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Queries 1999 Feb

Submitter: Chris Knight ([email protected])
Date: 28 Feb 1999

Looking for info on location/date of death of Serrill ALGER, brother of Lyman ALGER, husband of Martha KNIGHT. Serrill ALGER was born Mar. 16, 1805 in NY. Martha KNIGHT was born Feb. 15, 1815 in NY. It is interesting to note that the ALGER siblings followed each other, and Serrill's brother, Lyman was in La Salle County for a year (1835-36), perhaps as a stopping point. A portion of a Biography for Lyman says "In 1835, emigrated to La Salle Co., Ill., and put up the first house in what was known as Four-Mile Grove." Does anyone know where this is? Are there any records nearby for the surname ALGER or KNIGHT?It is possible that Serrill and Martha lived here until Serrill's death (ca. 1839), while Lyman continued on to Clinton County, IA in 1836. Later, Lyman ALGER married Martha KNIGHT, Serrill's widow.Any info would be very much appreciated. TIA.Chris Knight

Surnames: CORCORAN
Submitter: jennifer carroll ([email protected])
Date: 26 Feb 1999

Looking for John Corcoran, wife Julia, children: Francis,Cecelia, Winifred, who lived in La Salle, La Salle, Illinois in1900.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Submitter: Janet(Farley)Moss ([email protected])
Date: 26 Feb 1999

Searching Isabel Patterson Adair b. 1802 KY d. 1865believe her will probated LaSalle Co ILL. Daughterof Moses Patterson & Isabella Harper, married John Adair

Submitter: Forest Field ([email protected])
Date: 24 Feb 1999

Looking for the parents of David Branson BAKER. I believe that he was born May1853 in Rockingham Co VA and was married to Ella DECKER in Streator IL abt. 1879. He died in Newton IL 28Aug1918.

Submitter: Marge W. Sullivan ([email protected])
Date: 23 Feb 1999

Looking for Joseph or Jozef Michalski, Marija Kujawski, Walentyna Michalski, 1875 or earlier.May have been parishoners of St. Hyacinths Church. Any leads or information greatly appreciated.

Submitter: Patti Dillingham ([email protected])
Date: 22 Feb 1999

I am looking for the Family of Wesley Bailey marriedto Mary GAW. They had one son that we know of born DEC 13,1884in Streator,Ill LaSalle County Archie Leroy Bailey . I have lots of informationon Archie after he married but nothing else. If anyone knows this familyplease contact me.

Submitter: Michael O'Halloran ([email protected])
Date: 21 Feb 1999

Richard O'Halloran is my grandfather. I think he came from LaSalle. I want to find out about my grandfather, Richard O'Haloran. I believe he was born in LaSalle. He Married Mary Carney and they moved to Sring Valley IL. He married Mary Carney of Spring Valley. Their son - John O'Halloran - was my father.Their son was my father - John O'Halloran of Spring Valley. How do I find out about Richard O'Halloran and his family?

Submitter: Robert J Redman ([email protected])
Date: 20 Feb 1999

I'am researching the Redman's, I read about some Redman's that moved to LaSalle Co. with a preacher by the name of Jacob Gruber,any info would be appreciated.Robert J Redman

Submitter: Nancy Ohda ([email protected])
Date: 20 Feb 1999

Can anyone tell me where Lakeview Cemetery is located? I believe William King Gay is buried there. Also, in the 1880 census he is listed as working at the mill. Can you tell me what mill that is - he was living in Eden Township - Tonica.His Mother-in-law, my great great grandmother, Vienna Moulton was also living in the household - William King Gay was married to her daughter, Vienna (Moulton) Gay

Submitter: Mona Sawyer Hill ([email protected])
Date: 20 Feb 1999
URL: Bergeson,Stockland

Bergeson, Ole d.04/22/02 orginally from Norway>La Salle. Wife Agusta Stockland. Farmed near Baker, Ill. What relation to Lars Bergeson if any? Ole is my great-grandfather. Ole's daughters' married names: Sawyer, Hanson, Nelson, and Knudson

Surnames: CLARK
Submitter: Paul Frost ([email protected])
Date: 20 Feb 1999

Seek information on JOHN CLARK who was buried 29March 1893 in Block 26, Lot 6 of Riverview Cemetery in Streator. His age was listed as 84and he was buried by Howland Funeral Home.

