. Kostello is the former Miss Mary Massutti. They have three sons, Joseph, Louis and John Kostello, all at home.

Submitter: Paul Adair ([email protected])
Date: 31 Dec 2000

I am looking for information on Abraham Foster and Amelia Foster. They moved to LaSalle County about 1836 from Bradford County PA. Abraham was living in Northville Township in 1850 with son-in-law Frederick Smith and Daughter Amelia. Does anyone know where Abraham is buried and when he died? Other children of Abraham, Betsey married Conrad Smith of Northville Township.

Submitter: Gary Rhodes ([email protected])
Date: 21 Dec 2000

Looking for information on Hannah Rhodes Wickes, wife of Greene Ebenezer Wickes. She was b. 1790 in Ren co. Ny dau of Samuel Rhodes, d/ 2 Nov. 1875 in Meriden, LaSalle co. Maybe lived with Ebenzer Wickes, son after her husband d. in 1854 in ny. I am working on the Rhodes line into NY and Ri

Submitter: Bruce Morrison ([email protected])
Date: 18 Dec 2000

The McAllister, Jones, and Morrell families of Streator, Illinois in the late 19th century all had inter-married with three Ellwood sisters born in Whitehaven, England. The ancestry of these families is discussed in the genealogy site. I would enjoy hearing from descendants of these Streator families.

Surnames: LUTZ
Submitter: Ruth Maitland ([email protected])
Date: 18 Dec 2000

I am looking for information on my g-grandfather, John Lutz. He was from Peru, IL, born abt 1850. I don't have more info than that except he married Victoria Sauter in Chicago in 1873. Anyone with info will be appreciated.

Submitter: Bruce Morrison ([email protected])
Date: 18 Dec 2000

Interested to hear from descendants of the LaSalle Co. pioneer family of Mackey. Agnes Gum Mackey and her large family came to Bruce Twp. in 1832. Her lineage traces to Edward I of England and is detailed in the genealogy page.

Submitter: Lynn Goins ([email protected])
Date: 09 Dec 2000

PERU, LaSalle County, 1868 Minna Zimmerman, daughter of Ludwig Zimmermann, arrived in Peru from Tilsit, Germany. Does anyone have information on this Zimmermann family? Lynn

Surnames: MUNTS
Submitter: stephanie munts ([email protected])
Date: 06 Dec 2000

I am looking for information about my grandfather who was born in Streator, Illnois in 1907 (I think). His name was Glen Fowler Munts. Any information would be helpful. This is my first time trying to locate info on my geneology. Thanks Stephanie Munts

Submitter: Douglas Chaffey ([email protected])
Date: 29 Nov 2000

I found an unverifiable IGI record that suggests that Elijah and Sabrina Foote Stearns may have lived in Rutland Township, LaSalle County. I have not been able to find them in Carroll County after 1850. If these names ring a bell, I'd appreciate hearing from you. I'd love to find where they are buried - they were my great great great grandparents. Thanks - Douglas Camp Chaffey

Submitter: Deborah L. Haas ([email protected])
Date: 26 Nov 2000

Spaniol Family Haas Family

Submitter: lynn ([email protected])
Date: 24 Nov 2000

HINZ, JOHN ERNEST married Mary Sohpa MURRAY in LaSalle County 10/22/1868. I am looking for his date of birth and/or death. Lynn

Submitter: lynn ([email protected])
Date: 24 Nov 2000

FARM RIDGE - Can someone please tell me where FARM RIDGE, La Salle County was in 1866. I just received a marriage certificate that lists FARM RIDGE as the location. The minister was JACOB GRUBER, a Minister of the Gospel. Appreciate any information. Lynn

Submitter: Mary J Bradley ([email protected])
Date: 24 Nov 2000

I am looking for an Alexander Conaghty who immigrated to Illinios(LaSalle Co.)with a family named Hitchens. One of the Hitchens married a Caldwell. This was in the late 1800's. Alexander worked on the Hitchens farm until he moved to Chicago and married Agnes WASSON in 1896. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Surnames: BAKER
Submitter: Rose Marie ([email protected])
Date: 20 Nov 2000

Looking for information on Ira and wife Margaret, Amaziah and his wife, Aaron and Candace BAKER. They lived in LaSalle Co., Ill in the 1850 Census. thank you

Submitter: Tina ([email protected])
Date: 18 Nov 2000

John Adam Boeckling married Christine Josephina Bellinghausen in Peru Illinois, LaSalle County in 1864. Three children: charles Matthew, Georgiana A. and Caroline C. (Carrie) Charles Matthew Boeckling married Eugenia (Jennie) Conradi, daughter of George and Clara Conradi. Charles and Eugenia had 2 sons Clarence Carl Boeckling (10/21/1901)and Herbert Adam Boeckling (08/28/1906) I have lineage information and am looking for copies of old photos and stories. John Adam was cousin to Johann Adam Boeckling (12/08/1830) and Anton Arthur Boeckling. Anton was my Gr-Gr Grandfather Any information will be treasured

Submitter: Phyllis Kuykendall ([email protected])
Date: 15 Nov 2000

Seeking information on Frederic Minke/Meinke who married Maria Lehr 29 January 1858. License issued in Grundy Co. Maria is listed as sponsor of my grandmother, Maria Louise Gleim, in baptismal records from Zion Lutheran Church in Ottawa. My family lived in Ottawa. Original certificate missing from Grundy Courthouse files. Believe she might have been sister to my great grandmother, Catherine Lehr Gleim. Any information on these families is appreciated.

Submitter: Joe Dawson ([email protected])
Date: 12 Nov 2000

I'm looking for information on Frederick Prosper Tisler and his wife, Sophie Scheidecker. They lived in Ottawa until 1879, then moved to Marseilles. He was the mayor from 1909-1913. They had a large family that was located in Marseilles. Thanks for any help that you can give me. Joe Dawson

Surnames: DAWSON
Submitter: Joseph Dawson ([email protected])
Date: 12 Nov 2000

I'm looking for info on Edward Dawson, who lived in this area. He moved to Marseilles in the early 1900's.Edward was born in Boston in 1849. His father was born in Ireland and his mother in England. I think he had brothers named Henry born 1853, Michael 1857, and a sister Alice born 1859. Edward lost his first wife and was left with three children. He the married an Elizabeth (Bessie) Lowe. She had lost her husband in a train accident. She had three girls. Once married, Edward and Bessie then had several children, Aggie, Joseph, Nellie and Irene. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Joe Dawson

Submitter: Lyn McIntosh-Sherwood ([email protected])
Date: 08 Nov 2000

Looking for information on Charles FINOLD who married Mary SCHEUER on 3/24/1859 in La Salle County, IL. She was the widow of Heinrich SCHEUER and immigrated from Nordenstadt, Nassau, Germany with her children Jacob, George, and Catherine in 1857.

