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Biography - A. CLEMENT

The enterprise of New England and the progressive methods of doing business in the western states find exemplification in the daily life of Mr. Clement, proprietor of the Windsor Hotel, of Ottawa, for he has spent years in both parts of the Union and has thoroughly entered into the spirit of the communities in which he has dwelt.

In reviewing the history of our subject it is found that he comes from one of the old and honored families of Vermont. His paternal grandfather was captain of a sea-going vessel, the Neptune. The parents of Mr. Clement, Chauncey and Sarah (Brown) Clement, natives of Vermont, had six children, five sons and one daughter, most of whom are still living.

Mr. Clement was born in Franklin, Vermont, in 1830. When thirty years of age he went to California, and for some time was engaged in business in San Francisco. He then returned to his native state and for a number of years was very successfully occupied in the hotel business in the town of Richford. Later he went to Wisconsin, where he managed hotels at Sheboygan, Stevens' Point and Beloit, being located at the last named place for three years. In 1897 he came to Ottawa and took charge of the Windsor Hotel, which he rented and has since carried on with gratifying success. This fine hotel, one of the best in the northern part of Illinois, was erected at a cost of thirty thousand dollars. It is a modern threestorv building, heated by steam, furnished throughout with hot and cold water, and all of the appliances considered necessary in a first-class hotel. Large, attractive dining and billiard rooms and parlors, and light, clean and comfortably furnished rooms for guests are among the features noted here, and the cuisine is excellent. The long, practical experience of the proprietor, who has devoted almost his entire mature life to this line of business, makes him thoroughly conversant with the wishes and needs of the public. He is frank, generous and of a happy, genial disposition, and is a great favorite with his patrons and numerous friends of this locality. In political standing he is a Democrat, taking an intelligent view of the national issues of the day. On the 25th of January, 1881, Mr. Clement and Miss Mary Shell, of Wisconsin, were united in marriage. Mrs. Clement is an able coadjutor in the multitudinous duties and cares which rest upon her husband, and in many ways she makes her presence felt for good in the direction and supervision of the various departments of work always inseparable from the proper management of a hotel of these proportions.

Extracted by Norma Hass from Biographical and Genealogical Record of LaSalle County, Illinois published in 1900, volume 1, pages 345-346.

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