LaSalle County

Nathan Fleming, '49er

Daily Republican Times

August 29, 1935




Nathan Fleming, who joined in the California gold rush of ‘49 and has left to his grandchildren, treasures of that time in diary form, married Mary Barbara Harrington, a young school teacher, who taught the three R’s near Morris.  It was April 19, 1858, that they became man and wife at Ottawa.

They kept house at Ottawa while he worked at the Eagle Flour mills.  In 1863 they took up their abode in Marseilles.  For four years, young Nate purchased flour for Scott & Harrington.  Then the Flemings bought the farm which today is situated on U. S. 6 where the Sherman Fleming family live.  They lived there for a while.  In 1874 they moved to the Solomon Bell farm, the property of Mrs. Fleming’s late foster father.

The farm was situated between the I & M canal and the Illinois river.  It was here that Nathan Fleming died in 1917 at the age of 90 years.

At one time he was president of the First National bank here.

His wife, mother of Miss Dolly Fleming, George, Herbert H., and Fred Fleming, died four years later on May 14, 1921.  She was 84.


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