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Biography - LEWIS LONG

Since 1825, the year of his birth, the subject of this sketch has been a resident of LaSalle county, and since 1860 has maintained his home on his present farm, on section 28, Miller township. His long identification with the county and the prominent position he occupies as one of its leading farmers make his history of more than passing interest in the present work.

The Long family from which Lewis Long springs is of German origin. His grandfather, Christopher Long, Sr., was born in Germany and came to this country when a child, settling in New York. His son Christopher, the father of Lewis, was born in Fulton county, New York, and in 1818 came from the Empire state to Illinois, that being the year Illinois attained the dignity of statehood. In Pike county, this state, he was married, March 18, 1824, to Miss Sallie Booth, a native of Connecticut and a daughter of A. Booth. The year following their marriage they moved to LaSalle county, first settling at South Ottawa and in 1831 moving to a place near Marseilles. During the Black Hawk war he helped to build the fort in which the settlers sought refuge from the Indians. Mrs. Long died in 1832, leaving three children: Catherine, now the wife of Elias Trumbow, of Rutland township, LaSalle county, Illinois; Elizabeth, deceased wife of Jonathan Stadden; and Lewis, the subject of this sketch. For his second wife Christopher Long married Mrs. Alvard, and she bore him four children, only one of whom is now living - William H. Long, a resident of Piano, Illinois. In 1849 the father died, on his farm, at the age of fifty years. His political affiliations were with the Whig party. He took an intelligent interest in public affairs, and was one of the highly respected citizens of his community.

During Lewis Long's boyhood educational advantages in LaSalle county were limited. He attended the rural schools, such as they were, during the winter months, often having to walk several miles to and from school. Reared on his father's farm, he early became familiar with all kinds of farm work, and learned that industry and careful management were essential to success; after years have shown that his early training was not in vain. He settled on his present farm of one hundred and sixty acres, in Miller township, in 1860. Besides this he owns six hundred and forty acres of land in Miller township, one hundred and six acres in Brookfield township, one hundred and sixty acres in Rutland township, and his father's old farm of one hundred and sixty acres - comprising - a total of one thousand one hundred acres, all in LaSalle county.

Mr. Long was married December 14, 1852, to Miss Emily E. Barber, who was born November 9, 1832, a native of New York, and the daughter of Zina and Sarah (Potter) Barber. Mrs. Barber died when Mrs. Long was four years old, leaving three children - Charles M., now deceased; Mrs. Long; and Sarah, wife of M. Morgan, of Crawford county, Iowa. Mr. Barber was subsequently married to Huldah Deans, and by her had eight children, among them being: Alden, who died in Libby prison during the civil war; Cicero, who was killed in battle during the civil war; John, a veteran of the same war; Caroline Massy; and Ruth Edison. Mr. Barber died in Miller township, LaSalle county, Illinois, in 1857. By trade he was a millwright, politically was a Whig, and religiously a Methodist. Mr. and Mrs. Long have had eight children and their grandchildren now number ten. Their first-born, Sarah H., died in infancy. Of the seven living, the following record is made. Eugene C. is a resident of Marseilles, Illinois; Emma F., wife of Gaylord J. States, of Miller township, is the mother of two children, Maud and Lena; Charles W., who married Mae Clark and is now living in Rutland township, has two children, Harry and Esther; Ruth Inez, wife of George Finkle, residing on a farm near Marseilles, has three children, Alta, Blanche and Ray; Bertha A., wife of F. Spencer, of Rutland township, has one child, Grace; Lewis Walter, who married Miss Cora B. Brumback, has two children, Walter Floyd and Elsie L.; and Arthur F., who married Miss Sarah Etta Grove, lives on a part of the home farm. Mr. and Mrs. Long also reared from childhood Mrs. William H. States of Greene county, Iowa.

While he has never aspired to official honors Mr. Long has always taken a commendable interest in public affairs and party matters, and casts his vote with the Republicans. He is a member of the Universalist church.

Extracted by Norma Hass from Biographical and Genealogical Record of LaSalle County, Illinois published in 1900, volume 1, pages 108-109.

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