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Biography - A. D. SIMON

The year that witnessed the close of the great civil war in the United States was the year in which the subject of this article saw fit to cast in his lot with our people, and from that time until the present day none of its citizens have been more loyal and patriotic, in word, thought and deed. Thirty-three years have rolled away since Mr. Simon identified himself with the business interests of Ottawa, and during this long period he has maintained an unblemished record for integrity and square dealing.

F. A. Simon, the father of our subject, a native of Cassel, Germany, served in the standing army of the empire much of his active life, winning distinction, and for twenty-seven years held official rank and title. He was a fine musician, and his talent in that line was inherited by his son, A. D., of this sketch. The latter was born in the city of Cassel, Germany, and when of sufficient age entered the public schools. He obtained a liberal education, and paid particular attention to the study of music, in which he became proficient when quite young.

He emigrated to this country in 1860, and in 1865, in partnership with his brother Carl, opened a store in Ottawa where all kinds of pianos and musical instruments were kept for sale. In 1884 A. D. Simon started a store on his own account. Years ago this business had won a foremost place in this department of enterprise in LaSalle county, and this reputation is sturdily maintained by the proprietor. The location is central, at No. 803 LaSalle street, and here may be found many of the leading makes of pianos and organs in a great variety of styles and cases, suited to the differing tastes and requirements of purchasers. High-grade musical instruments of all kinds are kept, and hard to please, indeed, must he be who cannot be suited here.

For over twenty years Mr. Simon has been the organist in the Methodist church of Ottawa, and his love for music increases rather than wanes as he grows older. He stands high in social and fraternal circles and, among others, is connected with the Knights Templars. In politics he is a stanch Republican.

Extracted by Norma Hass from Biographical and Genealogical Record of LaSalle County, Illinois published in 1900, volume 1, pages 138-139.

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