LaSalle County

Queries 1997 Jan-Jun

Deb Umbdenstock Wed Jan 15, 1997
I am looking for any information about Daniel PINE. He was born in 1787and died in 1896, and lived in Paw Paw, Il. I am also looking for information about his wife Lucy ALLEN. She was born June 1794 and died in 1872. She is supposedly related to Ethan ALLEN even though I have not made a direct connection. They had a daughter Lucy PINE who I have no information about except she married Sylvester CARTER of LaSalle Co. Any information on any of the above would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Deb

John Lybarger Fri Jan 31, 1997
I am seeking information from any descendants of LYBARGER, LYBERGER, LYBYER or any other spelling variation. I am producing a book which will list known descendants of twelve generations. My current database has 2783 different surnames and over 12000 persons of which over 6700 are Lybarger descendants. My web page is at
Paul Pettit Wed Feb 5 20:10:03 1997

Looking for information on family of John WILLIAMS and Cordelia HONEYCUTT. John was probably born about 1820 and possibly died before 1880. Cordelia is found in Schuyler County w/ children and grandson. Children living wither her were born between 1863 and 1870 in Illinois, unknown location. Family is not in Schuyler county in 1870. Family associated with families of Daniel and Mary WOODS SMALL and John and Mary RUBY whose families were in Sangamon County in 1850, apparently went to Missouri and returned to possibly Indiana and Illinois by 1880. The bulk of these families went back to MO after 1880, then Kansas and then Northwest Territory about 1905.

Helene Hamm Thu Feb 13, 1997
Interested in any information on the descendants of Jermeiah STRAWN, (1796-1883), and his wife, Hannah BOUCHER (1799-1874). They were married in Somerset Co., PA in 1815, and shortly after, moved to Perry Co., OH. In 1815, they moved to Bureau Co., IL, where they remained until about 1853 when they moved to Ottawa, LaSalle Co.,IL. They were the parents of ten children. Have information to share on this family.

Pat Lassonde Fri Feb 14 20:54:14 1997
Researching for information on surname WHEELER. John Thomas and Thirsa WHEELER. Thier son James Wesley WHEELER m. Fannie Alice DRUIN Oct. 16, 1909 in LaRue Co., KY. They had three children Virgil Allen b. 3-11-1909 Buffalo, LaRue Co., KY., Ruby Pearl b. 9-7-1912 Marion Co., KY. and David Green b. 1-24-1916 Hodginsville, LaRue Co., KY. They came to IL. Feb. 1916 to McClean Co to the Downs - Soloman area. Some time after 1929 (mail with Address RR 2 Bloomington dated Dec. 2, 1929) they moved to DeWitt Co. Anyone with any information please email me. Thank you,

Dan Le Grand Wed Feb 19 10:09:57 1997
My great grandfather Ole WELAND joined HENSHAW'S Independant Battery that was our of LaSalle County. Does anyone know of any books written about Captain Henshaw?

isobel taylor Tue Feb 18 10:40:29 1997
I am looking for the Tucker Cemetery which may be in Peoria Co. or Knox Co. It is described in a notation from( Protrait & Biographical Album, Knox Co. Ill) regarding John KING, it says he died after arriving in Peoria Co and was buried near Spoon River. He was later moved to the Tucker Cemetery. I would appreciate any information. Thank you.

Al Kissane Wed Feb 19 23:16:47 1997
looking for ancsetors of Robert BUCHWALD /Mary RUSS Peter SOKOLOWSKI /Belbena SMENT Thomas Buchwald(1883-2/19/23 LaSalle)/ Mary Sokolowski (01/05/1892 LaSalle- 12/01/1940 Ogelsby (she was housekeeper for Priests at a Catholic Church) Clarence Thomas Buchwald (12/29/1920 Ogelsby-5/12/1989 Denver,CO) 1st Communion Sacred Heart Church 6/18/1933 Pearl Buchwald (01/08/1919-09/09/1977)

Nancy Golden Thu Feb 20 09:48:07 1997
Need more information on Ellis T. WHITE B. 1842 Chenango co., NY, moved to IL after Civil War. During CW, he was in the 28th Wisconsin "Waukesha Minutemen." Married in WI, Desire Lodema KUNEY, dau of Jacob Kuney and Amanda Louisa SLAYTON. Lived in La Salle county. Died 1915.

Richard L. Jaroski Jr. Thu Feb 20 17:42:35 1997
My great grandmother was supposedly born 8 dec 1870 in LaSalle, IL. which I would say would be LaSalle County. Her Parents were Michael and Josephine (Josie) JEZEWIAK, They all sometime moved to DuBois , Washington County, IL. She married my great grandfather Steve JAROSZEWSKA (JAROSKI). Her name was Victoria. She had 3 brothers and 1 sister. 1 brother was named Andrew Jezewiak. Does anyone have any knowledge of this family or access in LaSalle to a place that would.

Gary Burkart Fri Feb 21 17:56:46 1997
I am trying to find records on my TROMPETER relatives that came from near Cologne, Germany in the 1850's to LaSalle County and in particular the Peru and Mendota areas. I am looking for any information on Henry Trompeter (b. 1801) and his children who are believed to be Peter Trompeter, John Peter Trompeter, Joseph Trompeter, William Trompeter, Catherine Trompeter, and others. These families were accompanied by various SCHUETZ and WINTERSCHEIDT and MASCHING families. Any information would be most appreciated.

Peggy Bullard Sat Feb 22 16:22:29 1997
Looking for any info on the Joseph EVANS family w. Sarah ? both born in Vermont according to the 1860 census of Dayton Ill. they had these children. Almira b. oct.6 1826 Charlotta b. feb 12 1828 LaFayette B May 1830 Mary b. June 13 1833 Emily b. feb 20 1835 George .b.oct 3 1838 William b. June 1 1840 Lewis b. oct 8 1842 George Married Celinda LINSDAY on Oct 19 1861 in Dayton I believe that Sarah and Joesph both died in LaSalle county. would love to find Sarahs maiden name. I also have a lot of old pictures of all of these children and love to share

Deloris Naughton Tue Feb 25 22:02:54 1997
Surnames: WINKLER/KOCH Looking for information/relatives of Mary Elizabeth WINKLER NAUGHTON, b. 1858 in Grand Rapids Township, LaSalle Co., IL - d. 16 Dec. 1912 and was buried in Ransom, IL. She was married 19 Feb. 1878 to John NAUGHTON in Brookfield, LaSalle Co. Her parents were Gottlab Fred WINKLER and Elizabeth KOCH WINKLER. Would appreciate any information on the Koch/Winkler families. Thanks much, Dee Naughton

Harry Dolder Wed Feb 26 19:59:59 1997
Looking for naturalization info on Joseph Gabriel ULRICH, married Josephine DONDANVILLE 25 Jan, 1873 in Somonauk, IL, at St. John the Baptist Church. I am actually looking for his father. His death certificate was attested by his son and I do not trust the info.

Mike Maher Thu Feb 27 19:24:14 1997
Interested in any information about a Nicholas REITER from Mendota, IL. His daughter Lena married an Adam JACOBS and moved to Avoca, IA. Adam and Lena were my maternal grandparents. I would appreciate any information that may be available and any sources to follow-up and check any leads that may develop.

