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Here is a log of the latest updates, changes, and additions to this LaSalle County ILGenWeb site.

2019-Mar-17 Thanks to Hilde Fagernes, added her IVERSON query
2019-Feb-23 Thanks to Diane Inman, added Caspar RUDY family group sheet
2019-Feb-18 Added information about Wenona Community Cemetery
2018-Dec-19 Added 32 more 1900 biographies from volume 2
2018-Nov-08 Added remaining transcription of 1932 Stories of Pioneer Days
2018-Sep-22 Thanks to Matthew, added HOLMAN-ARTHUR marriage announcement
2018-Aug-24 Added remaining transcription of 1882 City of La Salle (a business directory)
2018-Jun-06 Thanks to Melissa McCord, added links to Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
2018-May-24 Restored family photos, Robert Raley family group sheet, and school board photo
2018-Apr-24 Thanks to Mary Saggio, added GARFIELD, KESSLER, McELHENIE, and SCHREINER obituaries as well as McELHENIE autobiography and wedding article
2018-Apr-07 Thanks to Tim Stowell, added Galbraith's railway map
2018-Mar-25 Thanks to Georgene Brookman, added her COOPER query and GODDARD/COOPER family info
2018-Feb-15 Thanks to Ann Mensch, added Korean War Fatal Casualties list
2018-Feb-12 Thanks to Ann Mensch, added Vietnam War Fatal Casualties list
2018-Jan-27 Added early land sales listings
2017-Dec-25 Thanks to Nola, added HINSHAW/RIBBONS query
2017-Dec-22 Added more 1900 biographies from volume 2
2017-Dec-11 Thanks to ILGenWeb, added Mexican-American War link
2017-Aug-19 Added some 1900 biographies from volume 2
2017-Aug-18 LaSalle ILGenWeb is now more mobile-friendly courtesy of Marsha Bryant of Templates in Time
2017-Aug-11 Added a Table of Contents for the 1882 Business Directory
2017-Jul-17 Added some 1900 biographies from volume 2
2017-Jun-30 Restored Military Land Grant listings
2017-May-19 Added Revolutionary War veteran burial
2017-Apr-10 Thanks to Gerry Lynn Thompson, added a modern highway access map, biographical newspaper article about Samuel R LEWIS and the Underground Railroad, 3 obituaries (LOWMAN, MICHAELS, and WEISS) and resource links to IndexMundi, John Hossack, NPS, and IHPA
2017-Mar-21 Thanks to Gerry Lynn Thompson, noted that Park Lawn Cemetery has been absorbed by Summit View Cemetery.
2017-Mar-03 Added 1800-1899 birth listings
2017-Jan-27 Thanks to Gerry Lynn Thompson, added list of veterans buried in Summit View cemetery
2016-Dec-29 Thanks to Gerry Lynn Thompson, added obituary for August BETTGER and improved cemetery listing
2016-Dec-26 Added some biographies from 1900 Volume 2
2016-Nov-29 Welcome new co-coordinator Gerry Lynn Thompson
2016-Nov-15 Added listings for Black Hawk War, Mexican-American War,  Civil War muster & descriptive rolls, and Spanish-American War
2016-Nov-05 Restored queries, and added 1900 Marshall biographies
2016-Oct-07 Added 1929 Honor Roll and Soldiers' & Sailors' Home Residents
2016-Sep-17 Added 1908 History of the Swedes biographies for Algot CARLSON and Charles FRITZ
2016-Aug-13 Thanks to Judith Hinton, added Wm STRINGER descendants chart
2016-Jul-16 Thanks to Judy Kunz, added to JOHNSON & NELSON info
2016-Jun-18 Restored 1901 Wiggins' Directory, 1850 & 1860 Mortality Schedules
2016-May-07 Thanks to Judy Kunz, added JOHNSON & NELSON info
2016-Apr-02 Added downloaded pdf files from DPLA
2016-Mar-31 Added off-site Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) resource
2016-Feb-21 Thanks to Cheryl Rothwell, added Primitive Baptist Church resource links
2016-Jan-30 Added resource links to "Life of a Woman Pioneer," Directory of former Ottawa residents, and Starved Rock.
2016-Jan-24 Added to Families charts (fgs & dsc for DOYLE)
2015-Dec-12 Added marriage listings Q-Z
2015-Dec-06 Added marriage listings K-P
2015-Dec-04 Added marriage listings A-J
2015-Nov-29 Added to Families (BURGESS, HILLER, KELSEY, MORGAN)
2015-Nov-26 Added 1916-1950 Deaths T-Z
2015-Nov-25 Added 1916-1950 Deaths O-S
2015-Nov-01 Thanks to Carol Kreider, added Elizabeth HARMESON descendants chart
2015-Oct-31 Added 1916-1950 Deaths N
2015-Oct-11 Added 1916-1950 Deaths L-M
2015-Oct-10 Added 1916-1950 Deaths J-K
2015-Sep-19 Added 1916-1950 Deaths G-I
2015-Sep-07 Added 1916-1950 Deaths D-F
2015-Sep-05 Added 1916-1950 Deaths A-C
2015-Aug-01 Added Dysart and Salisbury family charts
2015-Jul-26 Thanks to Angela Seaman, added Seaman-Long marriage certificate (and family charts)
2015-Jun-06 Added extracts from 1932 Stories of Pioneer Days
2015-May-25 Added Townships, Places, and Maps


County Coordinator Norma Hass implemented new look courtesy of veteran USGenWeb coordinator Marsha Bryant of Templates in Time.

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