LaSalle County

Queries 1999 Mar-Apr

Submitter: John Fritsche ([email protected])
Date: 24 Apr 1999

Would appreciate contacting any one with a 1860 census listing for LaSalle County. The family I am looking for lived in Sandwich which I understand could be found in DeKalb and La Salle Counties. They are not found in the DeKalb listings. The family consisted of: Leonhard Scheurich born 1820 in Baden, Prussia, Anna his wife born 1828 in Sachsen, Mary a daughter born 1845 in Prussia, Lui a son born 1857 in Toledo, Ohio, and a baby Anna born April 30, 1860 in Sandwich. She may have died shortly after birth. Any details about this family would be appreciated as all I have now is taken from a bible. Thank you very much. John in California

Surnames: WOLFE
Submitter: Diantha Sarver ([email protected])
Date: 22 Apr 1999

Thanks to one of your volunteers who looked up the Maurice Wolfe family for me in the 1860 & 1870 census, I found they lived in Osage Township. I believe this family was Catholic. Can someone tell me where the nearest Catholic church and cemetery would have been? Thanks Diantha

Submitter: Dee Schnell ([email protected])
Date: 21 Apr 1999

Is there someone in LaSalle county that would look up a marriage for me. I am looking for Gottlieb Steinke and Auguste Dumke, married 1/1/1876. They belonged to a Lutheran Church. I know there is no State record, but thought there might be other marriage records available. Would be glad to pay or return the favor.

Submitter: Laurie E. Pohl- Weekly ([email protected])
Date: 19 Apr 1999

I am looking for the ancestors of GABRIEL POHL & CYNTHIA WORSLEY of Mendota - Lasalle Co. Gabriel died in the mid 1950s. Their children were: Elman: Howard; Ruth; Arthur; and Clarice. Birth, death, marriage records etc. Please e-mail with any info. Thank you very much. Laurie Pohl-Weekly E-mail [email protected] Related surnames Thompson - Setchell - Waldorf - Yost

Submitter: Victor Campfield ([email protected])
Date: 18 Apr 1999

Hi, I'm looking for information on James Hampton Campfield. He was a physician who lived in Ottawa,IL. after the civil war. He died there about 29 Jul 1883. Was looking for what unit in the war he was with, and where he was born. Thank you for your help. Victor Campfield

Submitter: Mary Stohr Aldrich ([email protected])
Date: 18 Apr 1999

Stohr, Myers, Singer John Stohr lived in LaSalle Co. around 1850. He may have married Sarah Jane Myers there. I know the Henry Myers family lived there starting in the 1840's and left for IA in the 1850's. Henry Myers and wife, Sarah Ann had several children born there, 1842, 1845, 1852, 1857 and a couple more that I'm not sure of the date. John Stohr's sister, Victoria married Frank Singer there. It tells this in the old family Bible that records John and Sarah Jane's marriage. A daughter, Elizabeth Singer wrote to her cousins and sent a lock of hair. This was saved in the Bible. I can find no records of their ever having lived there. Can you help?

Submitter: pat martin (>[email protected]>)
Date: 17 Apr 1999

Is E.H. Strait, Praire Farmers Directory of LaSelle IL 1917, the "Elders" Ottawa R29 Sec 13&14, Emory H, the son of Joshua Strait who came from Allegany Co NY. Emory H. had brothers John Bowen & Edward. Their mother is listed in family bible as Eunice E. Probably a step mother as Emory listed as born 4-15-1841 and same bible listsJoshua and Eunice E. married1942.Boys mother may have been Sarah. Bible states Sarah Straight died december 11 1841. Emory 's brother John moved to Humboldt Co IA about 1871. Married Orra Marie Hall in Allegany Co NY. John's son Luther married IsaBell Beguin/Begwuin fom LaSelle Co IL in Iowa 1887

