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Queries 1999 Dec

Surnames: WESTIN
Submitter: Dorothy Smyers ([email protected])
Date: 29 Dec 1999

Looking for any information on three WESTIN brothers who may have settled in LaSalle, Illinois. Axel, August and Albert immigrated from Sweden in late 1880 and early 1890. They first went to Elk County, PA and a history book for the area says they all moved west. I have a photo of one brother that was taken in LaSalle, Illinois at the W.A. Locke Studio at 713 First St. Any information would be appreciated. Dorothy

Submitter: Taleah Wilkinson ([email protected])
Date: 28 Dec 1999

I'm searching for information on my Great Grandmother Ethel Rose Carter Rabbitt, she was born Nov. 26, 1881 at Grand Ridge LASALLE CO.,Il. to Charles and Elizabeth Tole Carter. She had seven brothers and sister but the family only knew one older brother Earl Carter who was born abt. 1870/1871 as he was suppose to be about 10 years older than Ethel Rose, she married Joh Patrick Rabbit on May 11, 1903 at Ottawa, LASALLE CO., they had 3 children the oldest two my Grandmother Rose Leone was born Nov. 28, 1905 in Idaway, Il, and her brother J. Carter born April 17, 1904 in Il. too, their second daughter was born Lois Ellen was born Feb. 11, 1910 in Rockwell City, Iowa where the family moved to in about 1908. Thank You Taleah Wilkinson

Submitter: Taleah Wilkinson ([email protected])
Date: 28 Dec 1999

I'm looking for information on my Great Grandfather John Patrick Rabbitt b.July 22, 1881 in Il. his parents were Thomas and Ellen Duffy Rabbitt. He married Ethel Rose Carter May 11, 1903 at Ottawa, LASALLE CO., IL. Ethel Rose was born Nov. 26, 1881 at Grand Ridge,LASALLE CO,IL. John's parents Thomas was born in New York and Ellen was born in Il. The family stayed in IL. until abt. 1908, according to my Grandmother Rose Leone Rabbitt marriage liscense she was born in Idaway, IL. Her brother J. Carter Rabbitt was also born April 17, 1904, and Rose Leone was born Nov. 28, 1905. John had a least one brother but we don't know his name as the family never knew him, he stayed in Il. when John and Ethel Rose moved to Rockwell City, Iowa. I just recently learned that he had one sister Mary, who also lived at one time in LASALLE CO., IL. John and Ethel Rose had 3 children the last girl Lois Ellen was born Feb. 11, 1910 in Rockwell City, Il. John died of Pernious anemia March 3, 1919 while grandmother Rose Leone Rabbitt Wilkinson was just a child, so none of the grandchildren knew their Grandfather John. We know that John worked as a silversmith while they were living in LASALLE CO., IL., and his brother worked as a glass blower as we had things that they made from silver and glass. I would like to know if John had any other siblings and what happened to them. Thank You Taleah Wilkinson

Submitter: Kim Good ([email protected])
Date: 26 Dec 1999

I am searching for info. on my great-grandfather Edward MURPHY. He was born 9 October 1892 in Lasalle, Il. He eventually moved to Chicago and married Arline PARKER. They had 3 daughters, Margaret, Arlene, and Catharine. Edward died on 9 Feb. 1950 in Chicago, Illinois. Any information on parents or siblings would be wonderful. Thank you. Please e-mail

Submitter: Anne Strickland ([email protected])
Date: 26 Dec 1999

Looking for Joseph Robinson of Ottawa, any Hynds (Charles, Thomas)

Submitter: Priscilla Lemons ([email protected])
Date: 20 Dec 1999

I am researching the surnames of a Adam, Page, Prest, Wortmann, Ellis in Lasalle County, IL. Looking for William Prest of William Mark Prest. Adolph Adam or (Adams). Absolom Page, also looking for a Thomas Page or Prest who was a judge. Thank you for any help.

Surnames: LARKIN
Submitter: Frank David ([email protected])
Date: 15 Dec 1999

Seeking the ancestors of John Thomas LARKIN who was a Civil War Vet from Arlington. He moved to the area when he was a young man. He was born in 1832 in Georgetown OH.

Submitter: Clara Currey Woods ([email protected])
Date: 11 Dec 1999

Seeking information on the children of Barnabas "Barney" O'NEIL/O'NEAL who was born 9 March 1807 in Wheeling, Wood Cty, VA. He was one of the first settlers of LaSalle Cty, IL, moving to the area that is now Streator about 1843/45. He married first Clarissa WHITE in 1831 and they had nine (9) children. After her death he married Martha HOLDERMAN and they had eight (8) children. Would like to exchange information with descendants.

Surnames: HAYNES
Submitter: russell haynes ([email protected])
Date: 08 Dec 1999

Seeking info re. walter a. haynes and jessie bogle haynes. buried in ottawa, Ill. lived in Marseilles, Ill

Submitter: Ken Davis ([email protected])
Date: 08 Dec 1999

I'd like to know more about the life and times of my uncle Emanuel DAVIS and family who emigrated from the UK during the 1880's and settled in Streator, IL. I have a number of letters written by him to my father, no address revealed except for those written on Elks Club, Streator headed notepaper. Apparently he died 26 February 1945 and was buried at Riverview Cemetery - I have a photograph of the plot. A letter from his son, Emanuel Marvin DAVIS dated 1941, mentions that he was practising law during the 1930's as DAVIS and DAUGHERITY from Law Offices at 115 South Monroe St, Streator. I have some sketchy information about other family members, much more of course about the DAVIS family on the UK side, which I would be glad to share. Can anyone assist?

Submitter: Jim Bregg ([email protected])
Date: 05 Dec 1999

Marriage certificate (2 Sep 1873) shows Henry W. Bregg & Cecila Corbin from Streator. He was 25 yrs. & she was 20 yrs. Trying to find info. on either one. His family may have spelled name Breg. 1880 census finds them in Knox Co. NB. Thanx

Submitter: Bert semmelink ([email protected])
Date: 04 Dec 1999

I am looking for the WILLARDs they appered in LaSalle county 1860 census. His wife was a PATE and the oldes daughter married a HOCKING. Whitney Willard 54 farmer OH Sarah 54 NY Louis(m) 15 NY ????? (f) 11 NY ** must be Orille Brian(m) 9 NY Nloss(f) 7 NY Mary(f) NY Bates(m) NY Gary(m) 4/12 NY

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