Jerry Ellis Thu Feb 27 18:59:33 1997
Am interested in information on the John QUINN-Mary SULLIVAN family and any information on Margaret MATTHEWS who married William J. Quinn, a son of John and Mary. She was the daughter of Frank Matthews and Catherine ROCK. John Quinn and Mary emigrated from County Clare, Ireland and lived in New York for a period before going to LaSalle County where they raised their family

Lon Mason Sat Mar 1 16:35:12 1997
I am researching the family of Edward FISCHER and Marie MACHENDANTZ from Ottawa, LaSalle Co, Illinois. They are my great-great-great grandparents. Edward was born abt 1830 in Germany. Marie was born March 1832 in Germany. Marie came to the US in 1867 with her children. Edward was already here. Their children were: (1) George H. P. FISCHER, born 23 May 1854 in Saxony, Germany, died 16 May 1920 in Ottawa, married Elisabeth FAULSTICH 12 May 1881 in Ottawa; (2) Elisabeth "Elise" FISCHER (my great-great grandmother) born 14 Sep 1855 in Vacha, Germany, died 14 Jan 1950 in Los Angeles, CA, married John MARTIN 25 Apr 1878 in Ottawa; (3) Bertha FISCHER born Oct 1860 in Vacha, Germany, married Samuel T JACOBS 1 Jan 1885 in Ottawa; (4) Friedrich L "Fred" FISCHER born 20 Aug 1863 in Saxony, Germany, died 11 Sep 1936 in Chicago, married Louise Pauline HAEBERLIN 20 Jan 1886 in Ottawa; (5) Ernest O FISCHER born 1865 in Germany, married Janie E SHIELDS 29 Apr 1890 in Ottawa; (6) Carl W FISCHER born 1865 in Germany died before 1911 in Illinois; (7) Andreas "Andrew" FISCHER born Jan 1868 in Germany married Minnie ? ; (8) Pauline FISCHER born Apr 1973 in Illinois; (9) Eda Fischer married ? MILLER. I would like to correspond with relatives of any of the above mentioned people.

Mike Maher Thu Feb 27 19:24:14 1997
Interested in any information about a Nicholas REITER from Mendota, IL. His daughter Lena married an Adam JACOBS and moved to Avoca, IA. Adam and Lena were my maternal grandparents. I would appreciate any information that may be available and any sources to follow-up and check any leads that may develop.

Cora Graves Hoff Sun Mar 2 09:51:56 1997
Looking for information on Rensselaer SMITH, b: March 12, 1801 NY moved to Bradford County, PA about 1812 and moved to Northville Township, LaSalle County about 1847 - 1849. Rensselaer died Feb. 16, 1888 and is buried in Pine Mound Cemetery, Northville Township. Rensselaer and Maria ___ had 9 children all born in PA. He married (2) Lovina ____ they had 4 children 3 born in PA and Elias b: 1849 in Northville. Any information would be appreciate. I will share all information I have.

Cora Graves Hoff Sun Mar 2 10:02:36 1997
COOK, Joseph (John) W. COOK, b: 1832 ME, died Aug. 19, 1872 LaSalle County, burried Pine Mound Cemetery, Northville Township. Married: Harriet Maria SMITH b: Feb. 21,1832 Windham Township, Bradford County, PA. Died Nov. 29, 1898 in LaSalle County. Children: Louisa COOK, Lorena A. COOK, b: Sept. 07, 1858 in Mendota Township, Rosa A. COOK b: Dec. 04, 1861 d: March 12,1899 in LaSalle County, Buried in Pine Mound Cemetery and 2 unkown children. Per Lorena's obiturary she moved to Sandwich Township as a child. Any informaiton on this family would be appreciate. I will share all information I have. GRAVES, Elijah/Elisha, b: Aug. 01, 1816 NY D: Nov. 22, 1885 Sandwich Township, he is buried in Pine Mound Cemetery. Married: Martha Ann ROGERS b: June 07, 1837 Lockport, Niagara, NY d: Feb. 16,1875. children: Clark E. GRAVES b: Dec. 07, 1856 Northville Township d: March 21, 1919 married: Lorena A. Cook. Betsey GRAVES b: Sept.12,1858 d: Feb. 25, 1865 LaSalle County, Mary GRAVES b: Sept. 12, 1858 d: March 22, 1886 LaSalle County, George L. GRAVES b: Dec. 22,1860 d: Feb. 13, 1865 LaSalle County, Margaret Lillian GRAVES b: Feb. 09,1866 in Little Rock, married: William A. EDINBURN d: March 21, 1953. Any information will be appreciated. I will share all information I have. GRAVES, Fanny b: Nov. 1819 NY d: Jan. 25, 1856 in Northville Township, she is buried in Pine Mound Cemetery.. Looking for information to find out if she was married to Elijah/Elisha GRAVES or are they brother and sister. Tombstone says: Fanny daughter of Joseph. Per the 1850 census of McDonough Township, Chenango County NY they were living in the same house. Fanny is buried next to Elijah/Elisha. Any help in solving this mystery would be appreciated.

Lowell Lueck Sun Mar 2 20:46:43 1997
I'm looking for ancestors named LUECK, LICK, SAATMANN, SAUTMAN. These are variations of the surnames of my grandparents who lived in LaSalle and Livingston counties from around 1873 to early 1880s.

Sandy Elias Tue Mar 4 22:14:12 1997
Joe LITTLEFAIR born in Wales, England, lived in Marseilles, Illinois. Married to Fannie TAYLOR (7 or 8 Children including John Ben Littlefair and Dorothy Littlefair)

Thomas B. Sherman Wed Mar 5 17:12:27 1997
Need help researching ALLEN in La Salle Co. IL Horace William ALLEN, born 12 Feb 1825, NY; died 30 Oct 1906, Marseilles, IL. Believe his parents were Willaim Allen and Lucy BROWN. Can this be confirmed? Also believe might be related to Gen. Nathan Allen?

Mary McKenzie Thu Mar 6 12:29:46 1997
Looking for death date and any other info for John FITZGERALD (somewhere between 1851 and 1855). He was married to Ellen FALVEY and they had 7 children. When John F. died, Ellen married John NOONAN. What year did they marry? They lived in Waltham for awhile after the marriage then ultimately moved to Livingston Co. Appreciate any info on any of the above.

Louise Belsby Tue Feb 11 23:57:08 1997
Seeking information on Simon BACH and his wife Anastasia BENZ who lived in Mendota, IL from about 1869 to 1884. Seeking information on their children: Joseph Bach, Maria Bach REITER, John Heinrich Bach, Jacob Simon Bach, Anna Marie Bach ACHATZ, Theodore Bach, Mathias Bach and Bernhard (Ben) Bach. Another child, Peter Bach was listed in the census 1870 census but gone in 1880. Would like to share information on this family.

Donna Holland Wed Feb 12 19:07:21 1997
Would like to exchange information with descendants of William McCormick BROKAW and Annas J. BANDY Brokaw. They m'd 1873 in Edgar Co., IL and moved to LaSalle Co., IL. They had daughter, Ora Brokaw who m'd Donald A. RADLE. Annas died 1891 and it is believed William married a second time and had a step-son in this marriage. Need further information on this second marriage and would like to exchange info with any descendants of William and Annas

Harry Dolder Thu Feb 13 08:42:57 1997
I am searching for Elizabeth DOLDER b. 7 Jan 1852 in Alsace, came to LaSalle Co with her family in 1868, settled in Sheridan. Married a man by name SCHEPPLER, not sure where or when. Any info will help, i.e. marriage, naturalization, census. Thanks...Harry.