Submitter: George Morton ([email protected])
Date: 05 Nov 2000

Looking for any info. on my great grandparents who lived in your county from 1856 to 1864. George Washington Oaks and wife Catharine Oakes, nee McGinnes.

Submitter: Jerry A. Baker ([email protected])
Date: 01 Nov 2000

Seeking information on James N. BAKER who farmed in LaSalle County, 1850-1860. Also Cornelius BOWERS, 1850.

Surnames: FLANNERY
Submitter: Ann Flannery ([email protected])
Date: 01 Nov 2000

I have been desperately looking for any information on Thomas Flannery who died in LaSalle in 1899. He was born in Ireland. I have looked at burial, newspaper, death and land records. I have found nothing. Anything that is found would be appreciated!!!!!!!! Please send the information to me! Thanks, Ann

Submitter: Lynn ([email protected])
Date: 01 Nov 2000

I found an Emma Zimmerman and a William Zimmerman in the 1917 Farmers Market Directory. Does anyone have any addditonal information on these people. I am trying rule them in or out as my family but can't find anything additional on them like place of birth or birth dates, etc. Any help is appreciated. Thank you! Lynn

Submitter: carol host ([email protected])
Date: 30 Oct 2000

Looking for info on Peter Klein Naturalized in Ottawa, La Salle County, IL in Oct 1888.... Paper signed by Carl Luxern or Luxem and Anton Hochgurtel

Submitter: Lynn ([email protected])
Date: 28 Oct 2000

BRUCKER I am looking for the Brucker who married Emma Zimmerman. Her parents were Ludwig Zimmerman and Minna Hinz of Germany. Thank you for any leads. Lynn

Submitter: Lynn ([email protected])
Date: 28 Oct 2000

HINZ, HOHN, BREUNSBACH, LUSCHEI, ZIMMERMAN, RUCHOTSKY These are all family names I am researching in Ottawa, LaSalle, IL. These people all started out here and migrated to NE, MO, KS. I know that Herman Hinz was in the Civil War 1861-1863 but have found nothing further, William Breunsbach arrived in 1866 and was here for abt. 2 years. Does anyone have access to census records? My library doesn't even have a microfishe reader. I appreciate any help or leads. Thank you. Lynn

Submitter: Denise Parsons ([email protected])
Date: 23 Oct 2000

BYRNE-Burns-O'Byrne, Patrick m. FOLEY, Ann - before 1868, lived in LaSalle. Had seven plus, children: Andrew John (m. CARR, Catherine), James Henry, Abegail, Ann Jane (m. MCFADDEN, Myles), Molly, Teresa and Thomas (m. O'KEEFE, Ellen). All baptized out of St. Patrick Church. Any contacts appreciated!

Surnames: OAKS OAKES
Submitter: Doyle L. Oaks ([email protected])
Date: 18 Oct 2000

Seeking any information on George Oakes/Oaks, listed in the 1860 census as being a resident of the Mendota township of LaSalle county. Wife's name is Elizabeth, born in Pennsylvania. A son, Joseph Edison, probably born in the county in March 1862. Any information would be appreciated.

Surnames: BROOKS
Submitter: Stub ([email protected])
Date: 18 Oct 2000

Looking for info on Almon Jerome Brooks born 1850 possibly in Lasalle Co. Any one know this name?

Submitter: Michelle Pearson ([email protected])
Date: 17 Oct 2000

I am researching the families of Andrew (b Feb 1866) and Mary (WASKO) (b Jul 1869) BAKALAR of Hungary/Czech. Andrew was a proprietor of a Saloon in Streator according to at least one census. They had at least 6 children of which I know of: Mary, Anna, Margaret (my Gr-Grandmother), Emma, and Leona. Mary and Margaret married into the John (b 21 Oct 1844) and Anna (KATUS) (b 1849) BAKALYAR family and both kept the BAKALAR spelling. John BAKALYAR came over to NY in 1877, followed shortly by his immediate family and mother Ella/Ellen Elizabeth Kukari?. His father's name was John also. John (Sr) and Ella/Ellen had the following known children: John, Anna, Mary, Andrew, and Elizabeth. John (Jr) and Anna had the following children: John, Anna, Mary, Andrew, Michael, George, Susan, Thomas, Ellen E, Stephen, and one more child. John and Anna (KATUS) BAKALYAR lived in Old No. 3 and worked in the mines. They later moved to Lakefield, Jackson, MN, though. John and Anna's family records were found often in the Kukova Evangelical Lutheran Church in the early and mid 1800s - it is in Saris Co, Slovakia. They also have roots from Giraltovce. Andrew and Mary (WASKO) BAKALAR stayed in Streator. But, I do not know where they came from in Hungary??? Any information on these families would be greatly appreciated. And, I'm willing to share what I have as well. Michelle Pearson [email protected]

Surnames: LOGUE
Submitter: Marge Anderson ([email protected])
Date: 16 Oct 2000

I am looking for information on the John & Jane Stewart Holden Loag (Logue) family mentioned in the 1870 LaSalle Co., IL census. In 1870 they are living in Osage Twp. The census mentions 10 children: John, Michael, Mary, William, Margaret, Alex (called Sandy), Daniel, Elizabeth (called Lizzie), Peter, Jane (real name is Jennie). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Submitter: Marge Anderson ([email protected])
Date: 16 Oct 2000

I am looking for information on the Jeremiah (Jerry) & Mary Logue Fitzgerald family that lived in Rutland, Groveland Twp., IL in the 1870's. Jerry & Mary were married in Wenona, Marshall Co., IL in 1869. Of their 12 children 4 of them were born in LaSalle Co., IL. Their oldest child Mary was born in Marshall Co., IL in 1870. The next four children were born in LaSalle Co. Margaret Ellen was born in 1872, Bridget Ann in 1874, John Henry in 1874 and Michael E. born in 1876. Any help given is greatly appreciated.

