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Query 2016 Apr 29

My grandfather and grandmother moved to Wenona, Il in 1906. His name was Nels (Nils) Johnson and hers was Alma Caroline Johnson. Alma passed away Oct 7, 1917 in Chicago. She was in Augustana Hospital for eight days and passed away. She was buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Chicago, Cook Co. I was wondering if there was any information In the newspaper of her passing. She had 3 children, Ruben (Reuben, Nels Reuben or Ruben John- on his confirmation certificate) Ruth Johnson and Myrtle Johnson.

Dad was born Nov 5, 1906, Ruth July 19, 1908 and Myrtle Oct 1910.

I have reading certificates from my Dad and talking with LaSalle Co Hx
Society, I believe he went to Schauer (Sp) school. Probably Ruth and Myrt did also.

Grandpa Johnson married Anna Bergren (sp) in May 1918. They lived in
LaSalle/Marshall Osage Township. They also had an address of Streator, Il. Approximately 1912. The family lived on a farm and Grandpa was a farm worker. Anna was a member of Bethany Lutheran Church in Wenona.

Also, my Aunt and Uncle, Per Gustof Enoch Nelson was a hired man in the
Census of 1910. They said he was single, but I did retain their marriage certificate in Ottawa the other week, Jan 21, 1908. The certificate stated Ellen (Ella on marriage certificate) Johnson. Enok (Enoch) was born in Sweden in 1889. I have not been able to find any “housing” for Enoch and Ellen.

If you could be of any assistance, I would appreciate it.

Contributed 29 Apr 2016 by Judy Kunz email

Query 2016 Jul 03

… found information on the family …

Wenona Bond Library had a memorial newspaper article in 1917 on Grandma (Alma) On Microfiche. They could not print it but was able to use my iPhone and copy it – Technology is great.

Then I was able to find the church that my Dad, Reuben Johnson was baptized - (Chicago, no less) and it still exists. They were able to find my Dad’s baptiizmal name in the Swedish Journal, Ellen Johnson’s confirmation date, Grandma Alma death record and the baby that Nels and Alma lost in 1905. Was thrilled beyond belief. In the Swedish Journals they had the place that these people lived and I had said it was like they went off the face of the earth for a short period of time and in these church records, they lived in Grand Rapids, Wi from approximately 1904 to 1906 before settling in Wenona.

My cousin, whose sister just passed away in Morton, Il stated that Enoch and Ellen had a baby in the same house, 2 days apart, from his mother in Wenona, Il. I am guessing that Enoch and Ellen moved in with Grandpa Nels Johnson after Alma died in Oct 1917 and took care of the children, Reuben, Ruth and Myrtle, 11, 9 and 7, for a short period of time until Grandpa Nels married Alma’s friend Anna in 1918. I see by the geneology records that Enoch and Ellen moved to Iowa in 1917 or 1918 and that Anna probably moved in.

Also went to the LaSalle Historical Group in Ottawa and Jim was able to find the schools that my Dad and his sisters went to. There is a book that has been published about all the schools in that area. Very nice. I was able to copy the information/pics of the one room school house. They went to Revere and Scheuer Schools as I had pics of him and his sisters. The district they were in i.e. Dist 16 and 19. It was interesting that the children held up a sign that said what District they were in.

I now need to write to Bethany Luth and see what information I can find on the family.

I am still looking for the Selquist family (John and Anna) in Varna. They had a daughter Florence (Violet), LaVern, Leslie and Maynard. Some how I believe they were 2nd cousins to the Johnson…but how I do not know. They lived in Varna and use to have Varna-Wenona picnics.

If you can shed any light on this, it would be appreciated. Thank you, Judy Kunz

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