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Biography - E. P. NITSCHELM

The subject of this narrative, elected supervisor in 1897 and still acting in that capacity, is a member of the firm of W. J. Sinon & Company, proprietors of the Sanicula Mineral Springs near Ottawa, and manufacturers of seltzer and carbonated waters.

Mr. Nitschelm is a native of France, his birth having occurred March 14, 1844. His father, J. W. Nitschelm, likewise of that country, was born October 19. 1808, and came to Ottawa with his family in 1849, and died November 17, 1899. He was a graduate of the University of Paris and for years was a very successful veterinary surgeon. Now, in his declining days, he is tenderly cared for by his daughter Helen. The good wife and mother, whose maiden name was Helen Wideman, died in August, 1896, at the advanced age of eighty-six years. They were the parents of twelve children, three of whom - Mary, Adeline and Frederic - are deceased, the last mentioned having come to the United States and died in Peoria, Illinois. The children who survive are E. P., of this sketch, Mrs. A. Bernard and Eliza, widow of A. Bastian.

Having mastered the details of a practical business education, Mr. Nitschelm learned the trade of manufacturing soda water and so-called ''soft" drinks, and in 1884 he entered into partnership with W. J. Sinon, with whom he has since been associated, to their mutual profit. They manufacture ginger ale, birch beer, seltzer and carbonated waters, and enjoy a large and lucrative trade. The unrivaled Ottawa ginger ale and birch beer is made with water from the justly celebrated Ottawa Mineral Springs, which, according to the analysis of the noted chemist, Dr. Benjamin Silliman, of Yale College, contains in solution over one hundred and seventy grains of minerals and gases to the gallon. A marked but agreeable flavor is thereby imparted to the water, which has been found to be a wonderful remedy for various disorders of the stomach, liver and digestive organs. In connection with the springs W. J. Sinon & Company conduct the finest mineral springs bath-house in this part of the west.

As a public official Mr. Nitschelm has always been found thoroughly trustworthy and reliable. In the Democratic party he has been aggressive and devoted, and usually makes it a point to be present at the local and county conventions. Socially he belongs to the Knights of Pythias, to the United Workmen of America and to the Select Knights.

In 1878 Mr. Nitschelm was married, in this town, to Miss Carrie Myers, a daughter of Peter Myers, a well-known citizen. Mrs. Nitschelm was born and reared in Ottawa and received her education in its excellent public schools. Three children have blessed the union of this worthy couple. The eldest born, Charles Louis, graduated at the Northwestern University, near Chicago, Illinois, April 6, 1899, and died May 3 following; Arthur is the next in order of birth; and Carrie, the only daughter, is attending the Ottawa public schools.

Extracted by Norma Hass from Biographical and Genealogical Record of LaSalle County, Illinois published in 1900, volume 1, pages 95-96.

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