Submitter: Bobby Dobbins Title ([email protected])
Date: 17 Apr 1999

Looking for descendants of following LaSalle County Madden families, all related to Stephen & Hannorah HURLEY MADDEN who are buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in Mendota: George H. m Cora STRUTHER MADDEN Cora, George S. and Ralph Cleveland MADDEN Stephen J. & Maggie MCNAUGHTON MADDEN Paul, John, Mabel & Stella MADDEN Alfred Henry & Mary MADDEN EGAN John, Edmund & Gertrude EGAN John C. and Mary SULLIVAN MADDEN George H., Charles T., Stephen J, John Francis, Mary, Emily, Edward T., William and Isabella MADDEN. Peter & Julia MADDEN DONOHUE Maria Donohue SKEFFINGTON, George & Emily Donohue FRITZ, Josephine Donohue YANN, Julius & Anna Donohue MEISENBACH, and George "Harry" Henry & Mayme Keelin Powers DONOHUE. Can share much on Madden line. Will answer all inquiries. [email protected] Bobby Dobbins Title in Orange, CA

Surnames: FOGARTY
Submitter: Suzanne Fogarty ([email protected])
Date: 16 Apr 1999

I am researching Fogarty's that may have served in the civil war in 1863 Illinois. Especially a John Fogarty. Thank you for any help. Suzanne Fogarty

Submitter: Carole Kress Lyston ([email protected])
Date: 13 Apr 1999

In regards to Henry M. Kress, 57th Regiment Co. 'A'. Does anyone have any family info.? Like did Henry have a relative John A.? Kress from Ill. but served with the 10th Missouri Regement. This is Civil War of course. John is believed to have been born in Prussia 1834-39. Married Helena 1866. He died St. Louis, Mo. 1898. Any info. greatly appreciated and thanks. Carole.

Surnames: TUXHORN
Submitter: Linda ([email protected])
Date: 13 Apr 1999

Searching for Tuxhorns in the 1860 LaSalle county census. I have documented that August & Elizabeth lived there from at least 1856. My great grandfather was born there and at least 1 of his siblings. They were in Peru at that time. In 1870 they show up in Fayette county. Would someone out there have access to an 1860, readable census or have it in print form for your county? I would really appreciate any help you could give. I will exchange a look-up if you need something in my area of St. Louis, Mo. Thank you.

Submitter: Carole Horstmyer ([email protected])
Date: 13 Apr 1999

I am looking for information about Orson MCROY and Sarah KENNEDY(nee:THATCHER).They were married in 1892 in Steater,La Salle Co.,IL. This was a second marriage for both.Orson's first wife was Amy POPE.

Surnames: DEVINE
Submitter: Isabel M. Devine ([email protected])
Date: 13 Apr 1999

James Devine, Sr. I just found out that my great great grandfather,James Devine, Sr. died in LaSalle in 1854. He was a newly arrived immigrant from Ireland, traveling with his family. I need to know how I can obtain a copy of his death certificate and obituary with only the year of his death, no date. I do not know how long the family stayed in LaSalle. They eventually moved to Lost Nation, Iowa. Thanks, Isabel M. Devine

Submitter: Terri Chandler ([email protected],com)
Date: 10 Apr 1999

I am researching my Mackey line and allied families to include Gum, Crum, Donnell, Shepherd, Donnell.

Submitter: Vern Dander ([email protected])
Date: 09 Apr 1999

Researching CANON (CANNON) family. Have info that at least 6 of 12 children of William CANON and Julia MANSILLE (MANWELL)were born in La Salle: Walter Douglas & Ida, 3 Nov 1856; Issac Newton, abt 1850; Henry; Effie & Frank. Family moved to NV and northern CA.Would be interested in exchanging info I have about CA time.Vern Dander

Submitter: Kay Holtz ([email protected])
Date: 07 Apr 1999

MULVIHILL, Wolf (or Wolfe) Peters. We are looking for information on these families . The Mulvihills and Wolfs came to USA from Ireland in 1848, marriage of Ellen Wolfe and Edmund Mulvihill took place in 1854 and they moved on to eastern Iowa. There was also a Patrick Mulvihill who arrived in 1848 and he eventually settled in western Iowa. Were Patrick and Edmund brothers? There was also a Charles and Cornelious Mulvihill. More Brothers? A daughter of Patrick Mulvihill married Thomas Peters in Harrison County, Iowa and then returned to LaSalle County, Illinois. Are there any descendents still in that area? Kay Holtz

Submitter: Melissa Mailander Curristan ([email protected])
Date: 06 Apr 1999

Searching for the descendants of these three brothers: Conrad, William Francis, and Peter MAILANDER. They immigrated to America in 1849 and settled in the communities of Somonauk, Dana, and Peru, respecitively. They came from the village of Neunkirchen in Germany. They were farmers and lived in the community with their children until their deaths in the early 1900s. Many of their children moved to the states of Iowa, Nebraska, and Utah.