Submitter: Marge Anderson ([email protected])
Date: 15 Oct 2000

I am looking for information on the family of Patrick & Honora Kearney Fitzgerald. This family is listed in the 1880 IL census as living in Groveland Twp., LaSalle Co., IL. Patrick was born abt. 1830 and Honora about 1833. They had at least 8 children: Mary Margarith b. abt. 1860, Bridget b. abt. 1862, John b. abt. 1864, James b. abt. 1866, Jeremiah b. abt. 1868, Thomas b. abt. 1870, Hannah b. abt. 1872 and Patrick b. abt. 1875. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Surnames: HINZ
Submitter: Lynn Goins ([email protected])
Date: 15 Oct 2000

HERMAN H. HINZ served in the Civil War during 1861 and 1862. He lived in Ottawa, LaSalle,IL. I find no record of him after the Civil War. I thought the Civil War Vets were given a piece of land after the war and yet no record exists of him owning any land in this county. Is this information correct, does anyone know? I would appreciate any leads. Thank you kindly. Lynn

Submitter: James Wiggins ([email protected])
Date: 14 Oct 2000

I Am searching for ancestors of John Becket of Mendota Il. John Becket married Katie Weiler Feb.14 1882 in LaSalle County. Parents names possibly Margaret and Nick. John had brothers and sisters names - George, Charlie, Margaret, Mary, Bill, I would like to know about their parents - Where and when they were born - anything at all. Thank You in advance for anything, this is as far back as I have been able to trace.

Submitter: Jo Lloyd ([email protected])
Date: 14 Oct 2000

George DARBY died city of Marseilles 1944. Believed to have bred racehorses.Father Thomas. (Step?)Mother Ann nee HADLEY previously married to Josiah COLEY.Winnie daughter of Thomas & Ann DARBY mar. Oscar COOPER in Grundy 1882. Any connections? Have COLEY research back to 1650 and would love to find more cousins.

Submitter: Wendy Simpson ([email protected])
Date: 08 Oct 2000

My Great Grandparents Maurice James BLUNDELL and Clara Maud BLYTHE were married in Chicago on 22 Dec 1888 in La Salle Baptist Church. It seems that they were visiting relations in Chicago. My query is does anyone have either of these surnames in their Family. Also can anyone tell me if there would be a Church Register in which the names of the couple and their witnesses would have been recorded.

Submitter: Tom Gorman ([email protected])
Date: 08 Oct 2000

While cleaning out a shed on my parents farm we found two pictures. On the back of the pictures were the names of the photographers in LaSalle, Ills.To help indentify the women in the photos it would be helpful to get an idea of when the photographers were in business. Their names were: W. A. Looke, General Photographer, 99 First Street, LaSalle,Ill.. The second photo was by: G. C. Syphers, Artist and Photographer, LaSalle, Ills. My GGrandparents were married in LaSalle in 1881 and I think pictures are of my GGrandmother. Their names were James B. Williamson and Nellie Cunningham.

Submitter: Jim Pearson ([email protected])
Date: 06 Oct 2000

A brief history and time line for the primary surnames Pearson, Turner, Hartshorn, Buck, Andrews, Martin, Allen, Williamson, and Simonton in Illinois. The Simonton's came to America in the late 17th and early 18th century from primarily Ireland after escaping Scotland and King Charles. There is significant evidence of multiple Simonton names in and around Portland/Falmouth/Cape Elizabeth Maine during this time period. There is also some missing evidence on many in the 1st and 2nd generations although much work is being done to confirm certain relationships. It is speculated that my Simonton line began with 1) George Simonton and Elizabeth the immigrants 2) Anne Simonton and Thomas Jordan 3) Susan Jordan (b 1750) and Thomas Simonton and 5) Thomas Simonton (unproved) and Mary Alden, 5th generation Mayflower descendent who had 4 children one of which (Benjamin b 1795 Portland Maine) is my gg-grandfather. He married Anne Buck (b 1800 Dorchester NB, Canada) in 1820 and they had 15 children and adopted Anne's orphaned brother William Buck (b Canada). Several censuses show the family unit living in the Portland area up to the 1850 census. After that, Benjamin a veteran of the War of 1812 moved to Illinois with many of his adult children. Some bought land, were married, and William Luther and Silas joined the Union Army in Illinois and remained there. Later Benjamin and some others moved to Iowa and beyond after 1870. Benjamin and his son James separately bought of a section of contiguous tracts of land in Henry County. The 1860 Henry County census shows Benjamin and Anne with Silas, Charles and William (L) farmers but no James that I could find. One son, William Luther was my g-grandfather who had 12 children by two wives. The first wife was Lucy Andrews (b.? m 12/30/1861 Henry County IL d 8/1877) and second was Ella Griffin (b 1860 Illinois, m 2/14/1878 Cass County IA, d 1929 Oregon). According to Ella's death certificate her father was George Griffin (b Maine) and her mothers maiden name was Buck. The only two children of Benjamin that I have linked directly to La Salle County were Sarah M Simonton (married Pliny Hartshorn 9/25/1856) and S Jane Simonton (married Joshua P Hartshorn 3/14/1854) both were married in La Salle. Other siblings of Benjamin and Anne were (Mary Alden, William Luther, Silas, John, James, Charles, Caroline, Lizzie P., Olive, George, Ann P., Susan M., and Thomas B.) with some showing up in Rock Island and Henry Counties. I have a letter written by a Mr. Frank Cook in reply to Mrs. W. K. Hartshorn of La Salle IL dated 1962 inquiring about Benjamin Simonton so there may still be Hartshorn's related to Simonton living in La Salle. Mr. Cook was a descendent of Mary Alden (Simonton) Cummings who is buried in Rock Island County IL. Mr. Cook mentions being at 'Uncle Pliny's" farm around the turn of the century as a small child. I have just recently discovered my Pearson line also had strong ties to Illinois and La Salle County at about the same time. Henry and Delilah (Williamson) Pearson, my gg-grandparents, were married in Ohio in 1844 but moved to La Salle County. Their second through eighth children (Sarah, Angeline S, Evander W, Ellen J, James L, Dellra, and Louis U) were all born in Mendota, La Salle IL between 1847 and 1866 where Henry died on 10/27/1870. Delilah died 12/5/1912 in Sulphur Springs, Cloud, KS. Henry was one of 9 siblings born in Ohio to James Pearson of South Carolina and Tamer Jane Cammack Jay her second husband. Henry and Delilah's first born son, my g-grandfather Michael C. Pearson (b 8/3/1845 Ohio d 1912) married (Anna(r) Turner) in La Salle County on 12/25/1866. I know from family stories Michael was a traveling minister and he and Anna were said to have had 11 children. I have been able to identify 9 of the 11 names but am not sure of birth dates or locations except for a few. My grandfather, James Mark Pearson was born in Sulphur Springs Kansas in 1879 probably because Anna may have gone there to visit her widowed mother-in-law who may have moved there after Henry's death in 1870. There are several Williamson's listed in Cloud County KS. A daughter, Lillie D. Pearson Married E. Allen Martin on 5/4/1892 (his 2nd, her 1st) in La Salle that was witnessed by a sister Belle Pearson. E. Allen Martins parents Richard Martin and Minerva Allen were also married in La Salle County Illinois on 5/5/1861. Other siblings of Michael and Anna were Nathan (b 1883) Inez, Hattie/Hallie, Floe, Winnie and Hazel (Kays). James moved to Idaho in about 1903/4 after serving in the Navy from 1900 - 1903/4 and was married there in 1905. His brother Nathan joined him at some time so I am not sure how many siblings were born or married in La Salle.

