LaSalle County

Queries 2003 Jan-May

Surnames: MCDONELL
Submitter: Carol Vejraska ([email protected])
Date: 25 Apr 2003

Need info on Catholic cemetery near Rutland, either in LaSalle or Marshall county. Allen MCDONELL is reported to have been buried there in 1876, and his wife Mary in 1906. Cemetery in 1876 was called the "Reilly Cemetery" but th name may have been changed. Carol at [email protected]

Submitter: linda moerer ([email protected])
Date: 24 Apr 2003

I am looking for info on a William and Anna Mylenbush who lived in Lostant Illinois, William died when he was hit by a train near their home in December of 1960 or 1961 and Anna died in a nursing home in Streator Illinois in January of 1963. I would like to know where I can find and obit for both and where they are buried.

Submitter: Kenneth Tyler ([email protected])
Date: 23 Apr 2003

I am interested in information regarding Robert Engel (1875-1960). Apparently single throughout his life, Robert lived in Chicago, but died in Mendota. He is buried in the Wisner Cemetery southeast of Mendota next to Frederick and Mary (Klinzman) Wagner, his aunt and uncle.

Submitter: Jacquie Riggle Morton ([email protected])
Date: 19 Apr 2003

Iam just starting need info about Rueben Dill Riggle born in Rutland Ill Feb 8 1861 trying to find out his parents names. He is my grandfather Paul Earl Riggle Father and he lived in Rutland, and Paxton ILL. But it stops there I found his Marriage certificate and Death Certificate but can't find his parents names. I am stumped! Any help would be appreciated thanks

Submitter: Honore Hill ([email protected])
Date: 16 Apr 2003

Kingery Ephriam/Susanna Kingery; Leroy C./Goldie Kingery; both families of Mendota, Illinois. L.C. and Goldie were divorced about 1922 in LaSalle. Information on any Kingery; also Levi Leon Kingery, son of EH/Susanna Kingery, and wife Emma; Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Honore'

Surnames: KURZ
Submitter: David Kurz ([email protected])
Date: 15 Apr 2003


Submitter: Joy Shreyer ([email protected])
Date: 09 Apr 2003

I am trying to establish the death date for Isaac Knox and his wife Sarah E. (Youngs) Knox. In the 1910 census Isaac was 77 yrs old and Sarah 55. They lived in Manlius Twp. in LaSalle Co. ILL at the time. Because of Isaacs age in 1910, I assume that he didn't live much past then. I would like to find an obit for him if possible. Thanks. Joy

Submitter: Gloria Hall ([email protected])
Date: 30 Mar 2003

Looking for death / burial of Joel Harmell / Hormell. Residing Meriden, LaSalle, IL 1880 census, age 67. May be same Joel who purchased land section 12 town 20N range 7E in 1835. Probably died between 1880 1890. Was married to the widow Mary Patterson.

Submitter: Teresa Lynch ([email protected])
Date: 28 Mar 2003

Looking for the Jakubowski family around the late 1800's. They are in LaSalle in 1898, and they leave the area in the 1920's for Wisconsin. Looking for Joseph/Josef(Sr. and Jr.) Jakubowski. Josef, Jr. married Marianna/Maryjanna Byczynska at St. Hyacinth Church in LaSalle. The couple had at least one child, in 1901, in LaSalle. Josef was born in Filippou, Russia. Josef's mom was a Boguszowska(or -ewska). Marianna's mom was a Wielgosz. I would like to know more about the siblings of Josef and Marianna and where her family is from/where they headed to. Also, does anyone know how to access baptismal or burial records from the church? Are many of the cemetery in the area on line? Thanks for your assistance!