Surnames: COBLEIGH
Submitter: cobleigh ([email protected])
Date: 17 Feb 1999

cobleigh history

Submitter: Elmer Dickson ([email protected])
Date: 16 Feb 1999

Looking for information on the descendents of George and Eliza (Brayton) Gurr. They had seven children, Anna, Viola, Ella, Josephine, Maude, Stephen, and Mayme. Anna Gurr married Joseph Hallstine. Viola Gurr married Theodore Springer. Ella Gurr married Burt Beardsley. They had two sons, Charles and Floyd. Josephine Gurr married Richard Sauer. They had three children, Leigh A., Sheldon J, and Viola F. I do not know when Anna, Ella, and Viola were born but their sister, Josephine, was born in 1866. Would like to contact anyone working on these lines.

Submitter: Vicki WATSON SOPHER ([email protected])
Date: 16 Feb 1999

My grandfather, John Carroll WATSON moved to Streator, IL from Hillsdale, IN. His farm in the Wabash river bottom flooded three years in a row and he lost everything. He came to Streator with his family and one or two brothers to work at the brickyard. I believe this was around 1924. I am looking for a census record and death certificate to. His wife was Susan Lola BIRD WATSON

Surnames: BITTERLY
Submitter: Kimberly Hart ([email protected])
Date: 15 Feb 1999

Looking for information on the Mary Bitterly who is listed with James Meagher in the 1917 Farmer's directory.

Submitter: john kilbourn ephgrave ([email protected])
Date: 15 Feb 1999

I am actively seeking info on my grandfather, Francis Asbury Kilbourn who was born in Ottawa, Illinois on March 16, 1881. His father's name was Elbrich Kilbourn. Any info about these two persons can be sent to me by email at [email protected] or John K. Ephgrave--3943 Glouster--Crete Illinois 60417.

Submitter: Syl Baker ([email protected])
Date: 14 Feb 1999

Seeking information on Michael Edward Down and Mary Jane O'Brien who were from Clare Co Irelandand moved to the Foosland, Tonica area and later Griswold, IL. They were the parents of MargaretDowns,(Mrs. James McNamara) Mary Downs Mrs. DennisBrennan, Patrick W. who married Nellie Summers,Elizabeth Mrs. John Brosnahan and Charles HomerDowns. The family worked for the Illinois CentralRR for many years. Any info would be most appreciated.Syl

Surnames: GORDON
Submitter: LLOYD M KELLEY ([email protected])
Date: 12 Feb 1999

I would like information on Samuel Gordon,b Feb 1837 Pa. Died 30 Jan 1912 Deer Park,Lasalle Co.,Illinois. Md. Susan McDowell. Would like the nameof his parents, and where he was born. He may bethe brother of my Great Grandmother Sarah JaneGordon Roach. She was born and died in Washington, Co., Pa. Thank you.

Submitter: Jim Mullany ([email protected])
Date: 12 Feb 1999

I am researching a line of O'Donnells who lived in Ottawa and Dayton, La Salle County beginning in the late 1840's. I find them first in the U. S. Census of 1850 and the patriarch of the family appears to be one James O'Donnell, 70 years of age in 1850 who is listed as being in a house in Ottawa with sons Thomas (34 yrs), James (18), and perhaps a daughter Alice Mary (25 yrs). Other children of the patriarch (James) were John, Catherine, William, Edmund (offspring: Edwin, James, Alice, Katie, and two unknown children), and Michael (priest?) In nearby Dayton, I find my gg-grandfather, Patrick Mullany (40 yrs) and his wife Catherine O'Donnell Mullany (37) who apparently lived in the area until 1865 when they moved to Black Hawk County, Iowa. Patrick and Catherine are in the same house as, I believe, another son of James O'Donnell bu the name of William and his wife Johanna who I think had the maiden name of Keating but am not entirely sure. A Honora Keating (54 yrs.) is also in the house with them, perhaps Johanna's mother. Johanna's father may have been Patrick Keating (from other sources). My other family records indicate that William O'Donnell's children were James, John, Michael, William, Frank (b. 1887?), Nora, Nellie and Mary (Mary is said to have married a Mitchell, perhaps M. P. Mitchell of Marseilles, Illinois??).Just checking to see if these names are familiar to anyone researching O'Donnells in the La Salle County area of Illinois.

