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Biography - Charles Solberg


Pleasant View Luther college, one of the representative educational institutions of Ottawa, and indeed of this section of Illinois, has not long been in the field, yet has gained a very enviable reputation. It is conceded by all that a better place of training for the young would be hard to find, as here not only his mind but his heart and higher nature as well are cultivated, and he goes forth to fight the battle of life well equipped in every respect. The college is mentioned at some length in the sketch of the president, Rev. L. A. Vigness.

The parents of Professor C. O. Solberg are Halvor and Anna (Natesta) Solberg, his father being a native of Norway. Charles is one of four children, all sons, and was educated in the schools of Beloit, Wisconsin. His birth took place in Fillmore county, Minnesota, on the 24th of December, 1869. Naturally of a studious turn of mind, he made the most of his opportunities for the acquisition of an education, graduating at Beloit college, Beloit, Wisconsin, in 1893. He then entered the Lutheran Seminary in Chicago, and was graduated in that institution of learning in the class of 1896, the degree of Bachelor of Divinity being conferred upon him. He immediately entered upon his career as a teacher, and from the first has met with gratifying success. His methods are broad and liberal, and he has the rare and happy faculty of being able to impart instruction in a clear and pleasing manner. With his pupils he is deservedly popular, and his ready sympathy and helpfulness is deeply appreciated by them. At present he is teaching classes in Greek and English, though his duties are not thus limited, but have a comprehensive grasp of the work being performed in the school. Young, active and ambitious, he is pressing forward to greater triumphs, which he undoubtedly will win.

The marriage of Professor Solberg and Miss Anne Louise Jacobson, a lady of excellent education and cultured tastes, was solemnized in Clinton, Wisconsin, in 1896. They have one child, a little daughter, whom they have named Helen Eunice.

Extracted by Norma Hass from Biographical and Genealogical Record of LaSalle County, Illinois published in 1900, volume 1, pages 259-260.

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