Submitter: Gary D. McEnery ([email protected])
Date: 04 Oct 2000

Looking for information on Floyd Robert Sulzberger born 1899 in Ransom, LaSalle, IL. He married Ruby Alpha Parson. I think his father was William Henry Sulzberger whose wife was Emma Miller.

Submitter: Janice Blaylock ([email protected])
Date: 03 Oct 2000

I'm looking for information on my Husbands family. His great Grandfather is Joseph M. Blaylock emigrated from Tennessee to La Salle, Ill. I don't have any vitals. He married Jane Northrup Shaw Harrington. They have 4 children Joseph Stephen being the oldest (my husbands great-grandfather) 1 moved to Benton, Ind. the other two are still in Ill.Jane died in 1872 and Joseph M. was still living in Ill. in 1872. I'm at a dead end!

Submitter: Lynn ([email protected])
Date: 02 Oct 2000

Augusta Ruchotsky M. William Breunsbach/Bruensbach in LaSalle county 6/18/1866. I am looking for a birth date for both of these two. They were born in Germany and were Lutherans. I would also like to know where they lived in Ottawa. Thank you kindly. What a great list! Lynn

Surnames: HINZ HINZE
Submitter: lynn ([email protected])
Date: 02 Oct 2000

Does anyone have any information about the pastors of Zion Evangelical Church in Ottawa? The first one in 1865 was H. H. Hinze and I am wondering if this could be the Herman H. Hinz, I am looking for. I would appreciate any help. Thank you. Lynn

Submitter: Lesley ([email protected])
Date: 01 Oct 2000

Looking for information on Mary Sand married to Robert H. Deadmore on 19 Dec 1897 in LaSalle Co. IL. Thanks, Lesley [email protected]

Submitter: Janet Morence ([email protected])
Date: 30 Sep 2000

Looking for info on Frank and Josephine nee Wachowski Kotowski and their children. Known children were Walter, Lucille and Mrs. Charles Wolfranski.

Submitter: Jill Kastello ([email protected])
Date: 24 Sep 2000

I am searching for information on my husband's family. His grandfather Matthew Kastello (b. July 27, 1904 in La Salle, Illinois d. July 1978 in La Salle, Illinois) and Eva (b. June 28, 1907 d. October 1976) had two sons, Matthew and Micheal. Matthew Jr. (b. March 26, 1936 d. December 1979) was very involved in the Catholic community before moving to Mundelein, Illinois. We think Eva's last name as Rimmle. However, we have been unsuccessful at validating that. We know that Eva had several sisters and one brother. There was Eva, Gladys, Pearl, at least one more sister, and Leroy. We also know that Gladys married a Raymond Kotecki (who has just very recently passed away). We also believe the Matthew Sr. father changed the family name. However, we are having a very difficult time figuring out what it was originally. According to some church records from St. Roch's, Matthew Sr. attended this church with some Koteckis. There are also some Kastelic names listed. This is uncommonly close to Kastello and I can see how it could be mistaken. But, again, we have been unable to make that link and it is just a guess. Is there anyone out there who has any information on this family? It would be of great help. The numbers are dwindling and we would appreciate knowing more about this part of our family. Thanks, Jill Kastello [email protected]

Surnames: DAVISSON
Submitter: Debbie Borton ([email protected])
Date: 20 Sep 2000

I am trying to found information on Alexander Herron DAVISSON, his wife Susan Griffith and their son Myrlin J. DAVISSON

Submitter: Tammy ([email protected])
Date: 18 Sep 2000

I am looking for any information to any Meeker's that lived in LaSalle County, ILL. in the 1840's to 1860's. Martin V. Meeker born 1823 in ILL married Martha A. McClanahan Martin had a half brother that died and never married. That is about the only lead I have on him. But at least now I know that he had at least a half brother but there may be other half syblings also. If you have any info on Meeker's then please let me know.

Submitter: Ron Lewis ([email protected])
Date: 13 Sep 2000

Looking for DODGE, TURNER, WATERHOUSE surnames, all of which lived in or near Earlville, IL between 1860 to 1900. James W. TURNER, son of Elisha and Harriet NEWELL TURNER, m. Anna DODGE, dau. of Warren and Rebecca STOUT DODGE. James and Anna had two children, Stuart and Adele. Stuart died in 1929, but have no idea what became of Adele. She may have married in later years. Would like to hear from anyone having knowledge of this family.

Submitter: Rea Ann Trotter ([email protected])
Date: 12 Sep 2000

Joel A. HALL who was born in NY, married Elizabeth Ann Martine 1832 in Madison co., IL and then moved to LaSalle county. Their children included: Phoebe Ann (marr. Levi MINARD and moved to Henry co.IL), Joel, John, Lydia (mar. ARGUBRIGHT). Joel A. Hall died 1848-1849 in LaSalle county. His father may have been John Hall who died in LaSalle co., 1847. John Hall's first wife's name was Hannah WEED and second wife's name was Esther. I'm searching for the siblings and parents of Joel A. Hall and the children's names of John Hall. After Joel died, Elizabeth married John MINARD and moved to Livingston county. Their children included: Lizzie, Ira, Charles, Sophronia. Any information about these families would be greatly appreciated.

Submitter: Jim Pearson ([email protected])
Date: 12 Sep 2000

Looking for Pearson information. My grandfather James Mark Pearson (b 1879) was orphanded young and raised by one of his sisters Lillie. Lillie D. Pearson was born in 1868 in La Salle County Illinois and her father (my G-grandfather) was Michael C. Pearson whose wife, my G-grandmother was Ann(a)r Turner, all of La Salle County. Michael and Ann(a)r were married in La Salle County on 12/25/1866. Lillie Pearson married E. Allen Martin in 5/4/1892 (his second marriage) whose parents were Richard Martin and Minerva Allen who were also married in La Salle County Illinois on 5/5/1861. Lillie's sister Belle Pearson was a witness to Lillie's marriage. James Mark Pearson's Spanish American War records indicated he was married in Sulphur Springs Kansas but since there is a Sulphur Springs in La Salle county I question this, especially with all the family history in La Salle. Richard Pearson was stated in family stories to be a traveling minister with 11 children. I know of some other sibling names that might also show up in La Salle County, although, some may have been born outside the area. Nathan, Floe, Winnie, Inez, Hallie/Hattie, Hazel, Unknown, and Unknown.