Etienne A. Brunet Thu Feb 13 11:35:39 1997
Seeking information/descendants of Alfred BRUNETT/BURNETT who lived LaSalle Co 1880. Wife named Alphe, from Scotland; had at least 3 children: Charles, Mary & Grace. Grace married Oliver ROBINETTE of LaSalle County, son of O.P. Robinette. Alfred is my great-uncle & would like to know any info/survivors/etc. Will share what I have found. Reply to [email protected]

Helene Hamm Thu Feb 13 21:28:44 1997
Interested in any information on the descendants of Jeremiah STRAWN, (1796-1883), and his wife, Hannah BOUCHER (1799-1874). They were married in Somerset Co., PA in 1815, and shortly after, moved to Perry Co., OH. In 1815, they moved to Bureau Co., IL, where they remained until about 1853 when they moved to Ottawa, LaSalle Co.,IL. They were the parents of ten children. Have information to share on this family.

Ed Connelly Fri Feb 14 16:07:06 1997
Can you tell me what kind of development was going on in Dayton Ill or Ottawa Ill in the early 1850's and what river is it that flows through the towns Was there major railroad development at that time? Thank you

Kris Jacobs Sat Feb 15 18:02:15 1997
I am researching George William HAMILTON born in Northumberland Co., England, 1 Jan 1854. He married Hanneh Elinor CLASPER. George and Hannah emigrated to Streator, Ill. in 1887. They had 9 children: William; George; Henry (H.C.); John Oliver; Peter; Alexaner; Septmus; Walter Reeves; and Hannah H. Sons George and William stayed in Illinois/Indiana. I am interested in hearing from anyone researching these Hamiltons. I have additional information on all except for son William. Septum, Walter, and Hannah were born in Streator between 1887 and 1898.

Donna Holland Wed Feb 12 19:07:21 1997
Would like to exchange information with descendants of William McCormick BROKAW and Annas J. BANDY BROKAW. They m'd 1873 in Edgar Co., IL and moved to LaSalle Co., IL. They had daughter, Ora Brokaw who m'd Donald A. RADLE. Annas died 1891 and it is believed William married a second time and had a step-son in this marriage. Need further information on this second marriage and would like to exchange info with any descendants of William and Annas

Celine Latimer Sun Feb 16 20:50:20 1997
Looking for parentage of Lewis A. LATIMER who came to La Salle cnty. about 1843./ Family members have been doing this for 9 years. He died near Essex, on the big four , whatever that is in a daughters home 2 Feb.1902. He lived in Ottawa and was born about 1805. Came from New York. His sister Catherine Latimer married J. B. KNICKERBOCKER who also lived in the same county. I see in your surname index there is a Latimer 367. I believe his father was Ebenezeer LATIMER and can't really prove it. If you can be of any assistance please let me know. Thanks, Celine LATIMER

David Randall Fri Feb 7 21:34:05 1997
Look for grandfather's cousin, Anna May DALES. Anna, born May 27, 1907, at Tonica, La Salle County, Illinois. Her parents were John Henry and Ann May (KAISER) Dales. Anna married Don MCCRAY, June 21, 1941, at Chicago. Don was born June 17, 1901. He was a photographer with Hayo McFarland Company in Chicago. Don and Anna had two children: Patrick Dale McCray (b.1943), and Nancy June McCray (b.1946). Anna was as Wilmette in 1955. Would like to learn more about Anna. Does anyone know of this family? Would like to learn more about grandfather's cousin, Lorena Marie DALES. Lorena was born December 11, 1898, at Tonica, La Salle County, Illinois. Her parents were John Henry and Ann May (Kaiser) Dales. Lorena married A. Diehl MERS, March 21, 1917. He was the owner of two motion picture theaters in Ottawa, La Salle County. Diehl died September 20, 1940. Lorena married second, Harry MARTIN, July 8, 1946, at Fargo (state unknown). Lorena was in Ottawa in 1955. Does anybody know what became of her? Does anybody know of her husbands?

Paul Glassmaker Fri Mar 7 00:20:08 1997
I am searching for information on my LaSalle County LANE family roots. I am a descendent of Asher LANE (1781-1859) and his wife, Elizabeth (1790-1853). They lived in Ottowa. Any information on this family would be appreciated and helpful.

Richard L. Jaroski Sun Mar 9 12:35:53 1997
I am looking for some information in LaSalle. I am trying to find the birth of my GreatGrandmother there. Her name was Victoria JEZEWIAK (JEZEWAK). She was born in LaSalle , Illinois on 8 December 1870. Her father was Michael Jezewiak (Jezewak). Her mothers name may have been Josephine. Does anyone in your area have any info on her or easy access to such info. I would greatly appreciate it. I may be reached at [email protected] Im located in Virginia Beach, VA.

Deborah Crain Tue Mar 11 19:55:27 1997
Joseph H. PAINTER, born about 1850,La Salle Co., married Alma ROOT, also born about 1850, in "Miss", 1872 in La Salle Co. need to find Joseph's death date and place of death. need to find Alma's parents.

Millie Alexander Wed Mar 12 10:42:13 1997
MILLIKIN, ? from Ireland, parents of Minerva Millikin SMITH. I have a photo of the Millikins taken in Ottawa, IL (La Salle County)with no date. Minerva Millikin Smith went to Rockford, IL,Winnebago Co. and had children: George W. Smith, Girard Smith, Sam Smith, Virginia (Jennie) Smith and perhaps more children. Their births run from 1857-1865 or so. Any information would be appreciated.

Ron Tucker Thu Mar 13 13:33:30 1997
Is there a Waukegan city or Waukegan township in La Salle county? I have a death record reading died at Waukegan, La Salle county. thanks

Bill Bojanowski Thu Mar 13 21:43:26 1997
I am looking for any information on the KIMES family of Streator and Ottowa. Also the RYAN family of Streator. I am especially interested in Sylvester & Christiana KIMES, who moved to the area in about 1870 and died before 1916. Also James and Elizabeth RYAN. Any assistance is welcome. Thank you.

Linda Goodell Fri Mar 14 18:31:53 1997
My ancestor, Mathew DIMOND aka DIAMOND, born ca 1794 in PA, was in LaSalle Co. from ca 1836 through 1848. He originated out of Huntingdon Co., PA. He had a brothers: Daniel, James and Andrew. Did Daniel come to Illinois? Mathew's son Mathew Thornburg Dimond married Lydia MORGAN, b 1822 PA, daughter of Wm and Nancy Reese Morgan of LaSalle Co. Who was Samuel COX who Mathew Dimond signed bond for his 3 daughters in LaSalle Co? Mathew and Phoebe Dimond raised one of the Cox girls, Melvina Cox. Was Phoebe related to Samuel Cox? I would like to hear from anyone interested in the Dimond aka Diamond, Morgan, Cox, and related lines.

Sheila Larson Sat Mar 15 23:05:43 1997
Researching the HEAVENHILL/HAVENHILL surname of Kendall and LaSalle County, Illinois. Will exchange information.

