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Biography - JOSEPH C. HATHEWAY, M. D.

In the medical profession of LaSalle county the subject of this article has long held a representative place, and for the past forty-three years he has been actively engaged in practice in Ottawa. Here he enjoys the esteem and confidence not only of his numerous patients but also of the citizens in general, and those of his own profession, by whom he is often called into consultation on difficult and complicated cases. His wide experience in his chosen calling is not alone the result of practical labors among the sick and suffering, but comes in part from his earnest study of the best medical works and current journals devoted to the interests of his profession.

The birth of Dr. J. C. Hatheway took place in the town of Assonet, Bristol county, Massachusetts, in 1833. He comes from one of the old families of that state, his parents being Elnathan and Salome Hatheway. Having mastered the various branches of an English education, the Doctor concluded that he would enter the medical profession, and accordingly matriculated in Jefferson Medical College at Philadelphia. There he was graduated in the class of 1856, and at once established an office in Ottawa. He is one of the oldest members of the LaSalle County Medical Society, and has acted as president of the same, and also has been connected with the State Medical Society for years. At one time he held the position of county physician and surgeon, and has been an efficient member of the United States board of pension examiners. In the multiplicity of his other duties the Doctor has not neglected those which devolve upon every good citizen. The cause of education has ever found an active and sincere friend in him, and he was one of the first trustees of the Ottawa high school. The high school was organized and the present building was erected while he was a member of the board, and the town is greatly indebted to him for the wisdom and influence which he exercised in the matter. In political affairs the Doctor is independent of party ties.

In 1857 Dr. J. C. Hatheway married Miss Annie Crane, of Assonet, Bristol county, Massachusetts. Their son, E. P. Hatheway, M. D., seems to have an inherited talent for medicine, and is now associated with the father in practice. He is a young man of much promise and is rapidly building up an enviable reputation as a practitioner. He is a graduate of the wellknown Rush Medical College of Chicago, and possesses undoubted ability and fitness for his favorite field of action.

Extracted by Norma Hass from Biographical and Genealogical Record of LaSalle County, Illinois published in 1900, volume 1, pages 31-32.

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