Submitter: Kay Holtz ([email protected])
Date: 05 Apr 1999

MULVIHILL: G. Grandfather Edmund Mulvihill settled in LaSalle County, ill. in 1848, and from there went to Calif. in about '52 as part of the Gold Rush. Came back to Ottawa and married Ellen Wolfe there before moving on to Iowa. Is there any way to find out if he had siblings or what his parents' names were. Ditto with Ellen Wolfe. Kay Holtz

Submitter: Kathie Thomas Scott ([email protected])
Date: 05 Apr 1999

I'm looking for information on the family of John Charles Thomas and Hazel Greer Thomas both ofSeneca, IL (both deceased). They had two children, Charles Greer Thomas and Florence Thomas Habegger(both deceased).

Submitter: gary stanford ([email protected])
Date: 03 Apr 1999

carol j.kellet

Submitter: Kathleen A. Groll ([email protected])
Date: 02 Apr 1999

Looking for death date and burial place for Mary Jane Cochran Winnemore, born 1849, Rome N.Y., died approximately 5/3/1893, possibly in LaSalle County, IL. Mary Jane was married in Ottawa in 1868, moved to Morris, IL, Clinton Ia., and then back to Morris. Interested in any information on the Winnemore name.

Submitter: Kathlen A. Groll ([email protected])
Date: 02 Apr 1999

Looking for death date and burial place for Martha Winnemore Baker, died approximately 1897. She was originally from Grundy County, but may have moved to LaSalle County with her husband Ira after her marriage in 1891.

Submitter: Dee ([email protected])
Date: 02 Apr 1999

I am searching for "ANY" info on the family of ISAAC AUGUSTUS SPOONER, born Jan 2 1822, Woodstock Windsor VT To Illinois; m/ Nancy T. SANBORN born August 28 1823 , Illinois;Probably LaSalle CO.They had several children, all born Seneca, LaSalle Co Illinois;William SPOONER, b Nov 25 1849, LaSalleMary SPOONER, b Sep 17 1850,Frank SPOONER, b Oct. 14 1852John T. SPOONER, b Apr 30 1856Perry H. SPOONER, b Apr 30 1858Wellington SPOONER, B July 12 1860Edward L. SPOONER, b, Sep 27 1862.Thank You for any help.Dee

Submitter: Kay Holtz ([email protected])
Date: 01 Apr 1999

We are trying to find out if Edmund MULVHILL, g.grandfather, had other family members with him when he arrived at Ottawa, Illinois in 1848. In the early 1850s he went to California for the Gold Rush, came back and in 1854 Married Ellen Wolfe. We know she had siblings - several of whom settled in eastern Iowa. Edmund and Ellen also settled in ClintonCounty, Iowa. Is there any way to check the census of 1850 to see if there were other Mulvihills there = who his parents were - siblings, etc. Kay In Mississippi

Submitter: Jackie Medill ([email protected])
Date: 31 Mar 1999

I am looking for Fredrikke (Frieda) Rasmussen Sorenson. She was born 1/22/1856 in Denmark. She married John Sorenson in Denmark and they emigrated to the U.S. in 1882. I have found her in the 1900 census for LaSalle County but have been unable to find her death certificate in the LaSalle County vital statistics. John Sorenson died in 1932 in Oglesby, IL and on his death certificate it states that he was a widower. Fredrikke has become and enigma! Thank you.