Submitter: Dean White ([email protected])
Date: 09 Sep 2000

John White b.abt 1835 family lore has it that he was born in Cork, Ireland;died in Ottawa, IL 1884. He married Ann Franey b.abt1845 in New York. Children of this union are Robert E. White b.1864 in Chicago and William, Joseph, Steven, Delia, Julia, and Thomas all born in Ottawa. Looking any information on the marriage location and the birth of John White.

Submitter: Jim Pearson ([email protected])
Date: 06 Sep 2000

Looking for descendants of two Hartshorns that married two Simontons in La Salle County. Joshua P Hartshorn married S. Jane Simonton in 1854 and Pliny Hartshorn married Sarah M Simonton in 1856. I believe the Simonton women were sisters and two of 15 siblings born to Benjamin (b 1795) and Anne (Buck) Simonton. The Simontons were all born and raised in or around Portland Maine and moved West after the 1850 census. First to Illinois, then to Iowa after 1870 and USA. I have found many descendants of Benjamin and Anne from other siblings and we are trying to find more. Benjamin's father Thomas married Mary Alden, 5th generation Mayflower descendant.

Submitter: S E Allen ([email protected])
Date: 05 Sep 2000

BIERDEMANN Looking for any information on this family. I believe that August and his wife Louisa moved to LaSalle Co from Ohio in the 1860's. Two of their dau married and moved to Iowa.

Submitter: Dawn DiSomma ([email protected])
Date: 05 Sep 2000

I am looking for information on the children of John H Doherty (Donegal Ireland b: 1 Feb 1840 d: 1902??) and Hannah O'Donnell (Donegal Ireland b: 2 Jan 1842 - Nov 1919 Winnifred Alb Canada) They supposadly had 11 children I have listed eight: Hugh (Glasgow Scotland 1867) James (Streator Ill 1870) Mary Ellen (Streator Ill 1872) Anthony (Streator Ill 1874) John Patrick (Streator Ill 1876) Thomas (Streator Ill 1880) Edward (Streator Ill 1884) Birdie (Streator Ill 1887) I thought they also had children by the name of Timothy and Jack but I could be wrong. I believe that John Doherty worked for the railroad and from Streator Illinois moved to Leeds North Dakota also working for the railroad. Any information that could put me in contact with the "missing children" would help! I'm in contact with a grandson of Mary Ellen and I am the great granddaughter of Birdie. [email protected] Dawn (California"> I am looking for information on the children of John H Doherty (Donegal Ireland b: 1 Feb 1840 d: 1902??) and Hannah O'Donnell (Donegal Ireland b: 2 Jan 1842 - Nov 1919 Winnifred Alb Canada) They supposadly had 11 children I have listed eight: Hugh (Glasgow Scotland 1867) James (Streator Ill 1870) Mary Ellen (Streator Ill 1872) Anthony (Streator Ill 1874) John Patrick (Streator Ill 1876) Thomas (Streator Ill 1880) Edward (Streator Ill 1884) Birdie (Streator Ill 1887) I thought they also had children by the name of Timothy and Jack but I could be wrong. I believe that John Doherty worked for the railroad and from Streator Illinois moved to Leeds North Dakota also working for the railroad. Any information that could put me in contact with the "missing children" would help! I'm in contact with a grandson of Mary Ellen and I am the great granddaughter of Birdie. [email protected] Dawn (California)

Submitter: Nancy ([email protected])
Date: 04 Sep 2000

Looking for any information on John Smith and Cora Wales Smith family that lived in Earlville, Illinois. He was a police officer there. There daughters were Doris, Joyce, Helen, Shirley. John Smith died 1954 Earlville. Please email any information to [email protected] I would appreciate anything on any member of this family. Thanks for your time and help. Nancy

Submitter: Carol Boggs ([email protected])
Date: 03 Sep 2000

James Franklin Bone

Submitter: Rene Gibbs ([email protected])
Date: 02 Sep 2000

Looking for Information On ERASTUS GIBBS, wife REBECCA COLTRIN and there children Christiana Gibbs married to James Zea (Lee), Ellen Gibbs married to James W. Hyde, Mary Gibbs Marred to George Royce, Charles Gibbs marred to Eve Tilton and George Gibbs Married to Mary Prutsman. They lived in LaSalle county from about 1855 to 1870.

Submitter: Rene Gibbs ([email protected])
Date: 02 Sep 2000

Looking for Information On ERASTUS GIBBS, wife REBECCA COLTRIN and there children Christiana Gibbs married to James Zea (Lee), Ellen Gibbs married to James W. Hyde, Mary Gibbs, Charles Gibbs marred to Eve Tilton and George Gibbs Married to Mary Prutsman. They lived in LaSalle county from about 1855 to 1870.

Submitter: Jim Pearson ([email protected])
Date: 28 Aug 2000

Looking for descendants of two Hartshorn/Simonton marriages, both of La Salle County IL. Joshua P. Hartshorn married S. Jane Simonton 3/14/1854 and Piney Hartshorn married Sarah M Simonton 9/25/1856. Both Simonton women were sisters about 30 years of age at time of marriage and daughters of Benjamin Simonton and Anne (Buck) Simonton. The entire family moved from Maine to Illinois as adults after the 1850 census and later moved to Iowa. Benjamin and Anne Simonton had 15 children, most of which have descendants already identified. Much of the family including siblings moved to Henry County IL after a year or two in La Salle County before moving to Iowa after 1870. An old letter from a Mrs. W. K. Hartshorn of La Salle County dated 1962 was looking for Simonton information so there were some 20th century family living in La Salle County.

Submitter: Kathie ([email protected])
Date: 24 Aug 2000

I am looking for the address of a cemetery named St. Hyacinth's in La Salle County. Several of my ancestors, surnames INDA and MANICKI, were buried there.

Submitter: Linda DeCoss Butts ([email protected])
Date: 23 Aug 2000

My Great Grandfather Nicholas Koenig and his wife Louisa Maul Koenig came to the U.S. from Germany in 1880. He was a glassblower and settled in Streator. My grandfather Julius Koenig became a glassblower, Married Linda Carlson (daughter of Algott Carlson and Jemima Samuels), and moved to California. The remaining 10 Koenig children stayed in the mid-west. Louisa, Albert, Anna, Jacob, Sophia, Nicholas, Margaret, Mena, and Emma. About the Carlson family, I know only that Algott was a butcher or a grocer in Streator and the children included Oscar, Alma, Carl , and Arthur.

