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Biography - JOHN L. MARSHALL

John Louie Marshall, of Serena township, LaSalle county, Illinois, is a member of one of the earliest French families of this township and is prominently identified with the farming interests of the county.

Mr. Marshall was born in the town of Neviler, province of Alsace, France, November 18, 1830, son of John David Marchal — as it was in the French — and grandson of Fritz Marchal. The last named had four sons, John David, Mitchell, Henry and Theophilus. John David learned the turner's trade in his native land, was there married and there his six sons were born. In 1844 he came to America with his family and brought with him a small sum of money with which he purchased an eighty-acre tract of land in LaSalle county, Illinois. Here he at once engaged in farming, was successful to a marked degree, and accumulated land to the amount of live hundred acres, among the best the township affords. He died in 1865, leaving his widow and seven children. She survived him some five years. The children of this union were John Louie. Theophilus. Charles, Constant, Edward, Adolph and Mary, wife of Henry K. Parr, of Serena township.

John Louie Marshall in his youth had limited educational advantages, but met the realities of life with the same determined disposition to overcome all obstacles that characterizes the best equipped man upon arriving at his majority. The scenes of his embarkation from the city of Havre on the old sailing vessel Monument and of the trip to New York had not begun to fade from his memory when he reached his majority and began that career that is now ending so full of years and so replete with successes.

He has made the cultivation of the soil his life work, and the harvest he has reaped is best shown by the fact that he is now the owner of seven hundred acres of fine land near the village of Serena.

Mr. Marshall was married November 18, 1854. and he has had two children. The first Mrs. Marshall having died, Mr. Marshall married for his second wife Angeline Oulmann.

Politically Mr. Marshall has divided his support between the two great parties, voting always for the man he believes best fitted for the office. His last presidential vote was given to William McKinley.

Extracted 05 Nov 2016 by Norma Hass from Biographical and Genealogical Record of La Salle County, Illinois, Volume 2, pages 797-798.

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