Surnames: DILMAN
Submitter: Mallory Fitch ([email protected])
Date: 21 Mar 2003

I was hoping that someone could look up an obituary for Frederick Dilman. He died after 1850 in LaSalle County, Hope township. Any information would be helpful. Thank you, Mallory Fitch

Submitter: Donna ([email protected])
Date: 19 Mar 2003

I would like to know if anyone has any information on any Travelsteads living in this area around 1966. Please contact me, doing genealogy research and have hit a brick wall. Thanks Donna [email protected]

Submitter: Bruce Parker ([email protected])
Date: 17 Mar 2003

Omun Simonson and Halvor Simonson were brothers that came to the States in 1857 and 1881 respectively. They settled in the Leland area. Omun married a Rachel Olson in 1862 in LaSalle Cty. He owned a Dry Goods store in Leland. Halvor was married prior to coming to the States, to Marie, last name unknown. He was a cooper. Omun is my wife's great grandfather. We are attempting to find out information about where they lived in Norway prior to coming to the states and any other information that might be available. If you have any information, please contact me.

Submitter: Joanne Kimmel ([email protected])
Date: 13 Mar 2003

Looking for information about my GGGrandparents Michael and Agnes Spivoski Szymendera. They came to this country in 1903 through Ellis Island NY. Went to Connellsville, PA to their son-in-law John Yoswick (Jan Jozwiak) my Great Grandfather. Agnes died June 5, 1934 and is buried in St. Valentine's Cemetery, lived in 1930 at 210 E. 6th St. Peru, LaSalle, Illinois. She had 4 children 1. Veronica (Novasky), 2. Maryanna (Yoswick) my Great Grandmother, 3. Anthony of Depue, Illinois in 1955 when Maryanna died in PA. 4. Thomas with whom she lived in 1930.

Surnames: COX BAILEY
Submitter: Roger Cox ([email protected])
Date: 12 Mar 2003

I am looking for information on Francis "Frank" and Catherine Cox of Streator, IL, who came to this area from England in 1877. Frank was a brother to my G-Grandfather, John Cox. Also, their children, Robert, Ann, Frank & Charles, as shown in the 1880 Census. Robert Cox married Claretta Bailey on Dec 12, 1896. Robert & Claretta moved to Salida, Colorado abt 1907. Their children were Edna & Robert. Claretta died in October, 1927 in Pueblo, CO. Looking for more information on this family.

Surnames: TURNER
Submitter: Jim Pearson ([email protected])
Date: 07 Mar 2003

Looking for 1840 La Salle County Census information on N. C Turner b 1805 and wife Hannah.

Submitter: Lisa A. Ferris ([email protected])
Date: 02 Mar 2003

Looking for information on Stephen Joseph Ferris, b. 11 Nov 1910 in LaSalle, LaSalle County, Illinois, m. 27 Mar 1933 to Ruth Marie Warner in Ladd, Bureau County, Illinois. They were divorced 1 Jul 1936. Stephen Joseph Ferris was a saxophone player and reportedly lived in Chicago and St. Louis in later years. He was the son of Stephen P. Ferris, b. about 1885 and killed in WWI, 4 Oct 1918, and Frances Xavier Nijak, b. 22 Jan 1891, later married to "Dee Lee" and d. 10 Jan 1981. Thank you for any assistance!

Submitter: Lisa Kaylene Powell ([email protected])
Date: 22 Feb 2003

Looking for information about Albert Sylvester or Sylvester Albert BLANCHARD. His birthdate is unknown, although sister Milcena Darwin was born in 1851 and sister Mary Jane was born in 1863, both in IL. Hw was known to be residing in or near Streator, IL in 1910 and 1923. Also, he sister Nancy Louise BLANCHARD ARTHUR was known to be residing in or near Streator, IL at the same times. Her husband was John L. Arthur. I am looking for any information about either of these two individuals and their families. Please reply to [email protected] Lisa Kaylene Powell.

Surnames: THOMAS
Submitter: Tamra Thomas ([email protected])
Date: 22 Feb 2003

I am looking for information on my grandfather's origination. His name was Clarence Thomas, and he died in Streator, IL in about 1960. I've been told he was born in the Chicago area in 1885, but I can't find his parents. Any info would help so much. [email protected]

Submitter: Cynthia McChristian ([email protected])
Date: 17 Feb 2003

I am looking for anyone with any information on the Grabow families, also Eddings families that lived in the LaSalle area. My great Grandparents are Frederick Julius Grabow and Clara Eddings. Any help would be appreciated.

