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Among the zealous and influential workers in the Democratic party of LaSalle county, Joseph Futterer is acknowledged to be in the front ranks. His ability and valued assistance to the party received fitting recognition when, in 1892, he was honored by election to the responsible office of supervisor. He served for two years — the full term — to the entire satisfaction of all concerned, and was then chosen by the vote of the majority for a second term. In 1898 he was again elected to the supervisorship, and is thus filling his third term. Not only in a public capacity but also as a citizen in the private walks of life, he commands the respect and high regard of all with whom he has had dealings, and he has been engaged in business in Ottawa for many years.

A native of Baden-Baden, Germany, born in 1852, Joseph Futterer spent the first years of his life in that fair land, and was a lad of about thirteen years when, in 1865, he and his parents, Joseph and Rosa Futterer, bade adieu to all their old friends and associations and set sail for America, here to found a new home. In 1868 they settled in Monroe county, Wisconsin, and on the homestead there, not far from the village of Sparta, the mother is still living. The father died some years ago, when in his sixtieth year. They had only one son, but were the parents of four daughters.

Our subject received the benefits of a thorough training in both the German and English languages, and in his boyhood and youth acquired an intimate knowledge of the various duties connected with the proper management of a farm. In 1873 he came to Ottawa, where he has since made his home, while occupied in business transactions. By diligence and perseverance in whatever he undertook he gradually amassed a competency, and he now has a good bank account and valuable property. Socially he is connected with the Knights of Pythias, the German Benevolent Society and several other fraternal organizations.

In 1877 Mr. Futterer married Miss Theresa Schaeffer, of Ottawa. Nine children came to bless their happy home, but four of the number have passed to the silent land. Four promising sons and a daughter are left to the devoted parents, their names in order of birth being as follows: Fred, Charles, Alice, John and Ernest.

Extracted 13 Jun 2019 by Norma Hass from Biographical and Genealogical Record of LaSalle County, Illinois, published in 1900, volume 2, pages 635-636.

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