Submitter: Janet Morence ([email protected])
Date: 23 Aug 2000

Looking for info on Mayor W.A. Panneck and a lawyer named Walter Panneck in LaSalle, IL. circa 1906. Also looking for info on any Panek or Panneck in the LaSalle/Peru area. Great great grandfather, Thomas Panek and family of son John listed on 1880 census.

Submitter: Joanne Johnsrud ([email protected])
Date: 15 Aug 2000

Searching for death and burial information Josiah SEYBOLD b.about 1798 Ft. Piggott, IL (now Monroe County) and his wife, Nancy SCANLAND. They moved north to LaSalle County and are there in 1840 census.

Surnames: PETTIT
Submitter: Richard Pettit ([email protected])
Date: 09 Aug 2000

Looking for any obit, or news article on Charles G. Pettit around 1932 to 1936. He was suppose to be in a nursing home for a week when he died. Could have been in Varna, Magnolia or Wenona area. His son was living in Lostant at this time

Submitter: Jan ([email protected])
Date: 08 Aug 2000

Looking for descendents of Michael Erickson (Mikkel Erickson Fjaeren) and Gurine Ingeborg "Julia" Gaard who came from Norway and were in Earl (now Earlville) for a time. Their surviving five children were all born in Earlville (Carl Johan b. March 14, 1872; Edward Usen b. Nov. 21, 1873; Martin Emil b. March 4, 1876 (my line) ; Bertie Martina b. May 28, 1878; and Julia Marie b. Aug. 28, 1880. The family eventually moved to South Dakota.

Surnames: MAKINSON
Submitter: Lee Makinson ([email protected])
Date: 06 Aug 2000

My 2x great grandmother died in Dayton on November 21,1888 at age 81. I need an obiturary for her. Her name was Sarah Crowther Makinson. Her husband George Makinson died Sept. 20,1875 in Dayton as well. I do not have a obit on him either. My address [email protected]

Submitter: Roger Cox ([email protected])
Date: 05 Aug 2000

I am looking for any information on Ann and Robert Cox, who were brother and sister and cousins to my grandfather, John Cox. I have a photo of them taken in Streater, IL on my web page. My great-grandfather John Cox Sr., was married to Hannah Wilkinson in La Salle County in 1865.

Submitter: Lynne Baillargeon ([email protected])
Date: 01 Aug 2000

Ashberry Twp. - I am looking for a death date / burial record of Sarah SHIFFER, who was living in Ashberry, LaSalle County, with her daughter Esther CLOSE, wife of Samuel CLOSE, from about 1853 to 1856/7. I believe she may have died there before the family moved to Kendall County.

Submitter: Janice Myers-Rader ([email protected])
Date: 30 Jul 2000

I find two Troescher men who married in Lasalle, Chas F. m. Hundt, Mrs Charlotte 12/30/1889; Louis Troescher m. Bivert (Bivart) Emma 08/12/1871. Does anyone have any links? The surname is spelled hundreds of ways but most commonly, Troesch, Tresh, Trosh, Thank you for your time.

Submitter: Charlene Reeds Ebeling ([email protected])
Date: 27 Jul 2000

My grt grandfather--John Charles ANSCHICKS--was an asparagus farmer on a very large scale. The farm was behind BAKELITE in Ottawa. Parts of the family moved to Mendota and some married into BILLMAN, DENGEL, SMITH, KNOBLOCK, NELSON, WILHELM, KNAUER, TELLFORD, BRESSNER, HINKSTON, etc.--any connection?

Submitter: Cathi ([email protected])
Date: 20 Jul 2000

I looking for informaiton about a Squire Richardson, who was in the 1860 Census of La County, IL

Surnames: MADIGAN
Submitter: M. J. Madigan ([email protected])
Date: 19 Jul 2000

Searching in LaSalle County for Catholic baptismal records and dates of building a railroad. Patrick and Johanna MADIGAN, both born Ireland, appear in Groveland Township in 1860 Federal Census, with sons aged 3, 5 and 7, all born in LaSalle County. Can someone direct me toward a location for Catholic baptismal records that may exist for the children? Also, can anyone tell me the time frame for the building of the railroad through Dana in Groveland Township, LaSalle County? This family left LaSalle County before 1870.

Submitter: JRush ([email protected])
Date: 16 Jul 2000

Searching for Margaret(Maggie) Jane Harris b. 10 January 1857 p. Ottawa, La Salle,ILL Parents died 4 to 5 years later.Lived with Wm Everett.

Submitter: Diana Zajicek ([email protected])
Date: 12 Jul 2000

I am looking for more information on Louis Mizel. He and his wife Mary Massatte and their children are listed in the LaSalle County census of 1900 in Serena Twp. Louis died 6 August 1936. Mary died 25 January 1933. Are there obituaries or burial records available? Any guidance is greatly appreciated as I am quite new to genealogy research. Thank you, Diana

Submitter: Thomas E Spence ([email protected])
Date: 12 Jul 2000

Interested in any Documentation, Newspaper articles, etc... of one Henry Ilderton. Henry married Hannah Burnett in Gateshead, England, in 1874. They had a Daughter Hannah Leeming Ilderton, who married Walter Elliot DE Land April 08, 1899 in Chicago, Cook, IL. No Knowledge of how Henry Came to US is known, also how he got to Illinois. But the chicago City Directory shows a Hannah Ilderton, his daughter, and Walter De Land, working for the Railroad as Clerks. My query concerns Henry, he was Naturalised (Final) #724; 1 Nov, 1884; Circuit Court of La Salle, City of Ottowa. He died o4 September 1896 vin Chicago Cook, but buried on 7th Sept, in Riverside Cemetry, Streator, La Salle. Obituary: "Henry Ilderton died Saturady at 7249 Dobson Avenue, Chicago,.......... .......... (private info).... " Mr Ilderton was a resident of this city up to about ten years ago, he having first been a miner, and later proprietor of a fruit and candy store on Main Street, wher Hunt's tailor shop now is. After the death of his wife he moved away from here." OK do any Directory's, Land Records, anything exist to indicate deatils of Henry, photographs, of the area, street store, etc.. All information gratefully received and acknowledged. Working with existing family in Tuscon, AZ. An need to close these gaps..... Anything on Mining in that area, or immigration, also appreciated. Dr. Tom Spence. Newcastle upon Tyne England.