Submitter: Pat Harbison ([email protected])
Date: 16 Feb 2003

Searching for Eby family that came to LaSalle Co 1848 to 1850 from Lebanon, Pa. My ggggrandmother was Elizabeth Eby Artz. The Eby family moved to Il after Elizabeth married Isreal Bomberger Artz, Oct.15,1846 in Lebanon, Pa. All I know about the Eby family I found on a hand written note among some family papers. "The Eby family came to LaSalle Co Il after Elizabeth Eby Artz married. Elizabeth Eby Artz brothers and sisters were: Moses Eby Henry Eby (he wrote a book on experiences in Civil War) Lydia Wenner (son John and daughter married a Parrish, lived in Taylorville, Il) Lavinia Farling Mary Brown"

Submitter: Dave Roberts ([email protected])
Date: 12 Feb 2003

Can anyone tell me which township Lostant was located in in the 1870 Census (LaSalle Co.)? I am looking for information on the McMillen/McMillin family. The McMillins had two daughters, Sarah and Henrietta, who married Barton brothers, Jacob and Gilbert Morris (Maurice).

Submitter: Clint Norem ([email protected])
Date: 11 Feb 2003

Looking for information on Knudt J. Norem. Listed in 1880 census for Mission, Lasalle County Illinois. Spouse was Elizabeth. Five sons and two daughters. John(1857),Conrad(1861),Osmund(1866),Andrew(1867),Sarah A.(1868), Helen M.(1870), and Charles(1872). The 1870 census lists Conuto Johnson. Spouse is Elizabeth. Sons John, Conrad, Osmund and three daughters Anna, Sarah, and Helen. Dates of birth match. Any information would be greatly appreciated due to the fact that I have no living relatives that can provide more information. The information obtained and listed above I found and no one else in close family is aware. Sincerly, Clint Norem

Submitter: Mark Wakenshaw ([email protected])
Date: 11 Feb 2003

I am searching for my gg-grandmother, Thomasine LEE Wakenshaw, b. 1829 in England. She was married to Thomas WAKENSHAW. I have records of Thomas coming to USA in 1895, but no records of his wife coming also. I do have information from my grandmother, who tells me Thomasine LEE Wakenshaw is buried in Streator, Ill., but she doesn't know where, or when. Thomas & Thomasine WAKENSHAW had two sons - John & Adam. John WAKENSHAW was married to Ellen GAFFEY Wakenshaw, and they lived in Streator in 1895 when Thomas came to this country. The ship's manifest for Thomas shows his final destination as Streator to his son, John WAKENSHAW. I would like to know if anyone can help me find out if Thomasine LEE Wakenshaw is buried in LaSalle County. The WAKENSHAW and GAFFEY families lived in the area of Bruce Township, near Streator. I have found them in the 1900 US Census, but there is no sign of Thomas or Thomasine. I have information that Thomas was in Montana in, or about 1900. He died there in 1905. But I have no clue where Thomasine was at this time. If I had to guess on her death date, it would be between 1895 -1915. Please visit my web site for more info, or email me. Thank you.

