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Etienne Pink

  ~ Unknown paper, but in possession the descendents of Frank Pink, Newton, Jasper Co., Iowa.~


After a short illness of kidney trouble, Etienne Pink, an old and respected citizen of Mendota, died on Monday, Nov. 6, 1911, at four in the morning, in the seventy-seventh year of his age.

Deceased was born in Bonnere, Belgium, March 5, 1835, and at the age of 23 years came with his brother Frank to America, the later going to Aurora, while Etienne remained in Chicago until 1861 when he came to Mendota which has been his permanent home. He worked for a time for Mr. Peter Faber in Clarion and then settled in this city.

In the year 1865 he was married to Elizabeth Konnen. Fifteen children were born to them, of whom but two survive to cherish the memory, of a good father with their mother: Mary, wife of Mr. Bernard Pink, of Joliet, Ill., and Margaret, wife of Mr. S. Rhea, of Flagler, Col. There are also eight grandchildren and two sisters, one in France and one in Germany, whom Mr. Pink visited two years ago on his first and only visit to his old home across the sea.

The deceased was a good husband, father and citizen, the embodiment of honesty and uprightness. Despite his advanced age he worked faithfully up to the time of his last illness, being in the employ of the city, generally on work connected with the water and sewer mains and system with which he was thoroughly familiar.

His was a life well lived that bears as its reward the love of those near and the respect of the community.

The funeral service, in which Rev. D. Konen, of Chicago, a cousin by marriage, read requieum mass, was held at Holy Cross church Wednesday morning at nine o'clock and many friends and citizens attended, among them Mr. and Mrs. Sam Rhea and two daughters, of Flagler, col., Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Pink, daughter Elizabeth and son Aloysius, of Joliet, Ill., Mrs. Josie Feltes, Mrs. Lizzie Jacoby, and Mr. Kelly, of Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. A.P. Weis of Earlville.



Contributed by Barbara Lane Hug
P.S. I am not related, but have connection with relatives.


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