LaSalle County

Isabella Ellen Briggs


An estate of $30,000 was left by ISABELLA ELLEN BRIGGS, who died August 22, at her home here, according to a petition for letters of administration filed today in the probate clerk's office by Lottie E. Spencer.

Several Ottawa residence properties and 160 acres of farm land in Livingston county, worth $25,000, and cash, bonds and other personal property valued at $5,000 are included in the estate, the petition states.

Heirs listed in the petition were Julien Snow, Laramie, Wyoming; William O. Snow, Basin, Wyoming; Dorothy Eller Briggs, Minnehaha,S.D.; Lottie Spencer, Ottawa; Agnes Snow, Big Horn, Wyoming; Charlotte Briggs Snow, Big Horn, Wyoming; Ottawa Banking & Trust company, Ottawa; Robert J. Briggs, Minnehaha, S.D.; and Katherine Snow, Chicago.

Source: Ottawa Daily Republican, October 4, 1929, contributed by Bertha Emmett

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