Dennis Butterfield Sun Mar 16 11:43:05 1997
Request any information on Augustus David BUTTERFIELD and his wife Sally Ann ( ROOD ) BUTTERFIELD. Augustus was born April 1st, 1802 in Jefferson County, New York and died September 15, 1887 in La Salle County, Rutland, Ill. and Sally Ann Rood was born October 5th, 1822 in Corinth, Saratoga, New York and died November 7, 1870 in La Salle County, Rutland, Ill. They had eight children: 1. Phiranda A. Butterfield B. October 19, 1840 in La Salle County, Ill. 2. Julia C. Butterfield B. August 2, 1843 in La Salle County, Ill. 3. Orville Murray Butterfield B. May 22, 1846 in La Salle County, Ill. 4. Leavitt Merton Butterfield B. June 23, 1849 in La Salle County, Ill. 5. George F. Butterfield B. September 19, 1852 in La Salle County, Ill. 6. Charles W. Butterfield B. November 16, 1854 in La Salle County, Ill. 7. Susan A. Butterfield B. September 28, 1856 in La Salle County, Ill. 8. Walter A. Butterfield B. May 31, 1858 in La Salle County, Ill. There was one other son born to Augustus Butterfield by a previous marriage. His name was David E. Butterfield who was born May 20, 1831 in Jefferson County, New York Any information on any of the above people, such as obituaries, marriages, spouses and their children would be greatly appreciated.

Jo Ann Selleck Mon Mar 17 14:17:53 1997
I am interested in information about William SELLECK, born in Minonk, IL June 1, 1857 to Ira Selleck & Hannah (MAIN) Selleck. Siblings James, Priscilla and David were also born at Minonk. Did they reside in La Salle, Woodford, Livingston, or Marshall county? Ira left the state and Hannah Sharp Main remained in Illinois to raise her family. Where was she buried? Any information would be appreciated!

Robert A. Griffin Mon Mar 17 09:51:06 1997
Researching the families of William Addison GRIFFIN and Josiah HERLOCKER of McDonough County

Lois Troxell Mon Mar 17 13:01:08 1997
ALDRICH, John, born abt 1858. He married Sara Minerva WARREN. I believe his father was Charles ALDRICH born abt 1836 in New Hampshire. I am trying to find the ancestors of Charles Aldrich. Thank-you

Sherron Logan Tue Mar 18 16:31:04 1997
; Does anyone have information about Irwin B. RANDLE and his wife Susan WARNOCK? They lived in Madison Co. in the mid 1800's, and were the parents of four children, Nellie, Harry, Anna, and Issac I have considerable information on earlier members of the Randle family, but very little on these two, who are my g=g=grandparents. Any help would be much appreciated.

Ralph Wurster Tue Mar 18 12:18:06 1997
Any information on Michael BOYLE or his wife Margaret KEROIN. They belonged to St.Patricks Catholic Church in LaSalle. Known that one son John James Boyle, b. 18 Jan 1880 is on the Baptismal Register. From the 1880 Soundex, Michael Boyle, age 35, and Margaret, age 34, (both born in Ireland) lived on Marquetti St. in LaSalle with three children Patrick age 7, Mary age 3, John age 5 months.

Kay Diers Thu Mar 20 06:51:06 1997
Searching for HARTFIEL surname in La Salle Co. IL. Gottfried and Augusta (SOMMERFELT) Hartfiel brought his family from Posen, Germany to the U. S. A. in March of 1881. A daughter, Emma Charlotte was born in June '81 in Peru, IL. Other children were: Ottilie (b. 1875 in Posen, Germany), Herman (b. 1879) and 7 more children were born in La Salle Co. Anna, Julius, Augusta, Fred, Frieda, Molly and unnamed infant. Anna, Julius, Ottilie, Frieda and the baby infant died in La Salle Co. They attended St. John Lutheran Church, now known as Trinity Lutheran Church of Christ in La Salle, IL. Gottfried did work on tall chimneys in La Salle, IL. Will exchange Hartfiel info with anyone. In 1898, they moved to Douglas Co. MN.

Ron Lugowski Fri Mar 21 13:25:34 1997
Looking for information about Leo LUGOWSKI, my grandfather, who with his family sons Anthony ( my father), John, & Joe and Daughters Julie & Nellie lived in the La Salle Oglesby Area I believe he was the first mayor of Oglesby ???. Do know that he is buried in a cemetery in the town

Garland Edgell Sat Mar 22 19:43:31 1997
Looking for information on burial of Donald EDGELL who died in Mendota in 1918. Donald was the child of Hayes and Lillian Edgell who lived in Mendota ca. 1910 - 1920.

Tony Hennessy Mon Mar 24 06:41:23 1997
Information sought on Catherine PHELAN/WHELAN who was born 25th June 1903 in Waterford, Ireland, the daughter of Malachy Whelan and Catherine MURPHY. Following the untimely death of her mother in 1904 Catherine was sent to relatives in Chicago. She may have been 3-6 at this time. Catherine (or Kitty as she was known as a child) later married a Mr SWANSON? If anyone could shed some light on the present whereabouts of Catherine or her offspring or supply any details which may lead to a reunion it would be appreciated beyond measure. My address is 17 St Joseph's Road Stoneybatter Dublin 7 Ireland. Thanking you kindly in advance.

Marjorie M. Matzen Mon Mar 24 13:01:36 1997
I goofed and e-mailed the coordinator. I am looking for information on the DICK family, Harry and Mary. I know that one of their sons Jasper was born there in 1867 before they moved on to Champaign Co. Thank you. Marjorie.

Toni Finley Thu Mar 27 22:01:09 1997
Looking for marriage records of my dad, Vincent James TRAPINI, dob 9/25/22, died 10/83, ssn 341-12-3078. He was married twice in Ottawa: in 1945 to a local girl named Mary, and in 1946-48 to girl from OK named Ramona KELTON (my mother). His sister believes one of the marriages took place in February. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Glenn Naylor Sun Mar 30 21:00:10 1997
Frank G. NAYLOR, Frank Naylor Jr, Fred Naylor, Eliza BROWN Naylor.

Jan Williams Mon Mar 31 14:19:39 1997
Looking for descendants of John MARKS and Mary MILLER. They were from the Illinois town Streator. John and Mary were probably born around the 1850's. Only confirmed information regarding their children is one daughter, Rose MARKS (b. 1884) who married Joseph C. MOORE, who was living in the Chicago area. Rose and Joe died in the 1950's in Florida. We just learned of our relationship to Rose MARKS this weekend and have very little to go on. Any info on any of these folks would be most appreciated. Jan Williams

Andrea Pyrz Lavender Mon Mar 31 09:58:28 1997
PYRZ and FIGAS: Seeking immigration, naturalization info for Jacob Pyrz and Valentine Figas. I know they came to America sometime during the late 1800's and/or early 1900's. They settled in LaSalle and Peru in LaSalle County, Illinois. Valentine Figas owned a large parcel of land which now is part of Centennial Park in Peru. He had 11 children. One of his daughters(Angela Rose Figas)married Martin Pyrz, son of Jacob Pyrz. They lived at 1536 Sobieski Street in LaSalle.