Submitter: Jeanne Weaver ([email protected])
Date: 31 Mar 1999

FALLON, FARRELLSearching for any clue about JAMES FALLON born ca. 1821 in Ireland, he married BRIDGET FARRELL, who was born ca. 1827 in Ireland. They are listed on the 1850 & 1860 LaSalle Co., IL census, showing 4 children: Mary Ann, born ca. 1848 NY; Elizabeth, born ca. 1854, IL; Peter, born ca. 1858 IL; Andrew, born March 1859 in LaSalle, IL. I have not found this family in 1870, but Bridget and one of her sons are in southern IL in 1880. Does anyone know of this family?

Submitter: Barbara Jenkins ([email protected])
Date: 31 Mar 1999

Mathias Swall married in LaSalle in 1847. I believe he married Mary Elizabeth Haines/Haynes. Mathias is my gggrandfather. Mathias came to US as a child from Prussis, we believe. Looking for any information about the family.

Submitter: Sarah Steel (viemont)
Date: 31 Mar 1999

Mrs Archibald LONG, Miss Addie, Artie LONG,of La Salle co. in Aug 1889, from newspaper write up, they when to Pontiac see Dr. C. H. LONG Mrs Archibald is mother of Dr. Charles H LONG. C.H LONG married Martha VIEMONT of Mackinaw in 1877

Submitter: Tim McKeon ([email protected])
Date: 30 Mar 1999

I'm posting the same information to several counties due to the fact that all these are brothers and sisters to one another and are brothers and sisters to my ancestor Jacob J. Skinner. From what I have seen, many other families from Susquehanna County, PA especially the towns of Harmony and Great Bend settled in the parts of Illinois where my Skinners settled.All were sons and daughters of Jacob Skinner (1778) and Rhoda McDowell (1881). This is an old family, arriving in the U.S around 1650.Lee County; China Twp.Alpheus G. Skinner (1/1817) m. Olive Lewis (1824). They had one son David (1849) as of 1850. Olive's father Levi Lewis and brother Joseph Lewis also lived in China Twp. There were other Lewises and at least one Trowbridge from Susquehanna, County, PA.John Skinner (5/1802) m. Diadema Salisbury (1808). They had in 1850: Hiram (1828), Lydia (1833) and Willard (1841). Willard was born in Pennsylvania and David (Alpheus) was born in Illinois.LaSalle County, Adams Twp.William R. Wells (1810) m. Betsy Skinner (10/1812). They had in 1850: Adolphus (1833), William F. (1835), Elijah (1840), Sally A (1842), ?Female (1844) and Sarah E. (1849). All but Sarah born in Pennsylvania. They had moved to Seneca, KS by 1860. One of the children was chief justice of Kansas.Abraham Skinner (1806) m. Mary Brush (1810). He had 2 boys that were not living with them (not sure if they stayed in PA or came to IL, no names in 1830/40 census). Laura and Eli Kinney were living with them. My guess is Laura is their daughter. Eli Kinney was borni in NY as was Laura.Cook Co., Town of ThorntonJosiah Skinner (1824) was an innkeeper in Thornton, Cook, IL in 1870. He may have came west after the four mentioned above. He married Hannah ? and had in 1870: Fayette (boy) (1849), Ambrosia (1854, in IL), Emert (1862), Bertha (1864), Mary (1867) and Jessie (10/1869). They arrived in IL between 1849 & 1854.Unknowns:David Hall (1800-1810) m. Rhoda M. Skinner (3/1804). They were supposed to have settled near Amboy, Lee County, IL but I can find no census record for them at this time.Benajah A. Skinner (5/1808) m. Deborah Tarkey (1814). They moved to Illinois after 1850. I haven't been able to find them either. Children born in PA as of 1850: Francis (1833), Adaline (1837), Phoebe (1840), Abner (1843), Amelia (1845), Lucinda (1847), James (1848) and Almora (5/1850).Timothy Cannon (1800-1810) m. Phoebe Skinner (9/1810). They had a few children, names unknown. They were also supposed to have moved to Illinois and died there. Again, no records.They seem to have arrived in Illinois, mostly in a group except for Benejah and maybe Josiah sometime between 1844 and 1849. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have extensive information on this line of people back in PA, NY, CT, MA and England back to almost 1600.Tim McKeon

Submitter: Bruce Mackey ([email protected])
Date: 30 Mar 1999

I am trying to locate a diary kept by Reese Morgan of Bruce Township. He came to Illinois in 1833. His diary is in the possession of someone in the Streator area. Although I have read excepts from it over the years, I have never seen the diary itself. The Mackeys and Morgan came to Lasalle County in 1833 from Fayette County, Penn.

