LaSalle County

Mrs. Ole (Gertrude) A. Quam


Ottawa Republican Times

Oct. 5, 1899


Mrs. OLE A. QUAM was born in Norway, Europe, May 1, 1834, died at her home in Ashland, Wis., Oct. 3, 1899; with her parents and sister emigrated to America in 1839, arriving in Chicago during the cholera epidemic that year, where her father died of that dreaded disease, and her mother, who, having moved to the town of Mission, LaSalle county, Ill., died six months later, leaving the two girls -- Ann, aged 7, and Gertrude, aged 5--orphans, without a known relative in the world. They were cared for by kind neighbors. They grew to womanhood. Ann married a Dr. Newell, of Morris; she later moved to Canada, where she still lives. Gertrude married Ole A. Quam in June, 1851. They continued to live in Mission township until 1879, when they moved to Benton county, Iowa, and from there in 1896 to Ashland, Wis. They raised a family of eight children -- two boys and six girls -- all of whom, together with her husband, survive her death, never having visited the family until the mother was called home.

Mrs. Quam in early life became a member of the Lutheran church and lived a faithful Christian life, and has now passed to her reward. The children are Mrs. C. P. CHRISTIANSON, of Norway, Iowa; J. A. QUAM, of Sheridan, Ill.; Mrs. L. SCHLANBUSCH, of Roland, Iowa; Mrs. THOS EDWARDS, of Ashland, Wis.; Mrs. CHAS. T. MOSEY, of Leland, Ill.; Mrs. HENRY MOSEY, of Freedom, Ill.; Mrs. L. J. ODLAND, of Clark, S.D.; and VICTOR J. QUAM, of Ashland, Wis.; also twenty-six grand- children and three great-grandchildren.


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