Patti Adley Bryan Mon Mar 31 10:36:50 1997
"ADLEY" I am doing research of the Adley name. I know they are French and that they were located in the areas that LaSalle settled forts. St. Baptist Estavan Adley, 1776, native of Mobile, Alabama. I cannot find who his family was. Someone suggested I try your area because of the LaSalle connection.

Bruce Hannon Tue Apr 1 15:55:01 1997
Trying to find Ellen Nell (ne: PRICE) HANNON (b.1783, Ireland). Listed in the Census of Illinois in 1865 as living with one of her children in Peru, age 75. Her husband Brian Hannon died in LaSalle from typhus in 1848. He was likely buried in the old Catholic Cemetery there. The graves were moved to St. Vincent's Cemetery in the 1930's and I understand there was a notice to the public of all these graves that were either to be abandoned or move. No record in St. Vincent's of either of them. Question: I wish to find the public notice of the reburials. When about was this done and what was the name of the likely paper this list would have appeared in? Thanks, Bruce Hannon

Robert Denningg Wed Apr 2 21:08:15 1997
Like to know if there is any information in your files about my Great, Great Grandfather John DENNING who was married to a Rebecca LITTLE. He was a miner, and a preacher according to one source. I know some of his children were born in Sreator. Thank you!

Westwood, Carmen Thu Apr 3 16:50:53 1997
I am seeking information on George Thomas WESTWOOD. He lived in Streator IL. and ran a grocery store there. His two eldest children were born there, Cora WESTWOOD b. 1893 and Alvin b. 189?. Thomas WESTWOOD was George's father. I would like any info dates, etc that will assist me to locate my heritage.

Kevin Brown Thu Apr 3 18:07:46 1997
I am looking for any information on Joseph K. MCKINLEY and/or his wife Nellie O'BRIEN. They were married in Ottawa on June 11, 1883. His parents were Abner McKinley and Mary KENNY, and he was born in Pittsburgh, Penn. on Sept. 15, 1853. I can find no earlier references to either him or his parents! Nelle O'Brien's parents were David O'Brien and Bridget CLAUSSEY (?) and she was born in Joliet in 1862. I can find no further reference to David O'Brien, but I believe that Bridget is listed as a widow living in Ottawa in the 1880 Census. I would appreciate any help on these people.

Jill Mason Fri Apr 4 18:44:40 1997
I am looking for my Grandfather Vivian Earl BALL. He was living in Rutland in 1912 when my mother, Elinor Margaret BALL was born. Vivian, who went by Earl was first married to Margaret DAVIDSON (my grandmother) and then he re-married and had other children, one who's name is Barbara (later on, Barbara VOLK) I would greatly appreciate any information.

Pat Wofford Sat Apr 5 18:06:19 1997
A Samuel A. PREISLAR lived there in 1880 with Jenny Preislar They died in Cook County and buried in La Salle Co, His son Samuel E Preislar was my grandfather. They are buried in Summit View cemetery. I believe they had a another son George. Could you help me.

Nancy Augustine Sun Apr 6 11:26:29 1997
I am looking for information on my great grandfather who lived in Mendota in the 1860 - 1870 era. Would like information on number of children, names and where they moved to. Thank you for any information that you might have on Christian WALTER.

Amy Mardlin Sun Apr 6 13:32:36 1997
Searching for any family of my Birth mother born on 16 August 29, in Ottawa. Her maiden name is Mary Ann WELLS. She married a Wilbert DUNCAN on 28 Feb. 53 in Chicago. My birth name is Susan Louise. Any info as to her current whereabouts would be greatly appreciated. thank-you

Jerry Ellis Wed Apr 9 10:39:52 1997
Am interested in exchanging information on the John QUINN family who emigrated from Ireland to New York, then to LaSalle county, Illinois. John was born about 1815 in County Clare. His wife was Mary SULLIVAN who was born about 1822. Their oldest children were born in Ireland. The children were Ellen, Margaret, Mary Ann, William Joseph, James, John, and Daniel. William Joseph married Margaret MATTHEWS and moved to Texas about 1876.

Roger Dugan Sat Apr 12 12:33:48 1997
Am looking for information on any descendants of a John W. DUGAN b. 1849, Zanesville, Ohio. Listed in obituaries of both parents as living in LaSalle, Ill. This would be in the time period of at least 1895- 1905.

Laken, Joe Mon Apr 14 19:26:01 1997
I just heard from my grandfather, Joe LAKEN, that our family name used to be "LAKAN". He used to visit Ottawa, Ill during the prohibition years. He said the family name was changed to Laken and this was a point of discrepancy with other Lakans. I want to find out more of the history of the Laken and Lakan families. My family is from Joliet originally and is now spread out.

Dale Dunlap Tue Apr 15 23:18:57 1997
Looking for John VARNER who was married to Mattie MOORE. They lived in Sherdian or Ottawa. May have been in Kendal or La Salle Counties. Also, looking for Lydia CORSAW (DECORSAW or De Corsaw) who is Mattie's mother. Lydia lived in La Salle and Kendall Counties; also, Gratiot, Lafayette County, Wisconsin. Lydia was buried in La Salle County. She was married in Exter, Green County, Wisconsin, to Chauncey Moore. Do you have any information concerning these people? Looking for Sylvester SMITH who lived in La Salle or Joe Davies County. He may have been a twin; but had a brother by the name of Cornilus or something like that. Sylvester was a medical student in 1890 - 1892, possibly in Chicago. He left medical school and moved to the Panhandle area of Texas. Don't think he died in Texas could have returned to the La Salle/Joe Davies County area. Could possibly died in Gratiot, Lafayette County, Wisconsin. Do you have any information concerning Sylvester?

Nancy Bernzen Tue Apr 15 07:14:44 1997
Looking for any information on MCNETT/MCNITT surname. All leads seem to be dead ends. Looking for anything on Daniel McNett, who moved to LaSalle County, Ill, in 1830's. He was from the New York area (maybe even stopped in Ohio). Anything will be greatly appreciated.

Charles Dirst Wed Apr 16 06:40:48 1997
Looking for information about the death of Martha JOHNSON, wife of Christopher Q. Johnson, who I believe died in childbirth in late 1870's or early 1880's. Not sure where but probably LaSalle County. Martha was born "Anne Marte KALLEVIG" 23 July, 1841 at Avaldsnes, Norway. May have been known as Martha Hill.

Sharon Sifuentes Wed Apr 16 09:23:46 1997
I am looking for my grandfather and his family. My grandfather and his siblings were born in La Salle Co. My great -grandfather was born in Pennsylvania but lived in Ill. My great-grandmother was born in NY. The surname is BRUNDAGE. My grandfather was Levi (Lee) Lawrence. His father Was Abraham J. (A. J.) Brundage. His mother was Mary Ellen CUNNINGHAM. Siblings names, John, Lester, Emira, Arthur, Frank, Mary and Helen .

Joseph Sample Fri Apr 25 15:15:22 1997
I have the SAMPLE Roots back to the year 1750. A lot of it came from Ottawa Illinois, which is in "The Sloopers" book by J. Hart ROSDAIL. The line <Tx><Ca><Il><Oh><W. Virginia>< Va> 1750 is where it began with Nathaniel SAMPLE who was killed in the Revolutionary War.

Eddie Schimelpfening Tue Apr 29 14:48:42 1997
Wilhelm SCHIMMELPFENNING moved to Peru, Il from New Braunfels, Tx about 1860. He was born 21 Feb 1826 in Germany. His wife was Marie MILLER born 22 May 1834. Last known info. received by relatives was in 1867. Need any info about this family for family history.