Submitter: Ann West ([email protected])
Date: 29 Mar 1999

Though Funk Cemetery does not appear on your look-up list, I'm wondering if you can hook me up to this cemetery. I am looking for gravesite of my gggrandfather, John Toomey (Twomey, Toomie, etc.) immigrated from Ireland about 1854, died about 1855 and is buried in Funk Cemetery in Illinois. Any information is appreciated. I am also sending this query to St.Clair County where another survey reports an existence of a Funk Cemetery. Thank you very much for any help you can give me. If you can direct me to someone who might have access to the tombstones listed in this cemetery, it would be great! Ann West

Submitter: Terence Buckaloo ([email protected])
Date: 28 Mar 1999

Seeking info: James DARBY, b. ca. 1828-35 in Ireland. Md. Mary GLENN, lived Leland, Il in 1870. Mary died before 1880. He had a brother Thomas. Daughter Kathryn B., b. 1875, she later went by DERBY. Daughter Mary Ann md. a CARR.

Submitter: Lloyd Woodward ([email protected])
Date: 28 Mar 1999

I am searching for information about Salem Iler born in Jefferson Co. Ohio on Sept. 15,1805. He married Elizabeth Snelling who was born in Culpeper Co. Va. on Aug. 22,1808. They were married June 29,1836 In Tuscarawas Co. Ohio.They came to LaSalle Co. in 1860 and moved on to Ford Co. Illinois in 1872. Salems parents were William and Elizabeth Waggoner. I belive that Elizabeth had a brother John Snelling born in Culper Co. Va. He and his wife Rebbecca Shaver moved to LaSalle Co.In 1832. They had a son John Henry born in LaSalle Co.Mar.2.1846. He married Frances E. Spradling in LaSalle Co. Sept 15,1872. I would appreciate receiving any information.

Submitter: Larry Bradley ([email protected])
Date: 28 Mar 1999

ZIMMERMAN, BRADLEYI'm looking for any information about Anna Margaret Zimmerman who was born in Peru, Illinois on May 8, 1869, she married Alonzo Bradley in Colorado and later moved to Centerville, Iowa. I would also like any information about Alonzo Bradley's family

Submitter: John M Dooley ([email protected])
Date: 23 Mar 1999

Seeking information on Michael Dooley and wife Mary Walsh Dooley. They lived in Peru in the 1860's. Their son John Michael was born in Peru in 1862. They later moved to Canton, Fulton County, not sure what year. Would appreciate any information or direction that you could provide that would allow my search of Michael and Mary's parents and before. Thanks.John M DooleyDavenport, Iowa319-323-4618 H 383-3711 ext 606 W

Submitter: robert pisaneschi ([email protected])
Date: 22 Mar 1999


Surnames: MORRIS
Submitter: Andrea Elias ([email protected])
Date: 19 Mar 1999

Im looking for my birth mother and I have very little information to go on. I was born on February 12, 1979 in St. Mary's Hospital in Streator IL. I was born at 5:42 pm. If anyone has any information please e-mail me as soon as possible. I would also apprectiate any idea how I can proceed with finding this information.The only other info I have is in a document that mentions Baby Girl Morris.

Surnames: IDE
Submitter: Helen Baldwin ([email protected])
Date: 19 Mar 1999

I am searching for the family of John Ide who lived in Tonica, LaSALLE COUNTY between 1855 and 1860. Any assistance would be most appreciated. Thank you.