Submitter: Dr. Thomas E. Spence ([email protected])
Date: 07 Feb 2003

Interested in any Documentation, Newspaper articles, etc... of one Henry Ilderton. Henry married Hannah Burnett in Gateshead, England, in 1874. They had a Daughter Hannah Leeming Ilderton, who married Walter Elliot DE Land April 08, 1899 in Chicago, Cook, IL. I still am unable to ascertain how Henry Came to the USA; also how he got to Illinois. But the chicago City Directory shows a Hannah Ilderton, his daughter, and Walter De Land, working for the Railroad as Clerks. My query concerns Henry, he was Naturalised (Final) #724; 1 Nov, 1884; Circuit Court of La Salle, City of Ottowa. He died 04 September 1896 in Chicago, Cook County, but was buried on 7th Sept, in Riverside Cemetry, Streator, La Salle. Obituary: "Henry Ilderton died Saturady at 7249 Dobson Avenue, Chicago,.......... .......... (private info).... " Mr Ilderton was a resident of this city up to about ten years ago, he having first been a miner, and later proprietor of a fruit and candy store on Main Street, were Hunt's tailor shop now is. After the death of his wife he moved away from here." OK do any Directory's, Land Records, anything exist to indicate details of Henry, photographs, of the area, street store, etc.. Do there exist Newspaper Records for that period (i.e, could the original obituary be found today?) All information gratefully received and acknowledged. Working with existing family in Tuscon, AZ. And, desperately need to close these gaps..... Anything on Mining in that area, or possible points of immigration, also appreciated. Dr. Tom Spence. Greenock, Scotland, United Kingdom.

Surnames: ANDREWS
Submitter: Arthur Andrews ([email protected])
Date: 06 Feb 2003

I'm trying to find out anything concerning the Andrews name in the vacinity of Troy Grove

Submitter: KENNETH WAWRZYNIAK ([email protected])
Date: 03 Feb 2003


Surnames: RODES
Submitter: Brent Rodes ([email protected])
Date: 30 Jan 2003

I am looking for a copy of an obituary for a William Jacob or Jacob William Rodes who died in La Salle County, probably Ottawa township on 7/2/7/1961. Any information would be appreciated.

Submitter: Christine Stout ([email protected])
Date: 30 Jan 2003

Seeking information on Charles/Carl SABO and wife Ingeborg OLSON SABO. They were married in Iowa in 1882, and moved to Illinois prior to the birth of their last child Susan A SABO in April 1895. Charles/Carl lived on Mill St, North Utica Village, at the time of the Census in 1900, at which time he indicated that he was widowed. He continued to live at that address in 1910, by which time two of his daughters, Helen E SABO and Boletta M SABO, had moved out of the house. Another daughter, Bertha K SABO, had married LARSON and become widowed also by 1910. I am seeking information on 1) date of Ingeborg's death and location of burial; 2) any information on Bertha's husband, ie, full name, date of marriage and death, location of burial (this marriage does not appear in the IL marriage index); 3) any information on where Helen and Boletta went after they moved out of the house.

Submitter: Gale Homier (GHomi[email protected])
Date: 28 Jan 2003

BECHTOLD / KIENAST Families ----Looking for information about these families in Peru, Illinois around 1860 to 1870. Joseph Kienast and first wife Margaret lived in Peru from about 1860 to 1865 when wife died. Joseph remarried in 1867 - Seraphina Bechtold. Any information will help. Thanks.

Submitter: Jerry Coughlin Wald ([email protected])
Date: 16 Jan 2003

I know from some written records that I have relatives (Great-great uncle) that went to LaSalle and assume ended up & died there. He came from Tullamore, Ireland with bros. & sisters, they were stone masons. Also a sister of his & brother -in-law came to LaSalle and ended up in Mt. Pleasant , Iowa. My uncle's name is STEPHAN COUGHLIN (COGHLAN), his sister is MARGARET COUGHLIN WINTERS, married to JOHN WINTERS (from Tullamore also). What work thsy did there I do not know ( maybe canal work, they also worked a little on the Welland Canal) I found on your Ill Public Domain Land Tract that both bought property in LaSalle. Stephan was married twice, once to MARGARET DAILY, the other was BETTY FIFE - I will list all their children below. Our letter says Stephan was killed by a train & buried in LaSalle around 1877. The properties were purchased in Sept. 1848. Would appreciate any help in finding all we can and you need some money to pay for certain things, please let me know. Thanks much, J. Wald

Submitter: Mary Ann Baiyor ([email protected])
Date: 03 Jan 2003

Jenan Jobst did some research from me, but I have been unable to reach her for follow-up questions. Is there anyone there who can help me?

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