Millie Alexander Tue Apr 29 16:00:34 1997
SMITH, Josiah & Minerva MILLIKIN - possibly married in La Salle Co, Rutland area. Minerva's parents were Samuel and Rebecca Millikin. I need information on Josiah and they then moved to Rockford, Ill, Winnebago Co where the children were born.

Stephen E. Osman Fri May 2 18:43:31 1997
Patrick BUCKLEY, resident of Ottawa in 1850s, sergeant in 11th Ill. 1861, captain in 53rd Ill. 1862-64, died while home on leave 1864. His teenage son James in the same unit. James' half brother Daniel Buckley also a soldier, unit unknown. Need any info on these men. Patrick served in the 4th U. S. Seminole and Mexican War, and is shown as age 60 in 1860 census. Buried in Ottawa. Was he really in his 60s as a Civil War soldier? An intriguing story to be discovered. Hope you can help! Thanks.

fred Hickman Sat May 3 15:39:09 1997
I am currently looking for information on Bonnie Sue HARTSEL lived in or around Peru, LaSalle in 1967. Any information would be appreciated.

Nancy Wickstrom Sat May 3 17:42:49 1997
Im looking for information On my grandfathers Birth-he was born July 14,1886 in Illinois

Maggie Zimmerman Sun May 4 11:43:22 1997
Bob Jordan, I recently requested some information on Silas CHEEVER. You sent me some information that I received yesterday, from the Ottawa Avenue Cemetery but on Phoebe STRAWN b. Sept 15, 1826 and d. Dec 9, 1889. This death date cannot be correct according to all the information that I have. Could you please recheck? Thanks. Maggie

mailto:[email protected] May 6 14:04:30 1997
Searching for Addis LYNN (LINN) and his wife Frances CLARK. They appear on the 1860 LaSalle Co. Census, with a son Luke age 1 year. I am descended from their daughter Emma Ruth, born 28 Oct. 1860. Addis Lynn was born in PA, Frances Clark in Ill. Other children include Dolly, Carrie and Marie. Would be grateful for any clues.

Wendell Hill Tue May 6 09:58:03 1997
I am seeking information about my great grand mother and father and my grandmother and father. The only information I have about my great grand parents is my great grandmother was born in England February 12, 1828 and came to the United States in 1844. My grandmother, Ellen Elizabeth NASH was born near St. Charles, Illinois, June 19, 1860. She married Charles W. HILL who was born in Ophir Township, Illinois. in Mendota, Illinois September 28, 1976. They moved to Nortonville in Eastern Kansas circa 1880. My father, Oscar J. Hill, was born in Nortonville, Kansas June 28, 1887. I can remember a great aunt Mary, grand mother's sister visiting us before I was a teenager. There were several of the Nash family living in Atchison, Kansas, where I was raised, including second and third cousins.

Kay Martin Fri May 9 23:03:15 1997
I am looking for any VAN NAMEE's in LaSalle Co., IL. My GrGr Grandmother, Helen VAN NAMEE, married James Jefferson "Jeff" WHITE there on 18 Dec 1855. She had four children then disappeared. I would love to know what happened to her! Thanks! Kay Martin

mitch trier Mon May 12 16:00:56 1997
I am looking for information on Patrick SHORTELL b. 24 Oct 1867 in LaSalle IL or other Shortell relatives

Laura Taylor Fri May 9 12:25:00 1997
Looking for information on Ida Alice CANNON, born in LaSalle Co. Nov. 3, 1856. I believe that her parents were Julia and James. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

Allen Gray Mon May 12 08:20:40 1997
Seeking information regarding James KELLY and Lewis KELLY -- both living at Rutland, LaSalle County, Illinois in October 1920. They were brothers of Sarah Jane Elizabeth KELLY who was married to Robert M. GRAY of Marshall County, Illinois and to Anna or Emma KELLY who was married to Samuel GRAY, also of Marshall Co., Illinois

joe sample Tue May 13 13:59:41 1997
My Gdad Warren Joseph SAMPLE was born in Ottawa, LaSalle County Sept 14, 1878, died Jan 30, 1956 Fort Worth Texas. My gdad Jeremiah Allen Sample was born Xenia, Ohio 1841- died 1922 Ottawa Illinois. My gggdad Levi R. Sample born 1810 Washington. Died 1895 Xenia Ohio My ggggdad Sample Sample born 1781 died 1854 West Virginia. My ggggg dad Nathaniel Sample was born 1750 Stafford County Virginia, died 1836 Hampshire County W. Virginia. Jeremiah Sample was a volunteer in Company H. 11 Regiment of Illinois.....Trying to complete my records.

Jeannie Josephson Sun May 18 15:03:59 1997
Russell RATHBONE d. Sept 6, 1857 at Ottawa, LaSalle County, Ill. His spouse was Lucy Ann NESTLEY. Together they had 13 children. Russell was b. at Rhode Island. Since Lucy died in Pittsburgh, PA. in 1854 and Russell d. 3 yrs later in a different state I suspect at least one of their 13 children resided there and perhaps Russell lived with them till his death. (?)I have a great deal of information to exchange with others researching this line as well as collateral lines. My connection to this family line is through Russell and Lucy's first born child Luch Ann (RATHBONE) DICKENS. Having had Thirteen children I should luck out and latch onto at least one descendant! :-) Look forward to hearing from you and good luck in your research. Jeannie Josephson [email protected] NOTE: Error in Query. Typo re: name of first child born to Russell RATHBONE and Lucy Ann NESTLEY....spelling error "Luch" Ann (RATHBONE) DICKENS. Should be: "Lucy" Ann (RATHBONE) DICKENS. Thank you.

Linda Sun May 18 16:33:23 1997
ORR, BAKER, KAUFFMAN/COFFMAN. Looking for data on William ORR bca: 1824/26 Scotland married 16 Jan 1856 Ottawa, La Salle Co., Ill to Malinda BAKER (b: March 1832 Ohio). William ORR's mother was possibly Jane ORR b: 1790 Scotland. Malinda BAKER's mother was Hannah ( ? ) BAKER b ca: 1805 Canada. William & Malinda (Baker) ORR had 4 children: Mary ORR b: Aug 1861 Waltham, Ill m: Mr. KAUFFMAN/COFFMAN; Julia ORR bca: 1859 m: Dr. SLOAN; Jessie ORR bca: 1857 La Salle Co., Ill m: Henry ROCHELLE; and Ella/Ellen ORR bca: 1864 La Salle Co., Ill.

Linda Sun May 18 16:41:33 1997
KAUFFMAN/COFFMAN, ORR, FREISHEIMER Who is W. H. KAUFFMAN b ca: 1859 Ind. living in Ottawa in 1880 census at the Clifton Hotel? Is he the KAUFFMAN who married Mary Louise ORR (B: Aug 1861) and the father of Helen KAUFFMAN b: Sept 1884 m: Benjamin OGG; and Jessie Alice KAUFFMAN b: April 1891 m: Chester Elmer BARRY?

steve Sun May 18 21:48:30 1997
Need any information regarding a 1890 - 1892 medical student by the name of Sylvester SMITH from Jo Daviess County, Illinois. He was friends with Jefferson and Theo TRUE, the George MOORE Family and the George SUTTON Family. Sylvester was engaged to Liddie Elizabeth "Lizzie" Moore. Sylvester may have attended medical college in the Jo Daviess - Tri State area. Sylvester Smith was a twin and his brother's name was Cornelious. He had another brother by the name of John. Sylvester Smith left medical college and moved to the State of Texas. He was involved in business in the Texas/Oklahoma Panhandle area. Looking for death notices or obituary or newspaper records concerning his whereabouts and where he is buried. Probably in the Illinois/Wisconsin (Jo Daviess ) area and in the mid 1940's.