Submitter: Cyndi Fowles ([email protected])
Date: 11 Jul 2000

Walter Krogulski m. Louise Skorupski in PA, moved to LaSalle IL in 1900. Worked for M & H mines. Louise (Lucy) was killed in a fire on Todd St. on August 9, 1915. They had 3 boys--Theodore, Hypolite, Thomas and a daughter, Logia (Lydia). Remarried an Antoinette Kolowski, widow. She had two children a son, Frank Kolowski and a daughter Frances Kolowski Healy. Walter died July 15, 1936. Antoinette survived him. I am not certain of her date of death but I believe it to be in the 1940's. I have a clipping of the obit, but no date. It came from the local paper the Tribune. Can anyone tell me if this newspaper has been microfilmed and whether or not it is available outside of LaSalle, IL? Gus Falk Jr., son of Gustav and Mary Ehrman Falk. Married Lizzie Miller in Marysville, Marshall, KS in 1915. Gustav Falk arrived in LaSalle, IL in 1866-67 from Sweden. Married Mary Ehrman. They had two sons and 3 daughters, Mamie, Anne and Margaret. Not certain of second sons' name. Could be Charles. He served in the infantry during WWI and was stationed in Florida. I do not know if he survived or if he married. Anne married a Hoefferle and Margaret married an Edw. Leyes. He was a businessman in Peru IL and did rather well. Gus and Lizzie Miller Falk had two sons, Harold and Curtis. Harold married Virginia Kowalski in 1936. They had two sons named Richard and Gerald. Harold and Virginia both owrked for Westclox. Harold died of Acute Leukemia and Virginia died of CA. Is there information on the cancer rates of employees of Westclox?

Surnames: SCHNEBLE
Submitter: Carrie Kallal ([email protected])
Date: 08 Jul 2000

I am looking for any information on a Jacob and Christina Schneble that lived in the La Salle area around the 1890's....they had four children.. Helen, Edward, Christina, and Emma...I am looking for birthdates and death dates on Jacob and Christina.(the parents)....if anyone has any information please contact me.via email

Submitter: Michael E. Reynolds ([email protected])
Date: 02 Jul 2000

FEURER Family of LaSalle County, Illinois. Searching for the relationship of Margarethe Feurer married June 12,1895 to Harold Horace Case who was born 1875, to the following. John Feurer married to Lena Briel and married on April 24, 1880 and Freda Feurer married to Louie Schomas (1882) R27 Waltham Sec. 36, T 106a as per Prairie Farmers 1917 edition of Farms. Any help greatly appreciated or clues and or living relatives. Even someone who knows any relatives still living. Thanks in advance Michael Reynolds

Submitter: Sandee ([email protected])
Date: 28 Jun 2000

MOELLER-MATTHIESSEN-GILLMANN-?TRAYLER-ALEXANDER-CHANCELLOR-BLOW Looking for any one with information on these people. Starting with the MOELLERS. MY Gr.Gr.Gr.grandparents Frederick W. MOELLER b.10-25-1806 d.8-15-1875 where ? and Wilhelmine GENSSLER MOELLER b.1817 d.1890 Oakwood Cementry next to Fannie and Frederic MATTHIESSEN her son-in-law came from Ger. to Mineral Point WI. with there children Frederick, Ida, Fannie, Gr. GR. Grandfather William, ?Lyde, and there may be more children. Fannie Clara MOELLER b.1846 d.1913 Oakwood Cementry m. Frederic William MATTHIESSEN b.1835 d.1918 Oakwood Cementry.They Mineral Point Wi. F.W. MATTHIESSEN and Edward HEGELER came to the U.S. in 1857 and arrived in Mineral Point WI. 1858 becoming the father of the Zinc insustry in Mineral Point WI. later needing coal they went south to LaSalle, IL. built a furnace over the mouth of a coal mine,and shipped the zinc ore to the coal furnace for smelting. One da.of Fannie and Frederic was Adele MATTHIESSEN b.9-24-67 in Mineral Point d.9-15-1929 in New City, New York. m.12-6-1893 in LaSalle Co. George Preston BLOW b.10-23-1860 in Norfolk,Vinginia d. 12-1-1922 in Washington D.C. 3 ch.Adele Margaret,George Waller,Frederick William Matthiessen BLOW. Frederick W. MOELLER Jr. b.1835 d. 1891 Oakwood Cementry m.? Bertha ? b.1842 d.1920 Oakwood in same lot Minnie was she a da.was there any more childern. Ida MOELLER b.11-26-1837 d. 4-9-1909 Oakwood Cementry m.8-1-1854 Frederick J.GILLMANN b.4-20-1829 d. 3-4-1886 Oakwood Cementry in same lot are Albert GILLMANN b.1-17-1859 d.6-28-1896 Fred C. GILLMANN b.10-10-1856 d.3-4-1890 and a Victor no dates were these ch.and was there any more. Next to Fannie and Frederic MATTHIESSEN on the left of the MATTHIESSEN lot are Lyde Denny MOELLER 1853-1895 was this Fannie's brother and another Fannie MOELLER 1877-1904 who may be a child of Gr.Gr.Grandfather William MOELLER date of birth and death unknown layed to rest in Mineral Point WI. Who did he marry? what was her name. William MOELLER Gr.GRandfather b.1871 d.1939 Oakwood Cementry m.? Gr. Grandmother Alice A. ALEXANDER b.1872 d.1937 Oakwood Cementry Who where her parent and did she have any sister and brothers Ch. of William and Alice were Bonnie Jean MOELLER b.1894 d.1904 at the age of 10 in a fire in either Oglesby IL>. or LaSalle IL. does any one have and record of this fire. William Alexander MOELLER grandfather b.1899 Oglesby IL. d.1951 Oglesby IL. Fo0rrest Lawn Cementry m. Gertude Marie Parks b.1905 d.1990 Forrest Lawn ch. of William and Gertrude are Jean Ann MOELLERand Gretrude MOELLER and one more child Orville m.NOrma ?> ch. Shriley Marge JOyce and Carolline Please help me as I know there is a lot of History with these lines. Oh I forgot next to Fannie and Frederic MATTHIESSEN are Emma Matthiessen CHANCELLOR and Otto Charles MASTTHIESSEN were these ch. of Fannie and Frederic also. Sandee (STEELE) ROSSI

Submitter: Jamis Buck ([email protected])
Date: 28 Jun 2000

Lookinf or information on William PETERSEN (or PATTERSON), married Minerva. Both were born in Pennsylvania around 1830. Settled in Lowelle, LaSalle, Illinois and had Sarah PETERSEN (b. 1851/52), Franklin PETERSEN (b 1853), Elizabeth PETERSEN (b. 18 Apr 1854), Harry PETERSEN (b. 1856), Benjamin PETERSEN (b. 1859), Maria J. PETERSEN (b. 1863), Mary PETERSEN (b. 1866), John PETERSEN (b. 1868), and Louisa PETERSEN (b. Jan 1870). Looking for any information on William and Minerva, and their parents.

