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The subject of this sketch is a member of the firm of Mitchell Brothers, large farmers of the township of Dimmick, LaSalle county, Illinois, and is a son of the late William Mitchell, for a number of years one of the prominent farmers of this state.

William Mitchell was a native of Scotland, born in the year 1814, and when small came to America and took up his abode in Illinois, being among the pioneers of Dimmick township, LaSalle county. His early life was spent as a shepherd boy, his simple earnings supplying him with the necessaries of life. Finally by careful economy he acquired a tract of land, which he improved and which in time became a valuable farm. William Mitchell married Mary Wenner, daughter of Jacob Wenner, a German who settled in Dimmick township at an early day. Mrs. Mitchell is still living, at the age of sixty-nine years, — the age at which Mr. Mitchell died in 1883. The members composing their family are as follows: Elizabeth, wife of William Reed, of LaSalle, Illinois; William, a resident of Lawrence county, South Dakota, married Miss Edith Miner; Kate; James, a resident of Utica, Illinois, married Miss Bertha Bill; Minnie, wife of George A. Hartshorn, a prominent farmer of Waltham township, LaSalle county; Lena B., wife of the Hon. John Wylie, of Waltham; Charles J., whose name introduces this article; Henry J., engaged in the creamery business at Utica, Illinois; Walter B., of Utica, Illinois, and a member of the firm referred to in the first paragraph; and Frank R., also a member of that firm.

The Mitchells have political records as Republicans. Their father was the incumbent of many of the township offices, and his sons, like him, are public-spirited and enterprising men, who stand high in the estimation of the people of their respective localities.

Charles J. Mitchell was born on his father's farm above referred to, October 18, 1868, and here he has always lived. He was educated in the academy at LaSalle and the Normal School at Valparaiso, Indiana, completing his studies in the last named institution at the age of twenty-two. He then entered the employ of The Home Produce Meat Market in LaSalle, with which he was identified for a time, and since then he has been engaged in farming. In 1898 he and two of his brothers entered into a partnership under the firm name of Mitchell Brothers, for the operation of the Mitchell farm, one of the largest in the township and which is being successfully run as a stock farm, slaughtering and shipping being important features.

Charles J. Mitchell is a Knight of Pythias and a member of the Mystic Workers. His lodge of Knights is "Old 53" of LaSalle, one of the important lodges of the state and which has furnished some of the best Pythians in Illinois.

Extracted 26 Dec 2016 by Norma Hass from Biographical and Genealogical Record of LaSalle County, Illinois published in 1900, volume 2, pages 431-432.

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