Sandy Dunavan Thu May 22 07:54:16 1997
Researching the GOLDEN family of Lostant & Hope Twp. in LaSalle Co. and adjacent portions of Putnam Co. John F. Golden, b. abt. 1858 in Magnolia, Putnam Co., married Minnie ELLIS abt. 1890, d. abt. 1935. Any descendants out there? John's parents were William GOLDEN and Octava DELPHA, b. in OH. Would love to talk to anyone with info. on any of these people. Thanks, Sandy

Scott K. Williams Fri May 23 23:17:16 1997
I am researching my relative, Col. Theophilus Lyle DICKEY (b. 2 Oct 1811, Paris, Kentucky, died 22 July 1885 Atlantic City, New Jersey) He was the son of Rev. James Henry Dickey (1780-1856) and Mary DEPEW. Rev. Dickey was the son of Robert Dickey and Margaret HILLHOUSE. Col. Dickey was a longtime resident of Ottawa, La Salle Co., Ill. He commanded the 4th Illinois Cavalry during the Civil War. Later he served as a Judge on the Illinois Supreme Court. I am compiling information on his life, wartime experiences, and I am searching for a photo that may exist. Also would like to hear from any descendants.

Ginger Daniels Fri May 23 01:55:01 1997
Seeking information on the DEMMICK family. Husband's great grandmother Emily Demmick was born in LaSalle County, Illinois Sep 5, 1848. Family moved to Iowa when she was a young girl. Brothers or cousins are Clarence Demmick born in LaSalle County April 28, 1853 and Joseph Demmick who married Polly or Dolly JENKINS March 28, 1874. Clarrence Demmick had four children born in LaSalle County: Charley born in 1873, Ella born in 1877, Emma born in 1879, and John Demmick in 1884. Emily Demmick married Lemuel DANIELS in Butler County, Iowa. They had five children born in Butler County, Iowa and five children born in Decatur County, Kansas. Family moved to Oklahoma Territory in 1896. Emily died in Gage, OK Nov 23, 1934. Any information would be appreciated.

RUTH GOTTENBOS Fri May 23 12:07:48 1997
Marriage records for James H. WALTER to Lucretia C. PLACE on 12-25-1867

Klayton Hayes Sun May 25 00:04:00 1997
George Raymond HAYES, b: June 9, 1880 d: May 5, 1958 buried in Ottawa Illinois

Cindy Sun May 25 22:43:02 1997
I am looking for information about the BISCHOFF family. My grandmother's name was Elizabeth Louise SCHMERHEIM [maybe misspelled] Bischoff. She was from Ottawa, Il. She married my grandfather Robert Fredrick Bischoff. I am looking for any information about either's family. My grandmother was called Betty and her parents name was Gladys ERICKSON and Joesph Fredrick[?] Schmerheim. My grandparents moved to Ga. around 1950 or so. any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Sunny Dean Tue May 27 19:43:25 1997
Is anyone one related to Prince Owne MORRIS his daughter Elizabeth married a MERRITT boy and went west to Idaho?

Larry Tue May 27 22:56:38 1997
I am searching for descendants of John MEYER and Lena STEIN who were married in Peru in 1870. Had daughter Amelia in 1873 and Lizzie 1875. Then moved to Livingston county where John died in 1912 and Lena died in about 1881.

Ginger Daniels Fri May 23 01:55:01 1997
Seeking information on the DEMMICK family. Husband's great grandmother Emily Demmick was born in LaSalle County, Illinois Sep 5, 1848. Family moved to Iowa when she was a young girl. Brothers or cousins are Clarence Demmick born in LaSalle County April 28, 1853 and Joseph Demmick who married Polly or Dolly Jenkins March 28, 1874. Clarrence Demmick had four children born in LaSalle County: Charley born in 1873, Ella born in 1877, Emma born in 1879, and John Demmick in 1884. Emily Demmick married Lemuel Daniels in Butler County, Iowa. They had five children born in Butler County, Iowa and five children born in Decatur County, Kansas. Family moved to Oklahoma Territory in 1896. Emily died in Gage, OK Nov 23, 1934. Any information would be appreciated.

Kathy Hall Sat May 31 18:53:43 1997
Lars LARSON/ Sarah STEINERDATTER I am looking for information on Lars Larson (b. abt 1832 Stavanger area, Norway) and Sarah Steinerdatter Paulson (b 6-24-1835 Sveio, Norway). They were married 5-10-1859 in Newark, Ill. They are listed in the 1860 Census Mission Township, LaSalle County. They had 2 children Lewis and Clara. Lars enlisted in the Civil War and died 1862. I have his service records. I am looking for information on his ancestors, where in Norway he emigrated from, the year he emigrated etc. I am also interested in Sarah's sisters who emigrated from Sveio, Norway with her. Their names are Inger, Gundvor, and Martha. They emigrated to the United States in 1857 with their father Stener. They joined a brother Paul who had emigrated in 1856. I have information on Sarah's ancestors. Will exchange information. Any help will be kindly appreciated. Tak!

Andrea Pyrz Lavender Sun Jun 1 10:54:57 1997
Request to have e-mail address changed on my posted inquery. The one currently entered is no longer being used. New e-mail address is: [email protected] Hopefully this change will facilitate and generate some responses to the query I submitted in March of 1997. The posted e-mail address is wrong...and I hope I may now begin receiving some responses. Thanks for your help.

Norman D. Brust Sun Jun 1 14:35:18 1997
I would be especially interested in knowing the birth place of Edgar BRUST and Margaret CUMMINGS Brust. Also, it would be helpful to know of their parents and where they were married, born, etc.

Larry Majercin Wed Jun 4 01:52:03 1997
Searching for the following people: Michael MAJERCIN, Andrew MAJERCHIN, Michael KACMAR, Anna KACMERAK (KACZMERAK), John KACMAR (changed name to CUSHMAN), Ralph WARGO (VARGO), Andrew SVETZ (SWETZ). They are all from Streator, immigrating in the area c. 1880-1910. My grandfather, Michael Majercin married Emilia Kacmar in 1913 in Streator. They moved to Danville, IL in Vermilion CO. later. I thank you in advance for any information.

Jane Pitkin Wed Jun 4 15:23:49 1997
Seeking other descendants/researchers of Andrew K. ANDERSON, who was born, 1832 in Norway and married Inger ORMSDOTTER in LaSalle Co, IL on July 5, 1857. Their daughter, Anna, was born in LaSalle in 1864... Thank you!

Gerald Neal Davis Thu Jun 5 13:39:58 1997
I'm seeking info on my mothers side of my family. Her maiden name is Emaline EURICH. Her fathers name is John Eurich. We are from Streator Il. If anyone can help me please e-mail.