Submitter: Taleah Wilkinson ([email protected])
Date: 11 Feb 1999

Feb. 11, 1999 I am searching for info. on my Great Grandmother and her family, Ethel Rose Carter was born Nov. 26, 18881, in Grand Ridge, LaSalle County, Ill., her parents were Charles and Elizabeth Tole Carter, she was married to John Rabbitt on May 3, 1903 at Ottawa, LaSalle County, Ill. John Rabbitt was born July 22, 1881 in Ill., his parents was father unknown but born in N.Y, mother was Ellen Duffy born in Ill. Ethel Rose Carter and John Rabbit was still on Ill. in Nov. of 1905, as there daughter Rose Leone was born Nov. 26, 1905 in Idaway, Ill. according to records in Iowa where the family later ended up. Ethel Rose and John Rabbitt had one son that was older than my Grandmother Rose Leone, J. Carter was b. April 17, 1904 also in Illinois; then the family moved to Iowa some time before 1910. Ethel Rose Carter Rabbitt, according to her obit. was one of 7 children born to Charles and Elizabeth Tole Carter, she was suppose to have been the youngest child, I know that she had at least one brother Earl who was abt. 11 years older than her making him born in abt. 1870, he would not have passed away until after May of 1961, as he made the trip to Mo. for my Grandfather Wilkinson's funeral. Thank You Taleah Wilkinson

Submitter: Deborah Crain ([email protected])
Date: 11 Feb 1999

looking for these names in La Salle County:PainterRootSpringerLong

Submitter: Mel Smith ([email protected])
Date: 10 Feb 1999

Hogue and CorrieI'm searching for parents and siblings of Frank Wesley Hogue and James M. Corrie.Frank was b. 1869, married Marietta Henderson in 1897, d. 1953. They had 8 children, who mostly resided in LaSalle county.James married Lila Hogue, he died about 1941. They had about 11 children. I believe they lived in Illinois, and then the two of them moved to california.Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.I will be forwarding some obits. to be posted on the LaSalle web page in the near future for anyone researching this line.Mel Smith

Submitter: Janet Morence ([email protected])
Date: 09 Feb 1999

Looking for info on my great grandfather, Xavier Wachowski, who came to the city of LaSalle circa 1875. He married Marianna Kossak on 23 Jan 1883 and Eva Kossak on 10 March 1887 at St. Hyacinth. His half sisters were Marianna Jaroch (m. Jan Kubus)Catherine Wachowski(m.Frank Jakobiak) and a sister, Frances Wachowski(m. Joseph Jakobiak). All were in LaSalle along with Catherine's mother, Marianna nee Sicionek Wachowski. Appreciate any info and have info to share. Thank You.

Submitter: Janet Morence ([email protected])
Date: 09 Feb 1999

Looking for info on my great grandfather & his family, who were in the City of LaSalle circa 1875. His name was Xavier Wachowski and he married Marianna Kossak 23 Jan 1883 and Eva Kossak on 10 March 1887 at St. Hyacinth. His half sisters were Marianna (m. John Kubus); Frances (m. Joseph Jakobiak); Catherine (m.Frank Jakobiak). All were in LSalle. Appreciate any info and have info to share. Thank you.

Submitter: Janet Morence ([email protected])
Date: 09 Feb 1999

Great grandparents were Walenty & Rozalia nee Konczak Kossak aka Kozak. Rozalia and her 2nd husband Paul Charapata and her four children, Anton, Eve, Marianna and I think Cecilia were in LaSalle City circa 1875. Vincent Konczak was a witness to Marianna's wedding at St. Hyacinth. How is he related? Is there anyone who can tell me more about the Konczak/ Kossak families. Have info to share. Thank You.

Surnames: SINSEL
Submitter: Sharon Welch ([email protected])
Date: 08 Feb 1999

I am looking for the family of Henry SINSEL and "Ms. Reinhardt" who settled in the Putnam and LaSalle County areas of Illinois c1850's.Children of Henry and Ms. Reinhardt include Henry c1815, Matthew c1820, Reinhart 24 Feb 1827, and Frederick c1830, all born in Germany.Henry and Matthew can be found in LaSalle Co., IL federal census in both 1860 and 1870. Their children were born there as early as 1846.Reinhart immigrated to Granville, Putnam Co., IL in 1857. Frederick is also found in Putnam Co., IL in federal census.Any information on any of these families would be greatly appreciated.