Surnames: HESTER
Submitter: Cheryl Latendresse ([email protected])
Date: 17 Mar 1999

I am looking for information on my gggrandparents, John Paul and Amanda Hester who I believe lived in the Streator area in the 1860-70 range. I appreciate any help you can give me. Cheryl

Submitter: Dorothy Parrott ([email protected])
Date: 15 Mar 1999

information on John G. Livingood or John G. Liebenguth or any Finzelberg or Herrmann Finzelberg

Submitter: mary worrall ([email protected])
Date: 14 Mar 1999

looking for Winslow'a & Worrall(ell) in the mid to late 1800's in Earlville, some of the winslow names are;charles, zachery ,louisa ,hattie, bertha(born1885). the only Worrell I am sure of is Belle Worrell. Any help will be deeply appreciated. thank you, Mary worrall

Submitter: Thomas Woods ([email protected])
Date: 13 Mar 1999

Looking for infomation on Thomas L. Woods or Ellen Woods (kelly) from N.Y, / Ireland Thomas born april 1840 Ellen born 1844 Lived in Seneca I Believe they died there also.

Submitter: Dana Miller ([email protected])
Date: 13 Mar 1999

FORBES- Researching family of Thomas FORBES (1808-1894)& Margaret MacLachlen/MacLauren (1817-1894) Both from Scotland. Settled in Ottawa, Illinois and had the following kids: William John(4/15/1840 to 2/4/1897. Died in Wayne Co., Il.) Albert Robert 3/9/1842, Charles Mailor 12/19/1844,Thomas alexander 5/31/1847, Susan Ann 7/12/1849 to9/1849, Harvey Martin 3/31/1851, and George Adams 5/8/1854.

Submitter: Jim Niewold ([email protected])
Date: 13 Mar 1999

I wonder if someone could find a couple obits for me. James McHenry d. 1935. Sorry I don't know more than that other than it was in Dana. Also his wife, Rebecca Martin McHenry d. March 9, 1910 also in Dana. Thank you very much.

Submitter: Austin Clayton ([email protected])
Date: 10 Mar 1999

Interested in learning about Clayton families in LaSalle County early. There was apparently a Caroline Clayton who was born c1833 and somehow related to William F. Reynolds. Thank you in advance for any information.

Submitter: Betty Nance ([email protected])
Date: 09 Mar 1999

I am researching WILLIAM OLIVER HERIOT born in Ogelsby October 12, 1882. His parents were JAMES HERIOT and ELIZABETH (DICKSON) HERIOT. Williamhad a sister, Elizabeth, born probably 1884 (?).JAMES HERIOT was born May 22, 1858 in Jackson, MI.I have no information on Elizabeth. Wm. Oliver Heriot was my grandfather.

Submitter: Charles P. Phillips ([email protected])
Date: 07 Mar 1999

Am researching the BROWN family of Earlville, and in particular ANDREW J. BROWN who married CYNTHIA J. PALMER and had 10 children all born Earlville.The children married in to the KYES, PHILLIPS, & TEMPLE families. Andrew J. Brown had a brother named ALLEN BROWN who married SARAH BURT. Any help appreciated.

Submitter: Marjorie Grebner Welsch ([email protected])
Date: 07 Mar 1999

Looking for information on John Mathew Stephenson born 14 September 1823 in KY or IL and later lived in LaSalle County. He may have married 1st: Sarah ? and 2nd: Elizabeth Wilkins. He was the son of (James) Mathew Stephenson and Delilah Freeman. His brothers and sisters were Laurin Stephenson (died young), Eliza Stephenson Maddox, Amanda Stephenson McLaughlin, Mathew Stephenson, and Henry Stephenson. Older half-sister and half brother was Jane Stephenson McCullough, William Jefferson Stephenson.

Submitter: Mel ([email protected])
Date: 05 Mar 1999

I am looking for information regarding Vet Hogue and Isabelle Northrup Hogue. I believe they were married. Vet could be a nickname. Vet had a store in E. Moline, Rock Island County.Isabelle was a school teacher, and a member of the Women's Christian Temperance Union, she held local offices in E. Moline and in Marseilles. She was principal of Lincoln School in East Marseilles, before it was destroyed by fire.Her parents were Thomas G. and Mary Harris Northrup.If anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated.Thank YouMelanie

Submitter: sheila brockman ([email protected])
Date: 03 Mar 1999

Am searching for information about my great-great grandparents, James and Johanna (BROWN)HARTY. I have very little information. I know they resided in Ransom, IL in the 1860's and beyond, and that they were married in Grundy Co., IL on May 24, 1862. That's were I had hoped to garner their parents' names and their place of births. No such luck. They went on the have five children: Elizabeth(DANIHER), Nell(WEIR), Gertrude(LaPAGE), Ralph, and Johanna(lived in Mission, TX). It is through the Elizabeth DANIHER line that I am derived. If anyone has any ties to these people please help me out! Thanks!