Patrick Clark Sat Jun 7 11:13:17 1997
CAIN - LaSalle Co, Ill, 1850-1980. Thomas Cain b.1819 Ireland d.1897 Philo, Champaign Co, Ill m.1855 LaSalle Co? Bridget FINN b.1827 Ireland d.1895 Champaign Co, Ill res. Richland Township, LaSalle Co, Ill(1850-1878), Colfax Twn, Champaign Co, Ill (1878-d) ch. Austin, James Thomas, Thomas, Mary Ann, Patrick Henry, Sarah Agnes. Need all information on ancestors and decedents. CAVANAUGH-LaSalle Co,Ill,1840-on. Terrence Cavanaugh b.1801 Ireland d. after 1883 Ottawa, LaSalle Co, Ill m. before 1838 Ann _______ b.1813 Ireland d.? Ottawa, LaSalle Co, Ill. res. Ottawa, LaSalle Co ,Ill (1840-d). Ch. Peter, Mary, Catherine, Julia, Ellen, Elizabeth, Terrence. Need all information on ancestors and descendants. CAIN-LaSalle Co, Champaign Co ,Ill,1845-1870. Peter Cain b.?Ireland d.1868 Champaign Co, Ill m.1865 Julia Cavanaugh b.1848 Ottawa Twn, LaSalle Co, Ill d.1930 Ivesdale, Champaign Co, Ill res. LaSalle Co, Ill (1845-1867),Champaign Co, Ill (1867-1868) ch. Mary Ellen. Need all information on ancestors and descendants. CARROLL -LaSalle Co, Champaign Co, Ill (1845-1890). Benard Carroll b.?Ireland d. after 1889 Colfax Twn, Champaign Co, Ill m. circa 1857 Margaret Downing b.1809 Ireland d.1901 Champaign Co, Ill. res. LaSalle Co, Ill (1840- 1860),Champaign Co, Ill (1860-1946) ch. Mary b.1858 LaSalle Co, Ill. Need all information regarding ancestors and descendants.

Tracy Reinhardt Sun Jun 8 10:34:20 1997
Betsey BRAFORD VANTASSEL , wife of Robert, died in LaSalle Co. Ill bet 1850-1860. No clue to specific location. Need help to search. Thanks

Candace King Mon Jun 9 19:51:48 1997
MCGOUGH or BOWMAN: Looking for information about ancestor Philip McGough, owned land in LaSalle County 1868 and his wife, Sarah Jane Bowman, who were married in Illinois December 11, 1853. Any info? Children were apparently born in Winona Illinois: Ellen Nora, Henry Wilson, etc.

Michael Evans Mon Jun 9 20:23:22 1997
I am seeking any info on my great-great grand parents (maternal) J. H. GARRISON and Mary PERT. They were married in Mendotta on August 15, 1860. They had three kids; Althena (my great grand mother), Nettie M, George. J. H. was born in New York in 1840 and Mary was born in England in 1844. JH is supposed to be related to William Lloyd Garrison (the abolitionist). On November 28,1878 Althena married Martin LARSON in Mendotta. They had three kids; Pearl, Lester (my grandfather), Gordon. Lester was born in Mendotta I have his birth certificate. I believe Gordon and /or Pearl settled in Auroa? I am sixty miles north of NYC.

jesse day Mon Jun 9 21:27:18 1997
Any information on Aaron R. DAY, LaSalle county, also William Aaron Day, LaSalle, Lawrence and Crawford counties. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Julie Andersen Wed Jun 11 13:42:16 1997
I am looking for any information on Milford E WEBB or Alice ROACH WEBB. They are my Great Grandparents. Any information would be helpful

Dan H. Devaney III Thu Jun 12 17:45:21 1997
Looking for data on the Samuel G. MOORE family, 1860/70 census records. First wife passed abt 1867 or so. In 1860 census children still living at home were James 21, John 18, William 16, Milton 12, Margaret 26, and Mary 24. Margaret B. MOORE may have married John W. SWAN. Two other boys went to California. Samuel died in Tonica 12 June 1882 and is buried in Brookside Cemetery. If you have any information please contact me.

Marla Timmons Sun Jun 15 19:15:48 1997
Looking for information on a DOVIN family: Andrew DOVIN and wife Juliana KISSACK DOVIN. They had 11 children: Jewel, Mary, Anna, Mildred (b. 29 Oct 1899 or 1900), Frank, Margaret, Joe, Emma, Caroline, George, and Albert. Andrew DOVIN was supposedly killed in coal mining accident: Cherry Coal Mine Disaster. Resided in LaSalle or Livingston County in 1900. Any Info appreciated. Please email [email protected]

Patrick Barton Tue Jun 17 23:38:48 1997
BARTON, FLYNN, HANLEY, MORRISSEY, WHALEN, MCGUIRE, TURNEIL. MURPHY, DOUGHERTY (DAUGHERTY), HOAR] Both my mother's and father's parents were born in La Salle county. Especially looking for Flynn and Whalen relatives My great-grandfather Lawrence Morrissey was Sheriff of La Salle county in the 1880's and 90's. He ran the County Asylum from 1898- 1919 He was a Sargeant in CO. H Illinois infantry during Civil War. My great-grandfather, Patrick Hanley was a Justice of the Peace early this century and died in June 1917 All my direct ancestors fron 1881, including my parents are buried at St. Vincents cemetery, La Salle

Deb Chapman Wed Jun 18 17:25:22 1997
Looking for any information on parentage of Austin V. MITCHELL b. 14 Feb 1824 possibly in Clinton Co. Ind. Died 1896 in LaSalle Co., Otter Creek (Streator) Ill. and buried in the North Emery Green Cemetery. Any info greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Terry R. Todd Sat Jun 21 18:11:06 1997
I am innterested on finding information on the Nicholas HARE and Mary RICE HARE family. They came to southern DeKalb or northern LaSalle Co.s about 1845 and settled near the old Shabbona State Park. The came from Houghton, MI but may have been originally from Onandaga, N. Y. I also have information on the decedents of Owen TODD, Sr., Frederick CLAPSADDLE, George ULLMAN and others related to the Todd's of Shabbona, Twp, DeKalb, Co, Ill.

steve greb Mon Jun 23 11:19:51 1997
Need what ever info available on John GREB, died in 1910

Vonda Winchell Tue Jun 24 15:12:59 1997
Seeking information on August C. DREWS & Wilhelmina GRABLE DREWS who immigrated to LaSalle Co. and lived in Peru till their deaths in 1899 & 1906. Their children were: Ada, Wilhelmina, who married Joseph Wellner, Vonda Lena, who married Herman BRADTKE, Emil Richard, William and Olga. Would especially like to hear from any surving family members. My mother was one of Vonda Lena's daughters. Vonda

Liz Hughes Fri Jun 27 19:32:59 1997
Am researching the HAVENHILL family which settled in LaSalle County in the 1800's. Any information would be appreciated as the only reference was a family history completed in the 1960's. Many thanks for any information available.

Mary Ellen Frost Bell Sun Jun 29 19:00:37 1997
My grandmother was born in Streator, Ill. Her parents were John HELFFRICH and Maggie FIRESTIEN. I do not have any other information other that they were both born in Germany. I would appreciate any information I can get. Thank you  

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