LaSalle County

James Huston


Ottawa Free Trader

July 30, 1892


He Loses His Life in the Illinois River Yesterday Afternoon.

From Thursday's Daily

JAMES HUSTON, formerly of this city but for the past fourteen years a resident of Nebraska, was drowned in the Illinois river at the rear of the residence of his uncle, URIAH MILLER, on the East Side, at 3:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon, while bathing.  He had been the guest of the Millers and other relatives of this city for the past two weeks and had been fishing nearly all day.  At about three o'clock, being very warm, he entered the water and swam across to the south shore.  Then without stopping to rest, he turned about and started for the north side.  When in the center of the stream, however, he was seized with cramps and called for help, but, before anyone was able to reach him, he had gone down forever.  His relatives and friends at once began dragging the river for the body, but were unable to discover any  trace of it.

Mr. Huston was born in this city about forty years ago, son of JOHN HUSTON, a well known plasterer and bricklayer, and was the nephew of Uncle JOHN and URIAH MILLER.  He was in the employ, at the time of his death, of a commission house at Arapahoe, Neb., as book-keeper.

LATER---The body of Mr. Huston was recovered by the aid of dynamite at about three o'clock this afternoon.  The funeral will take place tomorrow at 10:30 from the residence of Uriah Miller, 405 East Main street.


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