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Biography - DAVID NITTER

David Nitter, postmaster of the village of Norway, LaSalle county, Illinois, and the prosperous proprietor of a general store at this place, dates his birth in Chicago, June 8, 1861.

Mr. Nitter is a son of William and Thea (Schlanbusch) Nitter, both natives of Norway, who came to this country late in the '50s, where they were shortly afterward married. The first few years of their married life was passed in Chicago, whence, about 1864, they came to Norway, LaSalle county, where he opened a general store. His death occurred here shortly after he was established in business. Mrs. Nitter subsequently became the wife of John Quam, a farmer, who died about eighteen years ago. After his death she moved to Iowa, where she still lives. By her first husband she had two children, David and a daughter, the latter dying in childhood. By her second husband she had seven children.

David Nitter was reared principally on a farm, his stepfather being a farmer, and received a fair education in the common schools of the district and normal school at Morris, Illinois, in the year 1881. He remained with his mother until the age of sixteen years, when he left home and began the battle of life for himself, starting out as a clerk. He clerked in Norway, Serena and Sheridan, and after a few years thus spent he went to Iowa, where he was engaged in farming two years. Returning to LaSalle county at the end of that time, he resumed clerking, spent one year at Sheridan and two years in Seneca, and in the spring of 1888 engaged in business for himself at Norway, where he has since continued successfully. His beginning was a restaurant. To it he from time to time added other lines, until he now has a complete general store, well stocked and up-to-date for an establishment of its kind. In 1889 Mr. Nitter was appointed the postmaster of Norway, which office he has filled acceptably for the past ten years. He is a Republican.

Mr. Nitter was married in 1882 to Miss Maria Marcuson, a native of Norway, and they are the parents of four children.

Extracted by Norma Hass from Biographical and Genealogical Record of LaSalle County, Illinois published in 1900, volume 1, pages 115-116.

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