Surnames: NEARY
Submitter: Jacob E. Neary ([email protected])
Date: 07 Feb 1999

neary, james

Submitter: John Lewis ([email protected])
Date: 07 Feb 1999

Looking for descendants of:John PHILLIPS who died in Streator about 1940 aged 75 years.He was a son of Louis Phillips, born in Pentyrch, S Wales on Feb. 22 1865 andemigrated to USA about 1890. Married at Porth, Wales on Feb. 12 1887, wife'sname unknown. She was still alive at time of his death.Died at West Grant Street, funeral service conducted at Elias Funeral Home byRev. Arthur S Phelps, pastor of the Congregational Church. Buried in RiverviewCemetary.Children were Mrs Anna McDONALD, Arthur, Edward, Fred, Louis and Lester Phillipsall living in Streator at time of death (Fred, Louis and Lester in West GrantStreet) and Mrs Elizabeth BETTS of Shepherd, Mich. Also eight grandchildren andone gt-grandchild.In addition to Mrs Betts other people attending the funeral from a distance wereMr & Mrs Joseph Halford, Mr & Mrs Fred Hudon, Chicago; Mrs Warren Pool, Kankakeeand Mr & Mrs James Nobel, Terre Haute,Ind. Had two brothers and three sisters living in Wales. He was a coal miner and a member of Edina Lodge No. 391, I.O.O.F.I know who played the organ, who sang two selections, who was responsible forthe flowers and the names of the pallbearers but nothing else about JohnPhillips or how he fits into my LEWIS/HOPKINS family tree except that newspapercuttings giving the above information was given to me with the Hopkins familybible.

Submitter: Joni Vella ([email protected])
Date: 07 Feb 1999

I am researching the Schwarzenbach family. Andrew Schwarzenbach Sr. and hiswife Caroline Stoplar. They lived in LaSalle County until 1869 when theymoved to Cass County, Iowa. At least two of their children were born inLaSalle County--Andrew Jr. in 1864 and Charles in 1867. Other children wereAnna, Mary, William and Fred. I do know Fred was born in Cass County, Iowa.Any info. on when they came to LaSalle County, exactly where they lived,.and when they were married and childrens birthdates would help. I wouldlove to share the info. I have which mostly pertains to Andrew Jr.

Submitter: Gloria Irrgang ([email protected])
Date: 07 Feb 1999

I would like information regarding Nicholas Irrgang,Johanna Irrgang, and Eda Irrgang who died at age 19.Especially, I would like information regarding Nicholas, when he died (abt 1899 or 1900), and if there areany old records listing his parents names.I have a complete history of Nicholas and Johanna Irrgang'soffspring, and up to 4 generations beyond, done in bothMyTree and Family Tree Maker. I have no idea howto send it. They lived in Streator, Ill., and wereearly members of St. Paul's Lutheran Church there.They had homes on Monroe St. in Streator.I see no surname, "Irrgang" listed.

Submitter: Laurie Reisher Jessen ([email protected])
Date: 06 Feb 1999

I'm looking for Sarah Faughender and her son Delmar Reisher (from Cumberland Co. PA) who lived in Illinois for ten years - most likely in the 1870's or 80's.

Submitter: Jeannie Cooke ([email protected])
Date: 06 Feb 1999

re: KOCH/COOKE - I am looking for information on William Anthony Cooke, b: Feb 10, 1910 in Mendota, Illinois (birthplace according to my father). Son of John Jacob Koch and Sara McCarthy. Sara is the daughter of Maureen Dolan. I have also been told that William had siblings which stayed in the US midwest while he emigrated to Canada between 1910 and 1930. Any information would be welcome as this is all I have so far.

Surnames: BRADY
Submitter: Ramona Rodriguez ([email protected])
Date: 04 Feb 1999

BRADY, Phillip - looking for info on P. Brady, drowned May 1860 at age 32. Listed as laborer and born in Ireland. Was he brother to Patrick and Peter and son to Elizabeth.

Submitter: Norman Rufing ([email protected])
Date: 03 Feb 1999

Searching for information on Reuben McNett, who is in the 1860 Census living in Northville, La Salle County, Illinois. Believed to have been born in New York, June 16, 1815. Married Priscilla Hale, who was born in Pa. August 14, 1830. At least four of their children were born in the Northville area, Alexander, David, Abraham, and Jessie. Any information on Reuben's parents would be appreciated.

Submitter: Dee Schnell ([email protected])
Date: 02 Feb 1999

We are looking for a marriage record for our ggrandparents, Gottlieb Steinke, b 12.28.1854 in Posen Provence, Germany and Auguste Dumke Steinke, b 5.10.1850 in Posen. Supposedly, they were married 1.1.1876 in LaSalle County. He was a working on a farm there for 2-3 years. She may have been a maid. Any information would be appreciated.

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