Submitter: sheila brockman ([email protected])
Date: 03 Mar 1999
Am searching for information about my great-great grandparents, James and Johanna (BROWN)HARTY.

Submitter: Taleah Wilkinson ([email protected])
Date: 03 Mar 1999

March 3, 1999Wednesday I'm looking for the family of William and Mary Ann Clark Madden, in LaSalle County, Ill. Their two older girls Sarah (Sally) was born abt. 1845 in Ill., and Jane Waddle born in 1847 in Ill. Don't know about other children Tom born abt. 1855, Tressa Lee, Ann, Maggie,(poss. Maragret), and Charles(Charlie), these children was born between 1860 and 1865, the youngest was born in June of 1865, his obit say he was born in Saline, Mo.; however, don't know if this is right. Jane Waddle Madden married John Porterfield in 1865 in Ill., she told her family that is still living that the family was originally from Ill. Sarah (Sally), married William Jennings, and was in Charition County, Mo. by 1870; her family that is still living doesn't know if they married in Mo., or in Ill. as did her sister Jane. Tressa Lee married a Stephenson but I think the family had moved to Missouri by this time. Ann died when she was about 14 years old, as what I have shows her to be one of the younger children that was born between 1860-1865. Maggie married a Jennings also, that was suppose to be related to William Jennings. Charles moved to Dade County, Missouri in about 1886, he married and raised his family here, his two sisters Jane and Sally also came to Dade County around this time. Tessa Lee stayed in the norhtern part of Mo., around the Charition and Saline County area, raising her family there. When Charles died in October 1936 his obit had the other 3 children that didn't come to Dade County in the following towns, Tessa Lee Stephenson in Snyder, Mo. Tom in Everret, Wash., and Maggie Jennings in Prague, Ok. I have a birthdate and death date on William Madden b. 1802, died in 1882, don't have any dates on Mary Ann Clark Madden, both William and Mary Ann was born in Ohio according to the census records. What I do know about the family is sketchy as it has been handed down by the family. One thing that they all agree about is that the family was suppose to have come to Missouri from Ill. I ask my Grandmother who was the daughter of Charles Albert Madden if it was possible that the two older girls was half sisters to the younger kids, since they was born in 1840's and the others in the 1860's. She didn't think that was, she seemed to think that all of the children had the same two parents.

Submitter: Dixie Robinson ([email protected])
Date: 02 Mar 1999

Any information regarding parents of Thomas Robert Gallagher, born Dec. 25, l851 in Seneca, Ill.

Submitter: Paul Sabourin ([email protected])
Date: 02 Mar 1999

I am looking for the immediate relatives of LORENZO ORR BURNETT. He was a Corporal in the 147 INFANTRY, COMPANY Hmustered on February 8, 1865 mustered out on January 20, 1866. He was born in 1832 - Summit, New York and died in 1911 in Mendotta, Illinois.He was married to Alvina R. Smithon February 10, 1852 Alvina was born on November 1, 1833 in Jefferson, New Yorkand died on February 18, 1909 in Mendotta, Illinois ANY INFORMATION ON LORENZO WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.WE ARE STILL TRYING TO FIND OUT WHO LORENZO'S PARENTS WERE. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Submitter: Gary Hausman ([email protected])
Date: 01 Mar 1999

My greatgrandfather,Christ Hausmann Sr.,and his family came to LaSalle county from Germany at 1865 and lived in LaSalle county until 1871 when they moved to Carroll county, Iowa. Any information about the Hausmann's or Mendota or Troy Grove during this time period would be greatly appreciated. They were Catholic and my great-greatgrandmother, Catherine,died and was buried near the Catholic church near Troy Grove.

Submitter: scherer ([email protected])
Date: 01 Mar 1999

1840 through 1870 Charles M. Carpenter married Adelia E. Norris. This is all I have, so any info would help. Thank you, JJ

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