Submitter: Barbara C. Little ([email protected])
Date: 25 Jun 2000

Looking for any connection to David NOAKES, Jr. born to David NOAKES, Sr. and Katherine BOYLE abt. 1871 in Braidwood, Will Co., Illinois. He married Annie M. DAVIS/DAVIES December 25, 1889 in Streator, LaSalle Co. David NOAKES, Jr. died in a railroad accident sometime between 1889 and 1901 when Annie M DAVIES/NOAKES married John A. BAKER on June 05, 1901 in Will Co., Illinois. It is believed there was a child born to David NOAKES and Annie DAVIS/DAVIES NOAKES who may also be named David. Looking for a connection.

Submitter: A. Brown ([email protected])
Date: 22 Jun 2000

I'm trying to locate more information on the Peter Gonsolus who fought in the BlackHawk War from LaSalle Co. Ill. in 1832 under Capt. George McFadden and owned property in LaSalle County, Ill in 1837. Trying to verify if this is MY Peter D. Gunsolus born 1801 New York, lived for a period of time in Illinois.....later into Missouri and finally Texas, where he died in 1886. Thanks!

Submitter: Nancy Attey ([email protected])
Date: 22 Jun 2000

I am looking for Katie ( Catherine ) CAHILL who married Andrew EGAN about 1866 and had a child in 1868 ( Katie Egan ) and died before 1874. There are three Catherine Cahills in the LaSalle County Census returns for 1860 - any of them could have been her! Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you. Nancy Attey

Submitter: Gene Smerchek ([email protected])
Date: 20 Jun 2000

Tedman/Tidman/Crocker families living in Brookfield Twp., LaSalle Counties, 1850-1880's.

Submitter: Mary Kathryn Jones Boland ([email protected])
Date: 17 Jun 2000

Any info on Emery/Emory I? Jones b.1816 Pa. m. Lydia A. Beals/Bales? b.abt 1817 Ohio. Married? possibly 1835 or 1837 Fulton, Ill. In LaSalle co on 1850 census. Jones migration pattern Ill to Lee co Iowa to LaSalle co. Ill to ? to Searcy co Ark.

Submitter: Sharon McConnell Peters ([email protected])
Date: 17 Jun 2000

Seeking any information on McConnell's that lived in Troy Grove area. I believe my great grandfather, James McConnell lived in the area. My grandfather, Charles McConnell was born 04/12/1890, he had 4 brothers, Albert, David, Robert, and Walter, and one sister, May. I believe Walter had three daughters, Agnes, Myrtle and Margaret.

Submitter: Bill Ruff ([email protected])
Date: 17 Jun 2000

Has anyone come across RUFF surname in LaSalle Co IL? My trail stops with g grandfather Fred RUFF b. 1885-1887 Ottawa LaSalle Co IL, m. Jessie WILSON 13 Nov 1909 Ottawa, ch. Louise b. 18 Jun 1910 Ottawa, Charles b. 30 Aug 1912 Ottawa.

Submitter: Bill Ruff ([email protected])
Date: 17 Jun 2000

Looking for information on Ella BROWN b. 1861-1862 Peru LaSalle Co IL, m. James F. WILSON, ch. Jessie WILSON RUFF JOHNSON, Sadie WILSON ROBERTS, both b. Osglesy LaSalle Co IL. Other children include James, Florence and Helen.

Submitter: Celeste Schuhmacher ([email protected])
Date: 17 Jun 2000

Looking for information on John B. Cunningham was born in LaSalle County, Illinois on March 31,1834 and died October 01, 1899 in Sheridan County, Nebraska. He married Mary Adams on December 25, 1858 in Keokuk County, Iowa. Mary was born February 11, 1846 and died May 17, 1915 in Sheridan County. They also lived a time in Kansas before moving to Sheridan County in the late 1800. They had one daughter, Elizabeth and one son/foster son Asa J. John served as a private in the Civil War in H Company, 33rd Infantry.

Submitter: Vikki Ireland ([email protected])
Date: 11 Jun 2000

I am looking for any information on the Robert LITTLE family. I have located Robert LITTLE in Otter Creek, LaSalle County, Ill. in the 1860 and 1870 census Robert Little was born March 10, 1817 in Scotland his wife Jane (Can not prove her maiden name yet but believe it is McDOUGALL) was born in January 1817 in Ireland they can to the United States and lived in Pennsylvania before coming to LaSalle their children were Jane Little (b) @ 1840 Pa. Robert Little (b) April 1842 Pa. James Little (b) @ 1845 Pa. Mary A. Little (b) May 1847 in N.J. she married William McQuown Feb. 22, 1866 in LaSalle County Guy Little (b) @ 1849, Annie Little (b) @ 1851 Pa., William J. Little (b) June 21, 1852 Pittsburgh, Pa. married Charlotte B. Bartoo January 21, 1886 in Jasper County, Indiana. I have very little information on this family the parents Robert and Jane both died in Sullivan County, Ind. if any one has information please contact me Thank-you. Vikki

Surnames: TUCK
Submitter: linda boyd ([email protected])
Date: 10 Jun 2000

I am looking for proof that my ggrandmother was born in LaSalle co. She was Gertrude Tuck born 1857. Her parents were J. J. Tuck and Elizabeth. They came there from England. Can anyone help me. Lin

Submitter: Kelly ([email protected])
Date: 07 Jun 2000

I'm searching for information on John FETSKO and Mary SOPKO. Their daughter Anna Regina FETSKO married Joseph Frank BUNDY. All lived in Streator. Any info. is appreciated.

Submitter: Larry Majercin ([email protected])
Date: 06 Jun 2000

Searching for the following people: Michael MAJERCIN, Andrew MAJERCHIN, Michael KACMAR, Anna KACZMERAK, John KACMAR or KATCHMAR(changed name to CUSHMAN), Ralph WARGO (VARGO), Andrew SVETZ (SWETZ). They are all from Streator, immigrating in the area c. 1880-1910. My grandfather, Michael Majercin married Emilia Kacmar in 1913 in Streator. They moved to Danville, IL in Vermilion CO. later. I thank you in advance for any information.

Submitter: Kimberly Stephan ([email protected])
Date: 03 Jun 2000

I looking for information on Kiturah H. CHANDLER, b:9 Feb 1870, Streator, LaSalle,Ill daughter of George CHANDLER & Sarah Ann HARRIS. Married Thomas Melvin KIMES 29 Jun 1888, Ill. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Kimberly

Submitter: L. Hecox ([email protected])
Date: 02 Jun 2000

I am looking for the family of Lewis Harris His wife was Eva "Polly" Hecox. She died in 1858. They are to have had a large number of children. I am interested in any family connection. Polly Hecox is the older sister of my GGGrandfather. Polly's parents were Hiram Hecox and Mariamnee Gee.

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