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1877 History of La Salle County Illinois

Sketch of the Pioneer Settlers - Eagle

Eagle embraces that portion of T. 31, R. 3, that lies south of the Vermillion river, and the east onethird of T. 31, R. 2. That portion lying along the Vermillion was settled at an early day.

John Coleman, came from Richland Co., Ohio, in the fall of 1831; he settled on S. 22, lived there till 1847, and went to Missouri for two years, and then returned to the old farm; he is now living in Streator. His wives were: 1st, Anna Cramer; 2d, Roxena Cowgill; 3d, Hester Kelley; 4th, Lutitia Griffith. All dead. Of his children: Julia Ann, married Mr. Ploger, »f Ottawa; Hester Ann, married Josiah Roberts, of Streator; James, "William, Lilla, are single.

Henry Cramer, came from Richland Co., Ohio, in 1831; he died in 1833. His daughters married John Coleman, James McKernan, Geo. McKee, and Daniel Barrackman.

John Holderman, and wife, Hannah Young, came from Richland Co., Ohio, in the spring of 1831; the first settler in the town; he settled on S. 27. He died about 1842. He had five children: Jacob, married Rachel Gannet, of Streator; Allen, is now living in Streator; Sarah, married Elisha Naramoor; Martha, married Barney O'Neill; Eliza, married George Tillsbury.

John Wood came from Richland Co., Ohio, in June, 1833; settled on S. 22; he died in 1840. His widow married George Basore. His son Peter, only remains.

Dan'l Barrackman, came from Licking Co., Ohio, in 1831; his wife was Rachel Cramer. He had three sons: Charles and Daniel are on the old farm; Benjamin, went to Iowa.

David Reader, and wife, Sarah Whitaker, from Hamilton County, Ohio, to Tazewell County, 1829, and settled on S. 16, T. 31, R. 3, in the spring of 1835; a good farmer, and useful citizen. He held the office of County Commissioner; he died April, 1853, leaving five children: James Newton, married in Tazewell County, settled near his father in 1836, moved to Troy Grove in 183T, is now living in Livingston County; Mitchell, married Malvina Gum, is in Kansas; Joseph, married* Miss Johnson, in Livingston County; Rebecca, married Rees Morgan; Jacob, married Elizabeth Jane Lord, and lives adjoining the old homestead.

Jacob Goff, and wife, from Pennsylvania to Tazewell County, in fall of 1835, and soon after settled on S. 17. Mr. Goff died in 1840. His children, Alif, Samuel, Janet, and William, all moved to Kansas about 1856.

Thomas, John, Elza, and James Downey, four brothers from Painesville, Ohio, in 1834; settled on Sees. 15 and 16; Thomas served as Justice of the Peace; he died about 1850. John and Elza removed to Magnolia, Putnam County; James left, after a short residence here.

George Tillsbury, from Pennsylvania in 1839; married Eliza Holderman; taught school a few months, and left the county and his family, soon after.

Daniel McCain, from Michigan, married Sarah Shay; died 1840; the widow married William Perygo; after his death she went to Michigan. Stephen Shay died in Michigan.

Charles Clifford, from Ireland to Michigan, in 1834, and settled on S. 13, T. 31, R. 2, in 1837; now living in Ottawa. Has children.

Samuel Galloway, and wife, Catharine McClure, of Scotch descent, from near Londonderry, in the north of Ireland; emigrated to America, and settled in Lexington, Green County, New York, about 1806 — his wife died in 1815; his second wife was Lydia Moore, who died 1833. He removed to La Salle County, Illinois, June, 1837, with all his children; he first located near where Tonica now is, and in 1840 moved on to S. 6, T. 31, R. 3— known as the Galloway farm, and the location of the Galloway postoffice. He died July 24, 1840. His children by his first wife were: Catharine, who married Joseph T. Bullock, and lives near Tonica; Samuel C, died single, August 24, 1840; Francis, married Elizabeth J. A. Galloway, and settled on S. 1, T. 31, R. 2— he died July 24, 1869; Mary, married John Briley, and lived on S. 1, T. 31, E,. 2. She died Dec. 25, 1876. The children of the second wife are: Elijah M., who married Elizabeth Halcott, daughter of Colonel Thomas Halcott, from Green County, New York. Elijah was Postmaster and Justice of the Peace for several years; he now lives near Monroe City, Missouri; Lydia M., married Henry Slater; her second husband was W. Holly, who died in California. She is now living with her third husband, Jefferson Smith, in Mich.

Jacob Dice, from New York, about 1837; settled on S. 6; he sold to Hoffman. He married the widow Hays, and soon returned to New York.

Stephen Faro, and wife, Sally Dakin, from Schoharie County, N. Y., came in 1837 or 8; a cooper and farmer; he settled on S. 5, and died about 1841. His widow married Ard Button.

Isaac Thorp, and wife, Lydia Dakin, came from New York, with Faro; the two married sisters; settled in 1838 on S. 7, near the Vermillion timber. They both, with three children, died of milk sickness; one child survived, and was sent to its friends at the East.

Campbell settled on S. 31 in 1835; he sold to Myers, and left.

Hiram Divine, and wife, Betsey Torrey, came from Green County, Pa., in 1839; settled in the town of Eagle, on Section 12; was a farmer and nurseryman; lie died in 1871; his wife died in 1847. Emma, lives in Champaign County; Luther, is in Iowa; Charlotte, is Mrs. E. B. Darling, of Streator; Mary, is insane; Alvin, Celia and Elma, are the remaining children. Second wife's children, Clemens and Lucien.

Chester Naramoor, from Goshen, Vt., and wife, Louisa Dickinson, from Goshen, Ct., came from New York to Michigan in 18B2 and to LaSalle County in 1839, stopping at Bailey's Grove, where Mrs. Naramoor died; Mr. Naramoor died in 1847. They had one son and four daughters, three of the daughters died. Louisa T. married Abram Groom; Elisha married Sarah B. Holderman and settled on S. 15, T. 31, R. 3, where he still resides.

Jacob Moon, and wife, Leah Reese, came from Ohio, first to Bailey's Point, and in 1833 settled at Moon's Point, on the edge of Livingston County, where he spent the remainder of his life. Of his children, Albert married Elizabeth Boyle of Ox Bow Prairie; Jane married Solomon Brock; Thomas married Mary Barrackman; Rees married Miss Baker; Ellen married James Barrackman, both are dead.

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