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Biography - W. GUY ROSEBERY

W. Guy Rosebery, the principal of Brown's Business College at Ottawa, is an educator well known in this section of the state, and his marked devotion to the profession he has chosen, combined with actual ability, has gained him deserved prestige. He was born in Madison county, Illinois, near the historic towns of Edwardsville and Alton. His father, Robert A. Rosebery, is well and favorably known throughout the county. The Gillhams, of which family his mother was a member, and the Roseberys were among the first settlers of southern Illinois, and are to-day prominent in political, educational and social affairs.

Mr. Rosebery acquired his education in the public schools of Madison and Montgomery counties, and in the Peoria high school. He prepared for his work as a business educator by a thorough course in Brown's Peoria Business College, one of the leading schools of the kind in the country, and by private tutor. After teaching for about five years in the Peoria Business College he came to Ottawa, in 1896, having been elected the principal of the commercial department of Pleasant View College. He remained here for three years, giving his best efforts to the work and establishing this department on a very thorough and practical basis. In July, 1899, he resigned his position at this school to become the principal of Brown's Ottawa Business College, to which institution he is now devoting all his energies. This school is a part of the system known as Brown's Business Colleges, seven large and successful schools being under one management. Professor G. W. Brown, of Jacksonville, Illinois, is the president, and the various schools are located respectively at Jacksonville, Peoria, Decatur, Galesburg, Bloomington, Centralia and Ottawa. Brown's Business College made a splendid exhibit at the educational exhibit at the World's Fair, receiving both diplomas and medals. Professor Brown was the manager of the business educational exhibit at the World's Fair, having been selected by the business colleges of America. Professor Rosebery has made the business college at Ottawa of equal prominence and proficiency with the others.

His reputation in educational circles is indeed enviable. He holds a World's Fair diploma, issued by the board of lady managers to the business educators who prepared students to assist in the business college exhibit at the World's Fair. He is a member of the Business Teachers' Association, the Western Penman's Association and the Federation of Commercial Teachers of America.

Mr. Rosebery was married in January, 1900, to Miss Addielou Grant, of Newport, Vermont, the daughter of Theophilus Grant, one of the prominent residents of the state.

Extracted by Norma Hass from Biographical and Genealogical Record of LaSalle County, Illinois published in 1900, volume 1, pages 257-258.

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